Monday, December 10, 2007

Officially Graduated!

Just when I reached Miri, my sis already sent an sms to my dad to brag about her exam result. Yalah yalah, no doubt, she really did a great job; 3 High Distinctions and 1 Credit! This more or less gave me a bit of pressure about my result.

Anyhoo, take a look at this...

Enlarge this...

I didn't mean to boast, but this is by far the best result I've ever obtained. :P
  • Engineering Tribology and Maintenance - 71 (Distinction)
  • Fundamentals of Engineering Fabrication and Metalworking Processes - 70 (Distinction)
  • Introduction to Offshore Plateforms and Ships - 76 (Distinction)
  • Mechanical Engineering Project (Thesis) - 71 (Distinction)
Although I didn't manage to get myself an honours for my degree, I'm quite satisfied with my results. Here, I would like to thanks all my friends and lecturers who have helped me throughout my uni life. Without you all, I don't think I'll go this far.

Arigatou gozaimasu! :)


l y n n w e i said...

wah!!! congratulations!!!!!

so, i'll be seeing u in miri when i go back miri next july?

its going to be fun with u around! kekekeke

Kenny Mah said...

Congratulations!! Job well done... now soon, welcome to the working world! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..3Ds is damn good man! even i had trouble to get tat kinda scores..

GraceSupang said...

woaaa... im just passing by ur blog. know abt it from Dancing Queen's. My my my.... Distinctions!! walau ehh. just want some tip(s) from u. how on earth did u manage to get this FAR??!! do u study like crazy all the time???!!! im a first year law student. and being in the first year is wayyyyy to tough for me. but looking at u guys, mannn... what u guys eat ahh??

wonda said...

Adoi! Why suddenly you speak Japanese? Ok, I answer back, "Omedetou!" (Congrats!!) You did it! Ok, now start finding a job and give me my monthly allowance as promised or I come and cari you in Miri!

Dancing Queen said...

Wah... finally announcing it!To put it on record, congratulations! You deserve it for all your hard work! :D

Kok said...

lynnwei: Thank you!

Me ah? Not sure yet. Haven't decided to stay in Miri or going to Perth for work. hehe.

kenny: Thank you, bro! Yea, working world soon... I'll miss the study life.

joe: Just lucky I guess. I know my standard. haha!

gracesupang: Welcome here!:) Study tips? Hmm... I think it's gonna be a long one if I wanna write it here. Give me your email and I shall write you something about tips. :)

Aunty Alice: haha! Just to make it special to speak Japanese mah. kekeke. Thanks a lot! Now find job? Not yet lah. Holidays first. hehe. Aiyoo! Come come! Come Miri find me!:P

dancing queen: Thank you! Now I have to enjoy my holidays. hehe. said...

COngrats congrats
Good result wor said...

stay in miri la! miri need ppl like u! then will be more interestinG!

next time u come visit dq or bring apple strudle...can drop by my house also! haha...*ahem*ahem*
ahahah!! jk!

jane said...

Congrats cuz!!! :D

GraceSupang said...

great!!! needed that!!

thanks alot. blessed xmas!

Kleio the Muse said...

Wah, so keng! Power of believing in yourself, no doubt. :D

Congrats ya and welcome back to Malaysia. Did you pig out on local food? Since you've been deprived of it for so long. But do it moderately ya. Watch out for your health.

So, what's next for you? Work?

grandmotherstories said...

Congrats Uncle! :)

Well done! So, you shouting me to lobster/seafood meal to celebrate right? :P

wmw said...

Congrats! How are you celebrating? Trip to KL/Singapore?

teckiee said...

wahhhh smart ass! Congrads! now can relax and play play already hehehe

seng said...

congratulations!! good results man!!

Tummythoz said...

Phweet! Clap-clap-clap *standing ovation*.

Kok said...

yenjai: Thanks! I think can be better lah. Too bad I wasn't hardworking enough. hehe.

lynnwei: Alamak! Just because I'm interesting, I've to stay at Miri ah? haha!

Hah? You want me visit you, or the apple strudel visit you? kekeke!

jane: Thankie!:)

grace: I'll send you an email soon!

kleio: Hah? Honestly, I always don't believe in myself. I always thought I'm just lucky. haha!

Thanks! I did stuff myself with local food. I think I resemble a pig now. kakaka!

Ya, should be working next. Unless, my parents don't mind I lay my butt at home for the rest of my life and they'll feed me. haha!

Aunty Judy: I'm not UNCLE! Wrong person! haha! Thanks, aunty!:)

Hah? I thought you should be the one who owe me a meal?;)

wmw: Thanks. Ermmm...No idea yet leh. Airfare a bit pricey...

teckiee: Ass can be smart one meh? Cannot be lah! kakakaka!

Thanks! Ya, now relax then play play loh. Until blog also can't update much. *sigh*

seng: Thanks a lot! Lucky only lah. hehe.

tummythoz: Thanks thanks! hehe.

Dalicia said...

congratulations to you :) you didn't invite to your graduation party

Joy said...

Well done, kok! That's wonderful news. I'm so pleased for you. So what now?

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Kok said...

dalicia: Thanks, thanks! You're most welcome to my convo. Not including air tickets from me ok? kekeke.

joy: Thanks, Joy! Now? Hmmm... HOLIDAYS! :p

mommibee said...

big congrats to u, kok!! now can lepak a bit lah!

Kok said...

Thank you! Yaya! Can lepak, not a bit, but a lot! haha!

Xiu Long Bao said...

aiks, hope it is not too late for me to say CONGRATS! hav fun during ur convo :)

mott said...


sorry i am so late in congratulating you! I think u did really well!!!! Kudos!

Kok said...

xiu long bao: Thanks for your wishes. I'll enjoy myself during the convo. :)

mott: Thank you thank you! You're not too late lah. Come for my convo lah you! hahaha!

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