Monday, January 22, 2007

Suggestions, Please?

I was supposed to write another food post, but I have changed my mind. I have delayed this post for a long time already actually.

Anyway, let's cut the crap and get straight to the point.

When I was told a student committed suicide because of RM4.50 the other day, I was so shocked. Before that student committed suicide, he asked his mom for RM4.50. His mom refused to give him. The reason, no money. Then, he asked his grandfather for it and again, his request was rejected. The student didn't ask the money to buy the tasty Nasi Lemak or a pair of Nike sport shoes. He asked the money to pay his school fees! Just because he couldn't get RM4.50 for his school fees, he committed suicide. How sad, right?

In another case I have seen on a television programme, a man was contradicted with some kind of virus which caused him grow fatter and fatter (I couldn't remember if I have written it correctly or not since it's quite some time after I saw it in television). Because of that virus, he couldn't work and that's mean no income for him. He needs money for his family and also he needs money for his treatments. The television programme's host urged the public to help the man by sending him a donation if possible.

In both cases, money is the main problem. Both cases mentioned above were depressed especially the first one. I thought, "RM 4.50 for a life?". If I was to know that student is in need of that RM4.50 for school fees, I would have given it to him without second thought. Of course, that's still within my capability. If a person needs about RM1000 for surgery, I don't think I can afford to help.

I was, then, thinking how I can make extra income to help the poor and also for my personal use (I plan to travel at the end of this year). The first one of course, by blogging. I have known most of the people out there earn their side income by blogging. Some even turned full time blogger as their income from blogging is more than their jobs. I don't know if this can be worked or not but my planning is like this. I'll use Adsense or PayPerPost to earn some money by blogging. Then I'll have 50% of the income for my personal use and 50% for donation. The percentage is just an example.

I know, with me alone, I don't think I can do it. And also, with my limited English, I cannot produce any articles which are required by PayPerPost. And there are actually some other reasons, which I think, can make this plan impossible. To list a few; time to blog is limited when uni starts, low popularity of my blog, main purpose of blogging isn't about earning money, and etc.

So, I need suggestions, comments and ideas! :)


Anonymous said...

Kok, a few things, first I think the $4.50 wasn't what drove this guy to take his own life, many times, speaking from whatever experience I have with suicidal people before, it's stuff compounded, that means many many other things, it's more a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Most likely this guy has very little emotional support from his family to begin with. This story is so very sad, I agree with you.
Secondly I think adsense and payperpost is a good idea to get some money. I would love to help you with the payperpost articles. No problem.

Kok said...

Firehorse, agree with you. It might not be the RM4.50 which caused the student to take his life. There might be other reasons which we have no idea. But if we just treat the RM4.50 is the main reason (as posted in the local newspaper here), then it must be very depressing.

Thanks for helping. But still, I'm still taking consideration about this. I'm actually blogging to jot down my life experience as well as sharing some thoughts, photos and comments with friends and the others.

Adsense can be irritating since no one likes advertisement on the website. PayPerPost can also cause people to stay away from your blog since your blog doesn't serve as a blog. It is more towards a tool to earn income.

Anonymous said...

going out for breakfast have to catch you later, sorry

Anonymous said...

Kok, reading this article makes me realise you are a very sensitive, caring person. Anyway, that is not the opinion or help you wanted but I thought I would say it anyway.

I don't know much about PPP's why of choosing what post pays. I don't know if they are actually choosing posts based grammar or whether the post is pertaining to the topic they are after.

As for Adsense I think you just register and then put on the link as requested.

I feel there is no harm doing it and as you have express your intention for doing this, your readers will be behind you all the way. ALL THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

Over here, schoolkids as young as 8 committed suicide due to bullying in school. Suicide has become an expression or way for them to vent their anger and show their hopelessness or helplessness. There is hope in Christ, if only they knew. BTW, you try out and see, no harm. If you get to earn some money, then teach me.

Anonymous said...

I mean you try out the adsense or PPP and not the nonsense, ok?

Anonymous said...

Even though I've signed up with PPP, I still haven't actually written any post because I don't want to just write for the sake of making money. You know what I mean?

My blog is still very personal and I believe that's the very reason some readers come back to read. And when you receive comments from them, don't you feel excited? I do!

Personally, I've noticed one particular site that I used to enjoy reading because of the personal happenings in the blogger's life. But since this blogger went on PPP, there are alot of sponsored posts, so much so that it had become very boring and nobody bothers to comment anymore. I don't want to be like that.

Anonymous said...

wah lau ?? 4.50 and die? C'mon la. I've been ass off since i'm 7 years old. Want money, go find yr own la. And 4.50 wanna die? if really so stupid...err go ahead la. Anyway, i'm thinking to earn extra money also..Hehehe

Kok said...

To all: Thanks for being so supportive. I'll just have to consider before I start signing in PPP and Adsense.:)

firehorse: Don't forget to ta-pao Kopi for me!:P

dr ve thru: I'm not as caring as you described lah actually. haha! Maybe I just want $? You won't know...:P

Although readers might be behind me when I write PPP posts and having Adsense advertisements on my blog, somehow, I think they will lost interest in coming to such a "boring" blog. That's why I'm having a second thought. Thanks for supporting me!:)

Wonda: I know Japan is one of the country which is well known as a "busy" country. That's why, children can also feel the stress. I think that's also one of the reason committing suicide has been increasing in Japan. No offense, ok?

I'll think about it again. I have no gurantee that I will go on. It's actually easy to earn money if you want. Adsense-just sign up and place some HTML code in your blog template and then, it's done! PayPerPost-You have to write a post about any topic which you have chosen and place it in your blog. Wait for it to approve and if it was approved, then, you are given some amount of money.

dancing queen: True true, totally agree with you. That's one of the reason why I don't want to write. For the sake of money and you sacrifice your blog for it, ermm..not quite worth it?

I do get excited when I get comment from the readers. And of course, I made some friends through this blog, i.e. firehorse, wonda, dr ve thru, sasha etc... Not to forget, you too! :)

That's right. With too many sponsored posts, the blog lost it's original meaning, which is to blog about your personal life and experience. If there was too many sponsored posts, I'm sure everyone started to run away from your blog...

sasha: I don't know whether that student is stupid or not lah. Maybe he never really thought that he could earn his own $ and paid his school fees. But if the society and just "donate" the RM4.50 to him, he won't have to end his life...

Hah? You also wanna earn extra money ah? Maybe you should think of getting your broadband first eh? haha!

Anonymous said...

What you say is true, PPP may turn people off but maybe do like dancing queen, she only writes what she has interest in. What about setting up another blog just for the PPP, put adsense in your current, Not so complicated... blog and make new blog for PPP. I am not sure but I think for PPP as long as you write and post it you get paid, doesn't matter if nobody reads it right? Sorry I oso dun know much, my attempts at putting in adsense oso not successful. Eh you drink kopi wan ah, I tot you only drink Teh-C peng. Anyway dat place I go eat wan not very nice kopi so never tar pau for u.

Anonymous said...

Hi you're there!

Anonymous said...

Huh? I must be hallucinating, I thought I saw you post a comment after my last one. Hellooo are you awake yet?

Kok said...

Adsense ah? Hmm..Maybe I'll try it sooner or later since it's the easiest thing to do to earn $. As for Adsense, there are some conditions to be applied before you can post. A new blog is not allowed to have PPP posts. Don't worry about that. I'll sort it out soon. Worse come to worse, just forget bout this. I drink Kopi! Who say I don't drink. haha! Hah? Kopi at UK so expensive you also try the not so nice one ah? Kaya lah you! haha! Alamak! You saw me? Cannot be lah. I saw the time when you posted the comment, I was at work already loh. Lunch break for me now, so, just reply your comment la:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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