Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bake With Kok *Edited*

I don't want to study! I don't want to write up my thesis! I don't want to touch book! Now, you all might ask, "What do you want?"


Toaster to bake cake?

Ever since I moved into this new place, I didn't really bake although I have a huge oven courtesy of the house's landlord. So, this afternoon while shopping for grocery, I asked Chris if he wanted to bake and his answer was as usual, "Anything!"

Pre-mix cake, no!

This time, we didn't go for the pre-mix cake. We decided to bake a cake from scratch!

What cake can we bake since we don't have a whisk, a cake tin, a measuring jug and worst, a sieve? Hmm... nothing you all can think of eh? Thanks to Aunty Judy for her 3 Minutes Sponge Cake recipe. I don't need all that to bake a cake! ;)

The ingredient is the simplest I've ever seen. These are what you need:
  1. 1 cup (8 fl. oz.) of flour.
  2. 3/4 cup of sugar.
  3. 3 eggs.
  4. 3 tablespoons (tbsp) milk.
  5. 1 tbsp melted butter.
  6. 1 teaspoon (tsp) bicarbonate soda.
  7. 2 tsp cream of tartar.
Now, I've mentioned before I don't have measuring jug, right? How did I measure 1 cup or 8 fl. oz. of flour? Flour does not have volume like water, so, you can't just use a mineral water bottle to estimate the amount. With Kok here, anything is possible. I looked up in the net and found this:

1 cup = 16 tbsp

Easy? You can do the maths for 3/4 cup of sugar now. ;)

The instructions are as simple as the ingredients.

Add everything into a mixing bowl.

First, sift the flour. For me, I didn't since I don't have a sift. What is the consequence of not having the flour sifted ah?

Mix everything.

Next, add all ingredients into a mixing bowl and start mixing with a wooden spoon. Whisk is optional here. At the same time, pre-heat the oven to 180 deg. cent.

Into the temporary cake tin.

After everything is well mixed, pour the mixture into a greased and flour cake tin. I used a temporary cake tin instead.

Put it into the oven.

Bake it in pre-heated oven for *Edited* 15 minutes 50 minutes (From Aunty Judy: I was supposed to write 50 minutes instead of 15!) or until it's cooked. That's it! Simple!

Just a reminder, don't pour in too much mixture to a small cake tin like mine. If not, it'll end up like this...


Overflow!!! By the way, the cake on top was done by Chris. He added some coffee to it.

Let's check the finished products.

Well baked.

Both the cakes were well baked except, the centre of the cakes sinked. I've no idea why as it happened to both the cakes.

3 Minutes Sponge Cake.

The cake was a bit tasteless. Maybe more sugar can be added or just add some chopped fresh fruits to it. Another failure is, it was not as spongy as I thought. Or is it like this? This might be due to the flour which was not sifted. Aunty Judy, mind to give advice?

Overall, it's a very easy to bake cake. Like Aunty Judy said, "This is a NEVER-FAIL-CAKE!". Even without most of the baking utensils, I still managed to come out with this cake.

Two bakers.

I don't know if I still have the chance to bake another cake with Chris or not. If yes, I might try another cake recipe given by Aunty Judy; Easy Anyhow Cake.

Try this cake! Let me know you can bake better than me! :)

P/s: Aunty Judy, I posted this recipe up without first getting your permission. I hope you don't mind.
P/s/s: I know I shouldn't blog at this time!
P/s/s/s: Do not open your oven until it's cooked! *Edited*


l y n n w e i said...

hehe...yea, u can add peach, in the cake and it'll be peach cake! really nice...

and some vanilla icing sugar for toppings...or,

choc on top- becomes choc cake

if there are strawberries, also can put as deco, right carrots? eheh...never tried tat...

but i've tried using peach and it's wonderful!

Dalicia said...

baking cakes got tactic. first of all the aluminium foil is a poor choice. you must use the stainless steel pan.

it takes practice :) as long you it's edible. that's all it matters!! but don't present your thesis like that hor...

wonda said...

Baking a cake to relieve stress and fill the stomach for more energy to study? I used to do that when I was studying for exams except that I never ate the cake I baked. The oven was the old fashioned one as the temperature could not be regulated. So the cake turned out hard. My mom thought it was a waste of time but I just had to bake a cake!

Shionge said...

Sure looked moist and yummy Kok ~ Good to take a break from studies for a while, you did well :D

Good luck pal.

Dancing Queen said...

Kok, I think you might have opened the oven while baking, hence the sinkhole in your cake! Haha! Never mind, nice try! :)

ilene said...

Wow! Good attempt! Try Aunty Judy's chocolate chips cookies recipe. It's simply delicious - as tried by Vern's mum and tasted by yours truly!

Jewelle said...

Wah, you guys sure steady lah! Good way to relieve stress :-) Keep it up, practice makes perfect

wmw said...

The cake looks complains about sunken centres from someone like me who hardly has time to bake!

Kok said...

lynnwei: Wah, seems like you're also another professional baker eh?

I'll try some of the suggestions that you provided. All look real good. Thanks!:)

dalicia: Yea, I also thought aluminium foil might not be a good choice for baking since it doesn't conduct heat well.

Have room for improvement. I'll try harder next time round. :)

My thesis...err.... no comment. kekeke.

Aunty Alice: Aiyoo! Then you must be a great baker eh? When wanna bake cake for me to try? kekeke.

Baking a cake can really relieve stress. At least, you don't have to face books.

shionge: Actually the cake was a bit dry. Don't know why. Thanks! A busy week ahead for me...

dancing queen: Cannot open oven while baking ah? Last time I bake cake using the toaster, also open half way wor. Never mind, I try again next time. Hopefully can do better.:)

ilene: Thanks. The thing is, I don't wanna buy too much ingredients. Cause hor, if bake one time, then no use... wasted. Somemore, the ingredients are pretty expensive. Have to save $. hehe. Choc cookie... alright, I'll keep that in mind. Hope I'll have the chance to bake it.

jewelle: Steady hor? Can bake cake some more leh, don't play play. kekeke. Thanks a lot. I'll try again next time. :)

Kok said...

looks good only. Taste wise, can still have room for improvement. No sieve, no cake tin, how to bake a good cake? hehehe

Xiu Long Bao said... Kok ventures into baking! Bravo :D The cakes look real good leh...not bad...will give this recipe a try one day and yea....ALL THE BEST IN UR FINALS!!!

teckiee said...

hahahah so greedy until over flow?! The sift is just to make sure your flour dont clump up.. smoother batter. Sink i think because your cake rise too fast..oven too hot or something... i remember reading on google somehwhere

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wahahaha..not bad wor..looks terribly easy..

keeyit said...

You baked cake ? wah so ashame that I am a girl and do not know how to do that.. :P

Judy said...

As I am trying to comment here, you are constantly disturbing me on MSN! Hahaha....

Lynnwei is right...fruits will moisten cake. DQ is right, do not open oven b4 half time. Ilene is right, choc cake is easy peasy. Dalicia is also right, stainless steel pan is good conductor of heat so even baking.

Well done!!

Kok said...

xiu long bao: Eh eh, I'm into baking long time ago liao leh! kekeke. Yaya, go try it and let me know the result! Thanks a lot! I'll try my best for the best. :)

teckiee: Aiyo teckiee, I don't know how to approximate mah. Not greedy lah. hehe. Alamak, another experienced baker here. Seems like I still have lots to learn. hehe.

joe: hahaha! Go impress your girlfriend with that. :P

keeyit: Try this recipe as a start. Like joe has commented, it's terribly easy! :)

Aunty Judy: I where got disturb you? hehe.

Seems like I'm just amateur in baking hor? Everyone is more expert than me. Lucky I'm towards "Wok With Kok". If not, shame!:P

Thanks! Now, I've tried one cake. If I've the chance, I'll try the other cake. :)

MeiyeN said...

oh.. most probably it's not cooked! it could be da oven's temperature too.. anyways, nvm.... da cakes looked edible and good! :D

Muminmiri said...

Hee Hee Hee

You look so happy with your cake and I am sure Aunty Judy is equally happy you tried out her recipe!! 3 cheers!!

Judy said...

Ahem, not until it's cooked. About after half time before it should be cooked, you can open oven to test otherwise it may be overdone. :P

In all honesty, you did a great job lah. Now go to bed or go and study! **slap, slap* Wahahahaha

Kok said...

meiyen: I think maybe the oven temperature is too high. The oven is in degree celcius but the recipe given by Aunty Judy is in degree centrigade. I've to check out the conversion.


muminmiri: Aiyo, can stay away from books, of course happy lah. kekeke. Ya, I think she's quite happy I tried out the recipe. Too bad it's a promise after delaying for few months. :P

Aunty Judy: Aiyo, I didn't mention can open the oven and take a look lah. You read wrongly liao. hehe.

Thanks again. Will try another recipe of yours if there's the chance.

Don't slap liao. Later the face looks like bread! haha!

mott said...


WAHHHHHH.........I puke so long..U learn how to bake cake!!! So clever la you! but, shud sift ur flour la..give more air, then the cake will be more fluffy!!!!

Sorry ah..!

I also want to apologise for taking so long to do your school tag. Actually, I never forgot, but had a hard time, trying to remember what kind of character I was back in school! So, look out for it, will blog it soon!


Kok said...

you're slow leh... If you browse through my blog, you would have seen a lot of my baking posts. But then, this is my first time baking from scratch. :D

No worries. Only do it when you feel like it. No pressure. It'll be nice to see your school life. kekeke!

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