Monday, January 08, 2007

BEEP! HONK! If You're Malaysian

"HONK! If You're Malaysian"? If you haven't stepped into the bookstore for a while, I don't think you know what's this.

Honk! Honk!

"HONK! If You're Malaysian" is a book produced by a local writer, Lydia Teh. Judging by the cover of the book itself, I would say it's definitely going to be the hilarious type of book.

Frankly speaking, I haven't bought this book yet. So, I could not make any review on this book. It is a book which reviews the typical life of Malaysians (correct me if I'm wrong). Many reviewers give good comments on this book. Why not save some of your money, which you spend on roti canai, char kueh tiaw and teh-peng, to give this book a try?

If you have bought this book and would like to read more books from Lydia Teh, you can try Congratulations! You Have Won! and Life’s Like That. Those are her first and second books. Some of you might say, "No money to buy so many books la!" (actually this happens to me since I'm a student with no income :P). Worry no more. You can visit Lydia Teh's blog and enter a contest which can win you some of her books + some books from her book shelf.

Now, go to your local bookstore (I think Popular Bookstore might have this book), give our fully support to Malaysian's writer, Lydia Teh and grab a copy of "HONK! If You're Malaysian"! Remember! It's honk and not beep! HONK! HONK!

8 comments: said...

Thanks for the introduction

Anonymous said...

Kok, wah your advert also very, very good man.
Eh, who is this Could it be Lydia?
OK, this old aunty must go to work already....don't eat too much char kueh teow.
Also, you make too many premix cake, no good one lah.
I send you easy recipe....ok, can make premix, sure can make this recipe of mine.

Kok said...

yenjai: No worries:)

dr_ve_thru: Good ah? I don't think so leh. My english is bad. hehe. Yenjai? Nolah, he's a doctor at KL. :) I didn't eat char kueh tiaw liao loh. Wait fully recover first. haha! Not good? But I don't have an oven. Only have a toaster for cakes. hehe. Send me the receipe. And I'll try to make it.

Anonymous said...

Wah, now you Ok oledi can honk so loud hor! Eh.... I don't see any cakelah... what premix cake, what recipe are you and Judy talking about?

Kok said...

wonda: Can can. Must HONK loud loud so that I can win the contest to get some of Lydia Teh's production. :P Oh, the cakes are all in my previous posts. You can browse around my previous posts and you can see few pre mix cakes made by my housemate and me.

Anonymous said...

Kok, I came to see whether you managed to buy the book already. :)
Hey, I linked you to my blog, hope it's ok.
Eh, you don't have oven, then how did you bake all those cakes that you blogged about? **Scratch head**.

Kok said...

dr ve thru: Aiyoyo, me haven't got the time to go to the bookstore la. Maybe this weekend. hehe. I don't mind at all. Link and spread to as many people as you want. haha! Bake cake ah?? housemate thought of using toaster. So, that's the secret weapon for us to bake our cake! Wanna sponsor an oven?:P

Lydia Teh said...

Kok, sorry I didn't come by earlier to say thanks for the link. Better late than never.

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