Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Miri Geological Excursion

Before I write further, I'll just let everyone know that this activity was dated 6 years back. I was in Form 4 then. Still a teenager. :P

31st March 2001, I went to Miri Outcrop Museum together with few teachers and a group of students (mostly my classmates).

A small trip with this school bus.

I couldn't remember much about this trip though. I'll try my best to recall what has been done.

A group of students and teachers from S.M.K. St. Columba together with excursion guide.

Miri Outcrop Museum is a place where we are exposed to some of the geological stuff. It is located along the Miri Airport Road.

Listen what was being told by the guide.

This trip was organised by some of the Shell's staff.

Worm? Or dinosour?

I'm not a good student I admit. I forgot what's that long, brown line which was being explained by the guide. I think that "worm" was formed some hundred years ago.

From left to right (guys): Gerald, Chee Onn and Billy.

It was so hot, I still can remember. Even some of the guys brought their own umbrellas (not me :P).

All the students were so keen to learn.

We were given loads of information about the rocks and soil by the professional geologists.

I was looking at the camera instead of listening. :P

If I'm not wrong, my year was the one and only year they organised the trip. We were considered very lucky to be able to join it.

Walk and walk...

It was about a two to three hours trip. Overall, the trip was indeed very educational. It gave us an idea what a geologist would do.

And to boast a bit, I can still remember the guide told us that many well known geologists from all around the world has ever visited the Miri Outcrop Museum. ;)


Anonymous said...

Fatty Boy would absolutely love this museum. You are so lucky getting to go to that excursion. Which one is you in der pigcher ah?

Anonymous said...

So, Kok, are you studying to be a geologist seeing that you paid such good attention to what was being taught? Errr, oops .... I forgot, you were looking at the camera! :P
Joke, joke only hor...don't angry kay?

Anonymous said...

wah u so young only ah ? 16 + 4 = 20....

Kok said...

firehorse: Yea, quite lucky lah. A lot of explaination and sigh-seeing :P Aiks? You don't know which one is me in the picture ah? The second picture(group picture), I was behind a teacher who is wearing yellow stripes shirt.

dr ve thru: haha! I got no interest in becoming a geologist actually. If I have the interest, I think I get a degree in geologist instead of engineering. (I have no interest in engineering , too actually:P). Don't worry, I'm not that small gas. Joke joke everyday, happy also ma right?

sasha:'s 16+6=22 lah. It's six years back. :)

l y n n w e i said...
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l y n n w e i said...

wah..,it was the good-old days!

really miss the times in school~~

kok, where did u get the pictures?? i found more on googles..

l y n n w e i said... is the link again~

Miri Geological Excursion

^SpRInG^ said...


Kok said...

lynnwei: yea, I got it from google long time ago. haha! Memoriesss....

Spring: you found yourself more handsome? hahahah!

Anonymous said...

everyone look so.... young? Haha!

Kok said...

yaya! But now, we're not old also lah. haha!

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