Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Caesars Pizzeria

Short note: Just came back from Sibu-Bintangor (Sarawak) trip.

The last dinner before I flew back to Miri was at Little Caesars Pizzeria. I wasn't aware of this pizzeria until Zhungyi told me that it serves the best pizza in Perth. For your interest, this pizzeria has won a lot of pizza competitions.

Little Caesars Pizzeria.

Located at Mundaring, which is about 45 minutes drive from Perth, the far location didn't stop us from having our dinner there. Nevertheless, I had to thank Zhungyi for driving us. :)

Busy staff.

Once we reached there, we saw a large crowd filling up the small pizzeria. All the staff was either busy making pizza or serving the customers.

Only few tables...

One of the downside for this pizzeria is the limited seats they offered. Maybe this is a trend for those famous restaurants at Perth? Remember Ciao Italia? It also has limited seats.

Danny and me with a large pizza.

Choosing the pizza was not an easy task. They had a long list of menu. Not wasting anymore time, we ordered some award winning pizza and then, settled a seat outside the pizzeria.

Janes Addiction.

We thought we might have to wait for quite some time before our order came. To our surprise, our first pizza, Janes Addiction, was served on our table after only plus minus 15 minutes.

Thin crust, generous toppings.

I couldn't wait any longer. After taking photos, I grabbed a piece of pizza and gave it a bite. Gosh! Janes Addiction tasted heavenly good. The thin crust was topped with huge prawns, pieces of Italian bacon, herbs and Mozarella cheese. Seldom, I could find such big, juicy prawns on top of a pizza crust. It definitely earned two thumbs up from me.


Came next was Pisagne. This pizza was entered into competitions. That was the main reason we ordered this.


The name, Pisagne, is actually a description of the pizza; pizza combines with lasagne. It was topped with Parmessan cheese, pasta cheese and bolognaise sauce. I was quite disappointed with this pizza as the taste was quite bland. Maybe I expected quite a bit from this...


After those traditional pizza, we went on to order two small dessert pizza. That was the first time I tried dessert pizza. I didn't know such pizza exists! :P

Chocolate mudcake pizza.

Mudhoney is basically chocolate mudcake on top of a pizza base. For me, this pizza was quite unique. I could taste both cake and pizza at the same time. No doubt, this is one of their most famous pizza.

Black Forrest.

We thought one dessert pizza is not enough for us, so we ordered two. The second one was Black Forrest. It was a chocolate and cherry cake on top of a pizza base. The cherry flavour was not strong enough. Therefore, it tasted almost the same as the Mudhoney except for additional ice-cream.

All and all, we were satisfied with the pizza from Little Caesars Pizzeria. We were so full that we couldn't even finish the dessert pizza. How much was the bill? We paid about Aud$22 for 2 large pizza (Mondays - Wednesdays special) and Aud$11 for 2 small dessert pizza. The bill was quite reasonable for the quality of pizza they served.

This pizzeria is strongly recommended by me.

Little Caesars Pizzeria
Shop 7, 7125 Great Eastern Highway
Mundaring WA 6073

9295 6611 (Does not take reservations)

Business Hours:
Open 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays)
4p.m. till late

P/s: The dessert pizza can be quite sweet from some people but it is definitely a must try. ;)


Kenny Mah said...


Not even lunchtime yet and you're making me crave for pizzas. Unfortunately the stuff we have won't even compare to what you had. :(

Freshness of ingredients maybe one key factor, and it'd help if our local pizza-makers were less "koo hon" (miserly) with the toppings, hehe.

jane said...

the dessert pizza looks interesting. suddenly im craving for pizza. yumyum!

Zhung said...

C****.....thank me for driving you but one picture of me also dun have...

Kok said...

kenny: Yaya, those pizza in M'sia cannot be compared to those overseas. Probably like you said, they just couldn't get the fresh ingredients. Err... actually some chain pizza stall in Perth also quite stingy with their toppings. hehe.

jane: Pizza Hut? :P

zhung: Haha! I don't have your photo in my camera lah!:P

Alice said...

Very innovative to come up with so many menus and types of pizza! If I go there, how to ask you to belanja me when you are back in Miri liao?

l y n n w e i said...

wa..so nice..got to tell that to sharon so she can go visit that place!

hows sibu? heard got flood....u kena or not?

www.keeyit.com said...

I only like to eat those pizza which with thin bread. I just wonder how the pizza taste like if with chocolate as shown in your picture? weird?

Sue Sue said...

Wah pizza look so ho chiak leh.

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: If you go there and I'm not there, you can eat on my behalf. Then come to Miri and I'll belanja you Pizza Hut. kekekeke.

lynnwei: Haha! Sharon sure will go one. She's like hungry wolf like that. Opppssss! hahaha!

Some part of the Sibu was flooded. On the way to Bintangor, the flood was quite bad. Luckily we were using bus. hehe.

keeyit: It tasted great surprisingly. However, you must eat it while it's hot. If not, yea, weird. :P

suesue: Yaya, Pizza Hut must improve their quality to match that. hehe.

Big Boys Oven said...

wah.........this is such a unique dessert pizza I ever dream of! Lovely, unique and so desirable!

Kok said...

Indeed the dessert pizza is real good! Maybe you can try make one eh? I know you can bake well. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah..prawns n bacon..awesome! i miss aussie pizzas..but then again i found some goods 1s in kl..thank god

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