Thursday, September 13, 2007

Melbourne Day 3

I think I better finish off the last few days of my Melbourne's trip. Or else, it'll take me forever. Sorry for the delay though.

4th July 2007
As early as 6:30a.m., Danny, Siong Bing and I were already in the Melbourne City, waiting for the tour to Mount Buller. What's so special about this mountain you might ask. This mountain was the place where I had my snowy experience!

We departed at about 7a.m. and reached the tourist spot at about 10a.m. It was a dangerous drive there as the road on the way up is quite narrow. My suggestion to anyone who wants to visit is to follow a tour. They offer quite reasonable price though. ;)


The weather was bad when we reached Mount Buller. It was snowing quite heavily. That was my very first time touching snow.

Skii hire.

What do you want?


Everyone who followed the tour was directed by the tour guide to this ski hire place. The three of us decided not to skii since we wouldn't have enough time to learn and also to enjoy. So, we just hired pairs of boots to walk around.

Up the mountain.

All covered with snow.

Once we were all ready, we walked and explored the mouintain. It was still snowing heavily and it was difficult for us to walk. Imagine having sand throwing at your face. That's how it felt. Painful!

Snow fight!

Since we didn't ski, what can we do? Find something to do using those snow lah. :P

My first snowman.

I decided to make my very first snowman. It's not easy to roll the snow into balls! Look at the snowman. It's very small. Who can tell me the technique of making a huge snowman? Anyway, I am my snowman is cute or not? :P


Eat fresh...

After an hour or so, we decided to walked back to the place for skii hire. There's a Subway and we thought, that's for the lunch on that day. Everything is expensive at Mount Buller. We expected that since it's a place for tourist. Moreover, all price for the stuff are increased due to the transportation fee. Luckily for Subway, it's only an addition of 2 or 3 dollars.

Coffee house.

After lunch, we continued to roam around the mountain. At times, we had to stop by some of the coffee houses along the mountain as it was snowing heavily. Like I said earlier, it's painful when the strong wind blow the snow at your face. We could hardly open our eyes!

Still, so many skiiers.

How to take photo like that?

We reached the highest stop after so much walking and stopping. Guess that's not a really good day for Mount Buller.

After that, we took a lift to the bottom of the mountain (photos later as we took the lift few times). By the way, you'll need to pay for pass to you the lift. Aud$17 for one sightseer pass. Saw the yellow pass at the photo above? You'll need that, or else, walk!

Good weather.

Clock house?

Upon reaching the bottom of the mountain, we were glad to see a clear weather. Haiyo, how I wish the weather was like that throughout.

That's the lifts.


We, then, quickly ran up the mountain again to catch the lift. The weather turned bad while we were on the lift but luckily, it became clear after that. The scenery was awesome and I managed to snap few photos of that. :)

Mount Buller.

Sleeping beauty.

No skiing, no snowboarding. How sad... Lucky we did try tobogganing. It's something like sandboarding and I think it's fun! (Sorry, there's no photos of us tobogganing. It was snowing heavily then and I don't want to spoil my cam.)

After that, without us realised, it's time to leave Mount Buller.

Goodbye, Mount Buller.

I don't know when's the next time I will see and touch the white, cold snow again. But definitely, I will remember my great experience here at Mount Buller.

After spending a whole day at Mount Buller, all of us were exhausted. We had a quick dinner at city before Siong Bing's bro picked us up. We had a hot water bath to warm ourselves before calling it a day.

Melbourne Day 4, stay tuned!


Judy said...

Ah, this one I don't feel so sad because I don't like the cold. Went to Mt Buller once and Lake Mountain a couple of times but that is enough already. Brrrrrr I am feeling cold just reading this... said...

Looks like you have enjoyed yourself

Muminmiri said...

I am like Judy, I feel cold just looking at your pictures. Reminds me of my trip to ski mountains before - I didn't enjoy it coz I couldn't ski even with coaching, and I didn't enjoy the cold AT ALL.

Chen said...

i love your snowy experience.
i wanna made a snowman too in the future. Might be mine will be much smaller than yours. Hehe :D

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Actually I also don't like cold. It's purely an experience that I wanna get. Imagine heaving to wear 3 heavy layers of clothes everyday. Aduiiii! hehe.

By the way, where's Lake Mountain?

yenjai: I really enjoyed myself there. :)

muminmiri: kekeke. That's why I posted up only few photos. I'm also cold looking at the photos. :P Oh, at least you tried skiing before. I didn't!

chen: Looks fun hor? But be prepared to wear layers of clothes. It's really cold! haha! I think most snowmen will be that big only. Unless there's this huge "rock" of ice. Then, you can make a huge snowman. :)

Dancing Queen said...

Your snowman is really cute! :D

Sweetpea said...

good on you. we went to lake mountain and the snow was only 3 inches. at least mt. buller snowed. at LM it was raining! aidan got to do some taboganning at least, and loved it :)

Firehorse said...

Waaaaa I miss snow, I love love love the cold. maybe this winter shud go to the mountains, ahhh rent a cabin with a hot tub and have steamboat dinner with 3 other families, hmmm can char mee hoon, eat warm pulut hitam......

muminmiri said...

Kok, I tried skiing but I just couldn't... I couldn't even stand still, the ski just slied away and I couldn't stop myself from moving other than plonk hard on my butt or my knees!! Man, I wished I could ski fast like the other skiers, looked so fun, whew here and there!

MeiyeN said...

oh wow!!!! snow......... must be fun! unfortunately, i don't think that i can afford to be around under this kind of COLD weather... :(

Tummythoz said...

Not been to a place with such thick snow yet. Only experience was when trekking in Nepal but saw only very thin & light patches.

Kok said...

dancing queen: Thank you thank you. :)

firehorse: Wahh! Seems like you love cold eh? keke. Eh? US also got pulut hitam ah?

muminmiri: Hahaha! I also think it's quite hard too. Have you tried ice-skating before? If yes, then it should be easier than skiing.

meiyen: Very fun there! Aiks? How come you can't stand the cold? Wear 5 layers of jackets lah. hehe.

tummythoz: Hah? So pity meh you? Never mind. Next time you wanna go see snow, ajak me. I go with you. kekeke.

Dalicia said...

i'm glad that you got to FEEL the snow :) i don't like to ski...
rather walk on the snow and enjoy the bright reflection. cold is better than hot

Kok said...

It's indeed a new experience for me. hehe. I'm a sports person. So, I would love to try it if I've the chance. ;)

Cold better than hot? No no, hot better. kekeke

Kok said...

Sorry, missed out your comment. I think I was in a rush just now.

Hah? 3 inches snow only? That's like nothing! :P Fun right taboganning. I saw lots of kids having fun with that. :)

wonda said...

We didn't even have heavy snow last winter. Kenji was disappointed when the few flakes turned into rain. He was expecting a snowball fight with his friends.

eastcoastlife said...

I missed going to Mount Buller. I heard so much about it. This is a great post and thanks for the info.

The mini snowman you built is so cute. And the sleeping beauty... hahahaha.....

I'm definitely gonna put Mt Buller on my itinerary next year. I'm serious. Going to visit you in Perth. Unless you tell me not to go.

keeyit said...

Alot of photos.. really a memorable holidays..

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Actually after I've researched hor, the snow at Mount Buller also quite fake. hehe. They use Snow Machines to make it that thick.

Never mind, there's always next year mah. Hope Kenji won't be so disappointed next year. :)

eastcoastlife: You're welcome. Hope you'll be able to visit there next year. But, remember to only visit there during winter. If not, no snow! kekeke.

Cute hor. Next time when you visit Mount Buller, don't forget to make a bigger and cuter snowman. kakaka. And no doubt, you'll be a sleeping beauty. :P

When you're coming ah? I've to see whether I'm still here or not leh. Remember? This is my final semester. Let me know ok?:)

keeyit: Lovely photos, aren't they?:) Indeed, a memorable day for me.

joy said...

Looks like you really had a fantastic time! I didn't know it snowed in Melbourne.

Your Love Coach

Jackson said...


U r so so so lucky!! i dun even hv a chance to feel the snow.

wmw said...

Like I mentioned pose you have there! :)

Kok said...

joy: There's no snow in Melbourne city. Only at Mount Buller or maybe Lake Mountain (this one have to ask Aunty Judy:P). Yea, I miss the time there! hehe.

jackson: You can also go Mount Buller and feel the snow! Save $ save $! Who know's I can go with you next time? :)

wmw: Sexy meh? I'm all wrapped up like bak zhang leh. kekeke.

Sue Sue said...

Wow, u must be having great time playing with snow leh. Waaaa... look so cold.

Kok said...

First time experienced snow mah. hehe. Quite fun though. :)

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