Friday, January 26, 2007

Cool Down With A Glass Of Grass Jelly

After all the "heaty" Fried Kueh Tiaw and Keropok Lekor, why not have a drink to cool yourself down?

A block of fresh grass jelly from the market.

A glass of grass jelly is what you can look for after those heaty food. Grass jelly, also known as "liang fen", is made from boiling grass or leaf in the mint family (specifically Mesona chinensis) with potassium carbonate, and then cooling the liquid down to a jelly-like consistency (taken from Wikipedia).

Well prepared grass jelly.

It's easy to make a glass of grass jelly. Just put the block of grass jelly into a big bowl and cut it into cubes. Size of the cube depends on owns liking. My Baba likes big cubes but my Mama likes small cubes of grass jelly.

Depends on how sweet you want, add some sugar into a quarter glass of hot water. Stir well until all the sugar is dissolved.

A glass of ready-to-be-served grass jelly.

Put in cubes of grass jelly and add in cold water. Pour in full cream unsweetened evaporated milk (Ideal milk) as much as you like. Finally, the glass of grass jelly is ready to be served.

No sweat to make a glass of grass jelly, right? ;)

Alternatively, soya milk can also be used to mix with grass jelly. I have thought of white coffee or Teh-C (tea with full cream unsweetened evaporated milk) with grass jelly. I think it would be nice, too. :)

P/s: If you couldn't find any ready made grass jelly, you can actually make it from scratch using instant grass jelly powder (something like jelly or pudding powder).


FireHorse said...

Wah dis wan my favorite drink along with kam chiak chooi (sugar cane), dis liang fen can oso put in ice kacang (ABC) right?
I order 1 grass jelly with Teh C peng, ok?

Anonymous said...

Kok ah....condensed milk with grass jelly?
Soya milk with glass jelly?
Miri style ah?
Wah, you another one, make my mind think....wondering whether what kind of flavour it gives...whether I will like it or not....whether, whether, whether...??????

Kleio said...

You have tempted me to go get one right now. Slurp! But, I have never tasted Liang-Fen with condensed milk before. Here in KL the style is to put it into our soya bean drink. Last time, it was just sugar water with Liang-Fen.

Then again, we woman not as fortunate as men... there is a certain time of the month Liang-Fen is considered to be very very bad for a woman's health :P

Anonymous said...

Like Judy, never taken liong fan with condensed milk or soya milk. I want to try too. Only drank plain liong fan drinks before. Too bad cannot get grass jelly powder here.

Anonymous said...

wahhhhhhhh i wan to drink this lor ..cos ah i'm sick now ma.. and sore troat.

Kok said...

firehorse: Your favourite ah this drink? Aiyo, come back Malaysia and drink as much as you can. :P Yea yea, they also put this liang fen into ice kacang one. Grass jelly with Teh C peng ah? This is my idea and no one has ever tried it before oh. You wanna try? I can take down the order. haha!

dr ve thru: Don't get it wrong. Condensed milk with grass jelly I think is too sweet. Use unsweetened milk+sugar water! haha! Soy milk with grass jelly ah? Malaysia quite popular oh but I don't really like it lah. You know YEO'S DRINK? That's their idea. Buy two cans of grassjelly drink + one big packet of soy milk. Mix together then you'll have soy milk with grass jelly!:)

Sorry ah dr ve thru. Make you think think think. Think until grass jelly also become GLASS jelly liao. haha!

kleio: Aiks? Did I write anything wrong. It's unsweetened milk and not condensed milk oh. Hmmm...I should have check my post again. :P Yea yea, I think most people put liang fen into soya bean drink. Not really into my liking though. Hehe. I still prefer, liang fen with sugar water + LOTS OF unsweetened milk (Ideal milk).

Hah? Got this kind of thing? How come leh? Too "liang" is it?

Wonda: Liang fen with soya milk quite common liao leh in Malaysia. Thanks to Yeo's! Hah? Japan cannot get grass jelly powder ah? Want me send few packets over?

sasha: wahh, sasha so sick still come here ah? Thank you thank you. Yea, ask your hubby get you this liang fen loh. Oh yea, get 100-plus too! It might help ;) (Secret medicine). Rest more and get well soon, sasha!:)

Anonymous said...

prefer the guilin jelly though.

Kok said...

las montanas: guilin jelly is soooo bitter leh...

Anonymous said...

Really Kok? Wah, lu chin ut how gua ah. Then have to reciprocatte you with the taketonbo hor.

Kok said...

wonda: What does it mean by "lu chin ut how gua ah" ah? haha! I couldn't catch it. Yaya, if you want, I try to see whether I can send or not loh. Few packets can eh, if not too expensive to send. I don't need a taketonbo in return lah. :)

Anonymous said...

Kok....wahahah...nowadays very sharp liow hor. Must be all the lau aunties' training.
Can even picked up glass jelly....
Now you know lah, you make my head pusing.

Anonymous said...

Aiya, u no understand Hokkien belly belly matchi hor. It means you are very filial to me. No need to send me lah. I tried to make imitation liong fan (I pronounced it in Hokkien that way) just now with Mugi Cha agar-agar (roasted barley tea) and put into milk. Have to imagine the taste like liong fan when I drank it.

Kok said...

dr ve thru: hahaha! Nolah, actually I almost did the same thing when I wrote this post. Grass become glass. hahaha! Who who? Who's the lau aunties? :P Aiyo, I must make your head stop pusing. Later you see stars above your head I also susah. haha!

wonda: Me can only understand simple Hokkien leh since I'm not a Hokkien. Hah? Roasted barley? What drink is that oh? Can teach how to boil? I only know how to boil barley drink. hehe. I can send you if you want. Then you don't need to imagine ma. Somemore, you can let little Kenji taste the Liong Fan! :P Just let me know lah, ok?:)

wonda said...

Is something wrong with my pc? why our comments' names turned anonymous ah?
Thanks the same, Kok but no need to send me-lah. You got a good heart. It's nice to know that.

Kok said...

nothing wrong with your pc. I don't know what happen to the blog after I have switched it to the new BLOGSPOT. Sad sad.... Oklah, if you change your mind, let me know before I go back to Perth. :)

ilene said...

Hi Kok,
The coffee shops over here call this drink (soya bean + black jelly), "Michael Jackson"! hahahha!

Kok said...

Michael Jackson? hahahaha! That's funny! Imagine, "I want Michael Jackson." Hmmm...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

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