Monday, November 05, 2007

Pandan Chiffon Cake

Last few days, I received and replied a couple of sms from Bamboo.

"Ubi! Will you be at home tonight?"

"Bamboo! I'll go to school at 8p.m. to meet up with my friend. Why ah?"

"Oh! I asked my Mama to bake a cake for you!"

My eyes then went as big as this... O_O

Pandan Chiffon Cake!

After Bamboo showed my 3 Minutes Sponge Cake to her mum, her mum who was here in Perth for holidays, decided to bake cakes! I don't know how many cakes her mum baked but definitely, she was kind enough to give me one. :)


When I reached home, I asked Chris whether he would like to have some cake. Initially, he shook his head, indicated a "no". But after I revealed that it was a Pandan Chiffon Cake, his head nodded immediately. :D

Both of us went straight to the kitchen. Once I unwrapped the cling wrap, WOO LA LA! The pandan smell was so strong that we couldn't resist to grab a piece of that each. What can I say about the cake? The texture was just right and it was simply delicious! That night alone, both of us ate 1/4 of the cake and the cake was all gone within 24 hours. ;)

Thanks to Bamboo and her mum for this yummy Pandan Chiffon Cake! It made me feel like I'm in Malaysia.


michellewwc said...

ubi, stay in perth, so next year my mom can bake you some more! kakaka!

Judy said...

Ubi? Hahaha....

Michelle's mum is very kind to bake you such a lovely pandan cake. Lovely texture and I have no doubt the taste is the best! :)

How blessed you are hor UBI!! :P

wonda said...

That cake makes me want to bake one but got no cream of tartar. How?
Coincidentally, my son's school is going to have a sweet potato digging session at a nearby farm. Can put the Ubi in the cake?

Dalicia said...

how nice to have someone bake you a cake :)

keeyit said...

I called this Pandan Sponge Cake.. hehe.. looks yummy~ said...

kok, pinjam your blog for a while, ok?

Piak piak michelle.
Oooi. So long never update your blog

jane said...

the cake looks so solid and yummy... :D lucky you!!!!!

Sue Sue said...

Huh, Ubi ? Your new name ah?

Judy said...

Ubi = chiu chi = tapioca = mok see = KOK!

Can't wait for you to get into a real ongoing Scrabulous game and chatting at the same time.

Oklah, own up, I miss it! Hehehe

eastcoastlife said...

Ubi!??? hehehe.....

Your Bamboo's mother so nice, bake you a pandan cake. It looks yummy and soft. *slurp slurp*

wmw said...

Hahahaha...poor Kok! Got new nick, am sure some people won't stop calling you that. Hahahaha.....sorry for laughing but can't help it! ;o)

lynnx01 said...

Reminds me of the childhood days in Kuching when the roti van comes and we would buy this chiffon cake, along with other buns and bread.

Kok said...

bamboo: Hah? Only stay in Perth then can have some more cake ah? Go Sibu find your mum, cannot ah?

Aunty Judy: Ya, Ubi! Potato! Laugh all you want! hahaha!

Yes, Bamboo's mum is very kind. I never thought she actually bake me a cake.

Blessed lah, I admit!:)

Hah! Now you admit you missed chatting with me and playing scrabulous. I didn't force you to say this hor? ;)

Aunty Alice: Wah, I'm now really ubi liao. haha!

You can put. But, don't know will become Ubi Cake or not. :P

dalicia: Indeed, a blessing. :)

keeyit: Ya, some of us called it sponge cake. hehe.

yenjai: Haha! I also want to ask her the same question.:P

jane: Yaloh, lucky to have such a delicious cake!:)

sue: Nolah, ubi not my name. They simply give one. hahaha!

eastcoastlife: Ignore the ubi. hahaha!

Yea, very nice of her to bake me such a delicous cake lah. think also "lao hao soi". :P

wmw: I don't know ubi can make you all laugh leh. Aduii...seems like I have to keep that nickname liao. :P

lynnx: Van penjaja! hehehe!

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