Monday, January 29, 2007

Come Back Again Tomorrow

*Sigh* I'm trying to write a post for almost an hour. But, I just couldn't write it properly. There's not more than one month before I go back to Perth and there are still lots of things I haven't done. I have three Final Year Project Thesis to read, I have a Professional Practicuum (industrial training) report to write, I have lots of things to buy back to Perth, I have...I have....

Arghhh... stress, stress. I'm going to sleep now. I'll try to write again tomorrow. Stay tuned for the next post, guys.


FireHorse said...

Take one day at a time kok, just list down all you have to do in whatever time you have left and just tackle it each day and check it off the list, don't stress too much ok, eh the results are out, I know you still sleeping but do hop over whenever you can ok?

ilene said...

Blog later, study first! Give your brain a chance to rest lah! said...

Get more rest, ok?

wonda said...

Big aunty says, "Keep away from the PC!!!" Go and tak chek. U need help with writing your report, I recommend FH. Wanna blog your report?

ilene said...

Belly good, belly good...Kok got scolding from all the aunties! hehehehehe!

wmw said...

Diverted here from Fatty Poh's Kopi Tiam after reading about her 5 nominees. Ha ha ha....being a young guy, you have the aunties on your back, and it's only because it's good for you. I'll be visiting your blog more often. Hopefully, will still have updates when you are in Perth! Have a good rest!

Kok said...

firehorse: Yupe, I already have in mind on what should I do. I'll try to do them one at a time. Hopefully I can finish before I go back to Perth. Thanks for the advice, firehorse!:)

I just came back from your blog. Wahh! I'm your favourite 5! Happy happy! haha! Never know my blog can entertain anyone. hehe. Thanks thanks!:)

ilene: Actually hor, I don't need to study ler. Just have to read past year thesis so that I can get an idea about what I should do for my final year project. Another task is to finish a report for my industrial training. That's two important tasks. Don't worry, I'll rest. :)

Aiyo, this ilene so bad. Still laugh when I get all the "scoldings". hehe. Actually all of them are good advices lah. hehe.

yenjai: I will, I will. Don't worry.

wonda: Wahh! Big aunty sooo fierce. haha! I cannot keep away from my pc lah. I need them to finish my report and to read those thesis. hehe. Blog my report? Wahhh...No need eh?? It's gonna be few pages long. haha!

Thanks for those "scoldings", wonda. Appreciate it! :)

wmw: Thanks for dropping by my full-of-grammatical-errors-blog. haha! Enjoy your stay here. :) Having all the aunties visiting my blog ah, I get a lot of "scoldings" from them lah. haha! But, I like it! :P I'll sure update my blog when I'm in Perth. Do drop by when you're free. :)

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, what lah, all these aunties think you have exams now ah? Keep asking you to study.
Take life as it comes lah....ok, now I go comment on your new post.

Kok said...

dr ve thru,
Yaloh, even exams also no people ask me to study one lah. haha! But it's good lah. My mum nag me in real life and got you all who nag me online. :P

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