Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Again?

It's new year again ah? Time can really flies. In just a blink of eyes, it's another year again. I'm sure I had a challenging year this year. What about you?

I listed few new year resolutions for the year 2007. Have I achieved everything?
  1. Study HARDER and SMARTER! (I don't think I studied harder and smarter. But at least, I graduated! :))
  2. Get a job and earn some $ for travelling. (Didn't manage to do so due to several reasons)
  3. Improve my English. (I don't know whether my English has improved or not. What do you think?)
  4. Enjoy more food. :P (Definitely I did. Just go back to my food posts and you'll know.)
  5. Remove some fat on my body. (Does this contradict with 4?) (1 or 2 kg, considered succeed or not? Hehe.)
  6. Decide to stay in Australia or Malaysia for career. (Haven't decided yet. Bring forward to 2008.)
At least 50% of my new year resolutions have achieved. Not bad huh?

You must now be asking, what about 2008 new year resolutions? Hmm... frankly speaking, I'm quite lost at the moment. So, I haven't thought of any resolutions yet. I'll jot down when I'm ready, ok?

The last but not least...

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I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays and start a fresh new year again this year! :)


kennymah said...

50% is very good, and I think some of the resolutions will "resolve" themselves in due time, perhaps in 2008. :)

It's a grand thing meeting you online this year, Kok... all the way from when my blog got spammed, remember? So long ago... Hehe.

All the best for 2008... more joy and more eating! :D

Lynnwei said...

hey kok!

not bad...u have achieved 50%!

me ar? i had only 3 goals...and achieved 3! kekeke...not bad eh!


well, if u haven decide aus or msia....enjoy holiday holiday!



Zhung said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay in Perth lar u...

wmw said...

Very good...Time for new year resolutions ....again...some repeated for the last 10 years! LOL! Happy New Year to you!

Dancing Queen said...

Have a happy & prosperous new year, Kok!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

Happy NY 2008 hensem!
u hv a list of things to achieve, so that's good, and even completed 50%.
All the best in ur career decision :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha..good one! so have u decided to stay in msia or go aussie? watever it is, all the best in the future n have a great year ahead :)

Sasha said...

eh i dun believe in new year resolution wan..i always think, if u want to do something need to do it fast and not procastinate. :) Happy New Year!

Kok said...

kenny: Hopefully I can do better in 2008. Hehe.

Yaya! It's nice meeting you in this blogosphere too. Of course I can remember that. I hope that spammer didn't go back to you. If not, I'll give him/her a good scold again.

Same to you. All the best to you and hope you have a great year!:)

lynnwei: Wow! You said I'm not bad but you are so much better. 3/3! Cool!

Yaya, enjoy my holidays first. hehe.

zhung: Wish you a blessed new year too! I also hope so lah. Wait my news lah!:)

wmw: haha! Might not list any resolutions down this year. Like you said, might not achieved it after 10 years later. hehe. Happy New Year to you too!:)

dancing queen: Wish you a wonderful year ahead!

mommibee: Thanks a lot. Wish you a great new year!:)

xiulongbao: Haven't decided yet leh. Hopefully soon. hehe. All the best to you in Singapore. Now earn more in Singapore, don't forget come Miri belanja me makan! kekeke! Wish you a Happy New Year!:)

sasha: I agree. Maybe I really shouldn't list any resolutions this year. hehe. Happy New Year!:)

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