Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fish or Crab?

Short note: I'm back in Miri now!

Four engineers, one boring night, what could we do? Fishing lah!

Usual fishing spot.

We reached our usual fishing spot at about 10p.m. This time, we brought along crabbing stuff to try our luck.

Crabbing scoop, cooking pan and fishing rod.

Just minutes after stepping our feet on the jetty, Jono and me found a crab moving in the water. We grabbed our crab scoops immediately and ready to scoop the crab up.

"1, 2, 3!" both of us whispered. We gave no chance for the crab to escape. There it went, our first crab of the night. We couldn't believe it was so easy! :P

Two unlucky crabs.

After the first crab, we didn't have much luck. We even tried to go into the water for more "victims" but only Brian managed to scoop another one.

Serious Jono.

Later on, Jono spotted a stingray. He tried to fish it but it wasn't even attracted to the bait.

Kok with the sausages.

While everyone was busy fishing and crabbing, I was given the responsibility to fry the sausages. This is what everyone was looking forward to. Eat!

Two became lots!

Of course, we didn't forget our main task; to catch more fish and crabs. Too bad, no fish was hooked.

What to do with the crabs?

We gave up on fish and targeted more on crabs. Thus, we ended up with a bucket full of crabs. What did we do to them?

Cooked and ate them!

We cooked them in boiling water and ate them fresh! The meat was so sweet without even adding any seasoning. I think those were the freshest crabs I have ever eaten. So yummy!

Mission accomplished.

Crabbing on the jetty and eating them fresh on the spot. This is indeed a wonderful experience for everyone. What an activity to end our year together! :)

16 comments: said...

What a catch

Kenny Mah said...

Just like four brothers going fishing together... Very cool. :)

Dancing Queen said...

Wah, that was a good catch indeed! How did you all "saak" the crabs? Just boil them alive ah? :)

I don't cook crabs cos I don't know how to prepare them. :(

Sasha said...

wow wow wow so many crabs! fly some to kl for me!

Kok said...

yenjai: Satu kilo RM5! Want ah?:P

kenny: I'm sure going to miss this activity...

dancing queen: We didn't "saak" the crabs. Just boil the water and let them sauna. Then you can eat liao. hahaha!

Not many people know how to prepare though. I don't think my mum knows how to cook, too. :P

sasha: You pay my airticket then I fly the crabs with me. Can? kekeke!:P

Sasha said...


wmw said...

Hahaha, the cooked sausages must have been a more welcomed sight then the crabs! :o)

MeiyeN said...

it's good to know that you are back in m'sia! more miri's food okay? ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

damn shiok eh..i remember those days also..had to buy chicken carcass and we would only get crabs on a cold windy nite..those were indeed the days.. said... that danny? fun....hhm..mayb next time can do that, when i'm in miri

which jetty is tat? taman selera?

Kok said...

sasha: :)

wmw: Hahaha! But in the end, the crabs were all gone!:P

meiyen: Miri food? No problem! More to come! hehe.

joe: Yaya! We also did buy chicken carcass to trap the crabs but seemed like using a crab scoop was more efficient. So what's your record for the amount of crabs caught?

lynnwei: Yea, that's Danny!

Wah! That was at Perth lah. Miri where got such nice jetty for fishing and crabbing? :P

yammylicious said...

so fun!! so enjoy catching crab ya!!

grandmotherstories said...

Serious business man!

Two crabs? Not even enough for me wor. How? :P

Kok said...

yammylicious: Welcome here! Ya, enjoy the time with my friends. hehe. :)

Aunty Judy:Aiyooo, not easy to catch the fast moving crabs lah. Wanna go crabbing with me? I bet you can catch more than me since you're super aunty! hehe.

Dalicia said...

back to miri :) do you miss australia already? don't let the good times end. build new memories :)

Kok said...

Back in Miri! hehe. Ermm... Yea, sort of miss Perth already. But then, if I was to go back Perth now, I'll miss Miri. haha!

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