Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Quick Update!

Ok, from the title, you all should know my hands are itchy from blogging now. It has been 10 days since I last blogged... *Sigh*

Anyway, just a quick update on my current status.

I've done with almost everything except for my thesis write up and another assignment. Exams are on the 5th, 9th and 15th November. And I've yet to do any revision! This time, I really don't know how I'll have to deal with all those exams. Can anyone teach me?

I had my final year thesis presentation last Friday and I took some photos of course. But I have no time to upload it yet. So, stay tuned for that. Overall, I think I didn't do well in the presentation. I was so nervous and I even answered some of the questions wrongly. Anyway, it's over and nothing can be done now.

Until next Monday, I'll be busy with my thesis write up. I hope I can finish on time though. I have written only 2/5 of the whole report. Arghh!

I'll write a post about Sasha too! If you all still don't know, this young mummy appeared in TV3! Lihai hor?

Anyway, I'll just leave it here till next time. Again, don't forget me, people! ;)

P/s: A really random post cause I just want to write something.


Dancing Queen said...

The answer is YES to your email. Bring it on... :)

keeyit said...

WAH.. Sahsa also appeared in TV..

Judy said...

Congratulations to Sasha the lihai! :)

What does Dancing Queen want to bring on? Wah, sounds very crude man, "Bring it on"??

wonda said...

This blog addict cannot tahan no blogging hor! Must relieve his stress or are you missing us? Need any help in your report?

l y n n w e i said...

wah!!!.....another week to ur finals!!

i wanna give u all the best from here!

u sure can do it, k! dont give up and dont be too stress!!
keep focus! stay calm!!

hope to read more of ur post soon..after ur exams!!

lynnx01 said...

Thanks again for letting me know I won the 10k contest! I'm so happy leh. But split for everyone in my family. Quota less than RM20 per book. Heheh.. maybe treat you to bubble tea instead. HEhe.

teckiee said...

"Anyway, just a quick update on my current status." But you didnt update us if you are still single and available? ;p

wmw said...

Hehe...itchy hands! I know what else you did last week!!!! Muah ha ha....

yenjai.net said...

Good luck in your exam

eastcoastlife said...

Concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate concentrate ....

S C R A B B U L O U S !!!

ilene said...

Hey itchy hands. All the best in writing those thesis. I'm confident you'll do well in your finals as blogging has help you in more ways than you realise.

Good luck!

joy said...

That's great Kok! Well done! I'm sure you are looking forward to graduating.

Your Love Coach

Shionge said...

Yo thanks for the update, nope you are not forgotten so you don't forget me too hor...kekeek...have an nice weekend Kok :D

Tummythoz said...

*Piak-piak* Go back to study!
*Swinging pom-poms* Go kok go! Go kok go!

Kok said...

dancing queen: Done with everything!:D

keeyit: Sasha super mom mah. :P

Aunty Judy: Now you know what's that "bring it on" eh?:P

Aunty Alice: Haha! Yaloh, must relieve stress and at the same time, missing you all! keke! Report? No need liao. Dancing Queen handled everything already. Thanks!:)

lynnwei: Thanks thanks! I've just submitted my thesis and now have to concentrate on 3 papers starting next Monday!

lynnx: Congratulations once again! Bubble tea ah? Can I choose Perth one? It costs Aud$4.50 = RM 13+ haha!

teckiee: I'm still single and available. ;) haha!

wmw: You so li hai? I couldn't even remember what I did last week leh. kekeke

yenjai: Thanks thanks. :)

eastcoastlife: hahaha! You're addicted to SCRABULOUS! :P

ilene: Wah, no wonder you and Aunty Judy good friends. She likes to give me nicknames. So do you! hahaha!

I've done with my thesis. What a relieve. hehe.

joy: Thanks! 3 more exams to go... hehe.

shionge: How can I forget you? hehe!

tummythoz: You also another one who wanna slap me? haha! Thanks for the encouragement.

Sharon Attwood said...

So, what happened to your thesis writing? Well, it can certainly eat up a lot of time, but proper time management, you can have time for other things than thesis writing. But, knowing how persevere you were on doing your academic work, I know that everything went well with it.

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