Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday Night = Relax Time?

Weekend is here! So what?

Computer lab for final year students.

I still had to stay in the computer lab on Friday night when everyone was probably taking a break after long weekdays...


I had to read some journal articles to proceed on to my thesis writing. I went back only at 1a.m.

Look at this!

How I wish I could still sit in front of the computer, not reading the journal articles, but reading all my favourite blogs!

Anyway, I might not be able to enjoy my weekend but I hope you all do! Have an awesome weekend, guys!

To all my Muslims friends,

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!:)


Firehorse said...

Whoo Hoo first one here, yea relax relax, come go party tonite!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha almost there..u can do it!

Dalicia said...

oh..i work all the time..even weekends. only difference is i get paid..:)

eastcoastlife said...

aiyoooo... poor Kok! But sweetness will come after all the hardwork wor. Tahan a little while more..... Waiting for you to come back blogging. said...

Well, that is studying for you.
But still, it is much more relaxing than working, believe me

wmw said...

But got take time off to chat also leh...hehehe

teckiee said...

why are you posting a 'stressed' location on a friday? ... u need to relax somemore la dude

wonda said...

Wah! I see you online the whole day! Chatting or reading your journals?

Muminmiri said...

Tsk Tsk Tsk... my poor son has not enough sleep... Well, I think that's what your mum would say. So, when does all this odd hours end??

Sasha said...

i tot u on blog break?
I tot i asked u to tell me when u not on blog break?

*piak Piak*

Judy said...

Ahem, I think you do spend about an hour or so sitting in front of the computer without reading/revising hor? :)

l y n n w e i said...

aha...well, at least u'll be graduating, start countdown!!

well, is my blog one of ur fav? aha...


Kleio the Muse said...

*Looks at that pix of your computer screen* Woah, that's a whole lot of words. Just looking at it makes me dizzy. No wonder you are complaining already. LOL

Take it easy ok, else you might end up with a writer's block.

Take care.

MeiyeN said...

whoaa... poor thing! since it's another week of another friday, i hope you gonna enjoy this coming weekend! have more fun yah..

l y n n w e i said...

gambate eh!
it's another friday! very fast lo...

how are u planing to spend thisfriday?

Kok said...

firehorse: It's another Friday night! I think I'll be in uni instead of party... you know what I'm busy with eh? ;)

joe: Almost almost! haha! Thanks! I'll reach the finishing line soon. :)

dalicia: Ahh..that's make the difference. You work and get paid. I paid and get to work!

eastcoastlife: Yea, 1 more month. I'll miss the uni life seriously. And for sure, I'll be back soon!:)

yenjai: Yes true. Working has so much stress actually. Now, the only task I have is to study. When I step into the workforce, $ will be another problem. haha!

wmw: Aiyo, cannot expect me to study 24/7 mah. hehe.

teckiee: Another Friday in the stressed location. No time to relax now leh. hehe.

Aunty Alice: My MSN is on everyday. But then hor, I'm not in front of the laptop lah.

muminmiri: My mum doesn't even know I'm that "crazy". haha! This would end pretty soon, 1 month?

sasha: Aiyo, this is just a random post leh. I don't need to tell you one. When I come back, you'll know. hehe.

Aunty Judy: Nolah, just 30 mins. kekeke

lynnwei: I just had my final year thesis presentation. And yes, I'll have to countdown on my graduation (fingers crossed). *Sigh* I'll miss uni life!

Of course, you blog is one of my favourite. Old schoolmate leh. kakaka!

Tonight? Same time, same place. ;)

kleio: haha! There's actually more words than that. I hate reading! :P

Yea, I'll take it slow and steady. 1 more month and that's it. *Sigh* I'll miss uni life...

meiyen: No fun again for tonight. Gonna rush my thesis which is due on the following Monday. Arghhh... Stress!!

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