Monday, December 03, 2007

Ciao Italia With High School Friends

Couple of days ago, I visited Ciao Italia again. This time, with my highschool friends; Danny, Zhungyi and Leon.

Ciao Italia.

Although we are in the same city, we hardly come out for a meet up or gathering. Probably, most of us are caught up with our own work.

It's always packed.

Seeing that we are all having our "holidays", we decided to have a dinner together at Ciao Italia. I have to admit that it's always nice to have this kind of gathering once in a while to keep the friendship going.

Ciao Italia Fettucine.

We reached Ciao Italia at about 7p.m. and it was already packed with people. We were lucky enough to get a seat without waiting.

Danny ordered himself a serve of Ciao Italia Fettucine . It's basically flat, thick pasta in a creamy white sauce. Tossed with the fettucine are strips of chicken, sundried tomatoes as well as fresh tomatoes. Priced at Aud$21, it came in a generous portion which could be shared between two persons.

Ciao Italia Spaghetti .

Zhungyi decided to get the same pasta as Danny except, his was spaghetti instead of fettucine. I tried this out and overall, it tasted not too bad. The sauce was just right, however, I think additional pepper can do a little bit of trick. ;)

Calzone Pizza.

For me, I ordered a huge Karipap (Curry Puff) or Apam Balek or whatever names you could think of. :P Just look at the photo, I thought it was a wrong order. I always had a mindset that a pizza should be in a flat piece but no! This pizza was not.


It's actually pizza base topped with mozarella cheese, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and capsicums and then folded into half. I think it's worth the Aud$21 I paid as it tasted real good. In addition, this huge Karipap was definitely filling. A strongly recommended dish by me!

Leon enjoyed a serve of Carbonara Spaghetti but I didn't manage to take a photo of that.


Not to be missed, a piece of Tiramisu was shared among the four of us for dessert. Yes, only 1 piece for 4 persons! What to do? A piece of this finger-licking-good-Tiramisu is priced at Aud$7.50. However, I still have to stress that this Tiramisu is heavenly good. A must order at Ciao Italia.

A dinner at Ciao Italia was definitely satisfying. We all had a full stomach while walking out from the restaurant.

After dinner, what did we do? Check out this short video clips and you'll know...

Hahaha! We were Wii-ing! A good exercise after dinner. ;)


wmw said...

Hahaha...I'm playing Victorious Boxers Revolution now!

SomebodyHasToBe said...

=.- this is what people called 'eat full nothing to do' said...

I want that Tiramisu

piglet~ said...

kok.. do they know they are your blog's 'celebrity'? Lol... you should have shown your face as well! =D good one

l y n n w e i said...

super! so nice!! yummy!!!!!

i like the tiramisu..and the fettucine!!!

kok, u're making me hungry all the time whenever i read ur post!

Kok said...

wmw: Wah! Means you're professional boxer now? hehe.

lee: This is exercise lah. :P

yenjai: Come Perth. I bring you there.

piglet: Errr... I don't think they know. hahaha! Me? I'm cameraman lah. Cannot show face one. kakaka!

lynnwei: haha! Photo already look so nice. Need not to say putting it in your mouth right? kekeke.

Aiyo, sorry loh. I don't mean to make you hungry one lah. hehe. said...

haha like that also can meh ?

slow walk can liao no need to do so "kik" activities.. hehhe

Sasha said...

aud 21 for that pizza? u damn kaya....

Kok said...

keeyit: Aiyo, if not, how to get rid of the fat? kekeke.

sasha: Not kaya lah. If didn't try that time, next time where got chance to try again right?

just me said...

Meeting up with friends will always ensure a good time..wishing you lots more of such good times

just me said...

Meeting up with friends will always ensure a good time..wishing you lots more of such good times

alice said...

Aiya, you too free ah? Come and wash my dishes and do my laundry.

Kok said...

just me: Actually, I had another wonderful time with my friends which I'll blog it later. Thanks a lot for your wishes!:)

Aunty Alice: Aunty Alice, I where got free? Enjoy holidays only mah. hehehe. You need someone wash your dishes and do your laundry meh?

teckiee said...

got play raving rabbits or not?

eastcoastlife said...

Oooo... the Tiramisu looks heavenly! The karipap also looks yummy. But
AUD$21 is expensive.

oi.... no fair! I want to go Perth you say you may not be around. But here you ask Yenjai to go and you'll bring him around. Apa lah you!

Dancing Queen said...

Haha... you can moonlight as film director lah..! :D

l y n n w e i said... is it that leon is here..andback at Miri so fast?

Kok said...

teckiee: Don't have wor...

Eastcoastlife: Expensive hor? But to try something new, that's the price you have to give, eh?

Hahaha! The same condition applied to yenjai as well mah. If I wasn't in Perth next year, there's no way for me to bring you all around lah. *Sigh* Now me also feeling dizzy when I have to think whether to stay in Malaysia or in Perth.

dancing queen: The next Ann Lee eh? hahaha!

lynnwei: That's the day before he left Perth for Miri. hehe.

Monica said...

Hi, good name "Ciao Italia" ...
I am an Italian teacher and I teach at Ciao Italia school in Italy, really funny ;-)

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