Monday, July 07, 2008

Trip and Dream

I am sorry for being so quiet these days. I just came back from a getaway or rather an eating trip to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Thanks to my Yee Yee (mum's sis) for all the good food and also, the quality time spent together. I really appreciate it!:)

Since there're too many photos on food, I'll have to push back my posts on all the awesome food I had in Sabah. For now, I just want to write about a dream I had back in Sabah.

I had wanted this dream since last November, the day when my Gong Gong left me for a better place. Yes, he finally came to me in my dream.

That night, I slept quite early after pampering my stomach with loads of food. It's quite difficult to sleep at first but I still manage to "faint" on the bed as I was too tired then. I have no idea why I always woke up in the middle of the night while I was in Sabah. So, like the past few nights, I woke up, looked around, had a drink and back to sleep.

This time, I tossed here and there. I just couldn't get myself to sleep but when I finally did, I dreamt a lot. The one and only one that I can remember was a dream about my Gong Gong.

I was walking into a building (Gong Gong's "new house"?) when I saw an old man painting the wall of the building. I didn't pay much attention to that man until he turned around and faced towards me. He's my Gong Gong! He had changed quite a bit from the last time I saw him. He had lost a bit of weight. His face was a bit pale. His skin was fairer. His hair was like the one he had back in his 60s.

He waved at me and I was shouting "Gong Gong!". I ran towards him and hugged him. Not long after that, I bursted into tears. While crying, I said something which I couldn't remember what it was. Being the always kind Gong Gong, he comforted me and patted my back. He didn't say anything. He just hugged me tight like what I did to him at that time too. I managed to mumble something, again I couldn't remember what it was, before this dream was shattered into pieces.

I was so happy that I could see my Gong Gong once again. I haven't seen him for quite a while. Seriously, I miss him so much. Once in a while, his image would flash through my mind. Or, whenever I do something which he did with me before he left, I would remember him. I regret for not spending more time with Gong Gong.

Gong Gong, take care there and I do hope to see you in my dream again...


Somebody said...

i also dream about gong gong, but different story

jane said...

looks like all do..

cc said...

Understand the feeling, for I too dream about my grandma occasionally.

mott said...

Ah..... that's sad but nice. Keep him close to your heart at all times. I haven't dreamt of my kong-kong for so long....but I got to see him as a 5 year old! Mebbe I shud post it up...heh!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Your gong gong must have known up there that you are missing him...that is why the dream. makanning in Sabah. Must enjoy now as much as possible coz when on a job you would not be so 'shiok' like this.

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