Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dinner At...

Today, while I was walking to uni, there was this truck beeping at me. I stopped and looked towards the truck. The driver was waving at me. I thought, "Maybe this guy knows me". So I waved back. Upon reaching a traffic light, a cyclist waved at me again and I can be sure that I don't know him. Why were they waving at me? Am I too handsome today? *Scratching my head*

Anyway, I'm going to write a review on the food of a particular restaurant here in Perth. It has been a long time since I wrote a food post. We had a sumptuous dinner two days back, thus, here's the food review.

Cuttlefish/Sotong with belacan.

The first dish was cuttlefish. It was cooked with belacan, mixed vegetables and sliced onions. Chris claimed it was a bit too spicy though.

Steak with barbeque sauce.

The second dish was steak with barbeque sauce. It was not fried but baked instead. Less oil, more healthy. It still tasted great!

Chai Xin with garlic.

How could we left out vegie for dinner? A plate of vegie on the table is a must for dinner. Therefore, I decided to have Chai Xin for that night. It was stir fried with just garlic and oyster sauce. Of course, judging from its look, it was not as tasty as the stir fried brussel sprouts by Rasa Malaysia. But once you try it, you will not regret.

Guess how much altogether? You won't believe your eyes. It only costed us less than Aud$15 for the entire dinner. Not a bad deal huh?

The restaurant is located somewhere near Mounts Bay Road. The chef only cooks for a small amount of people at one night. Hence, reservation/booking is required. For your info, the one holding the wok is...

Chef Kok.

the not-so-famous, Chef Kok!

For further enquiries, please call 1800-VERYNICEFOOD!


wonda said...

Not bad eh

wonda said...

Oops, accidentally published it without finishing the comment. Sorry. Wah, not a bad yourself eh! Can open restaurant already!

Kok said...

Thank you thank you. Actually I'm still learning. ;)

Kenny Mah said...

I can see the title of you own TV cooking show di... WOK WITH KOK! ;)

Eh, no joke leh, if that Yan guy and that Wan guy can be chefs, so can you...

Kok said...

I like that! "WOK WITH KOK"! haha!

Actually, become a chef is not a bad idea though. You won't be surprise if you see me somewhere in Malaysia, holding a wok, cooking for all the people in the restaurants. haha!


Kenny Mah said...

Well, if you do that, don't forget to let all us makan gang know; we'll storm your restaurant lah! :)

Sasha said...


muminmiri said...

Kok, I like the steak best. Picture was so well taken I can almost taste the texture in my mouth :)

Tummythoz said...

*clap clap clap* Well done, well done *wolf whistles too, of coz*

Firehorse said...

So did you find out why they were waving at you? Thank you for bring those nice food (barley, porriage, fruits) over for me. Sigh maybe one day I'll get to eat for real these delicious food made by Chef Kok. If your restaurant got grand opening one day dun forget to invite me okay?

Firehorse said...

Sorry, sorry didn't mean it lidat, I meant you are so young yet you know more than my old husband. SORRYYYY!!!! I change title okay!!

Kok said...

kenny: Don't worry. If I made it to open my very first restaurant, I'll give all the bloggers (those I know of course) a treat. :)

sasha: Wahh, don't hate me lah. At least, you had your breakfast mah. haha!

muminmiri: The steak ah? It's quite easy to cook leh. Marinate it with basic ingredients and baked it in the oven. Then boil some instant barbeque sauce to poor on top of the steak. Easy easy! haha! Actually, the photo is quite blurry. I was in a rush to take the photos. I was too hungry actually. :P

tummythoz: Thank you thank you. *bow*

firehorse: I don't know leh. I asked my friend if there's anything wrong with me on that day but he said nothing wrong leh. Not a problem to send food & fruits over to you. As long as you can recover soon. :) Erm, I can cook for you but I can't gurantee if it's delicious. haha! Sure, sure. Like I told Kenny, If I made it to open my very first restaurant, I'll give all the bloggers (those I know of course) a treat. But, will you come all the way from U.S. to Miri? Hmm... :P

Kok said...

Don't worry about that. hahaha! I was just joking. Don't bother to change the topic. Just take more rest, ok? All of us wanna see the healthy you!:)

MeiyeN said...

*applause* looks delicious!

Dancing Queen said...

For a moment, I really thought you went to a restaurant. You could have fooled me!

Next time when you come back, must cook for us, or! :D

Kok said...

meiyen: Thanks thanks. :) Actually, not as delicious as those you had in restaurants though. :P

dancing queen: haha! That's the effect I want mah.

Aiks? How come I'm the one who should cook? Not you cook for all of us ah?

wmw said...

*Anxiously waiting for bloggers treat!*

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...they waved at u cus u were not stopping at the traffic light isit? Anyway, good job!I really tot that u were dining out at first :) before seeing ur chef's pic!

Kok said...

wmw: Wah, how come everyone waiting for my treat one? haha!

xiu long bao: Noleh, I was walking along the road when the truck driver waved at me. I wasn't even crossed the road when the cyclist waved at me. What's wrong ah?

Hahaha! Eating such dishes outside will at least cost you Aud$30 and above lah. You also know the price here in Aust right? So, you won't expect me to eat outside especially with a sotong dish. :P

Kenny Mah said...

We wait for your treat cos your treat the best one ma... ;)

Kok said...

Got like that one meh? Your treat also not bad leh. So, can we wait for you too? hahaha!

mott said...

ha ha..this is really funny!

stumbled across ur blog via sasha's.. .. u link quite alot of blogs i hop to!!!

wanna exchange links??? I've linked u in Crazy Nuts...kakakakakakaka!

OH! Maybe they were waving at you, coz your lights were on or your lil fuel door was open...or something.

Don't know abt hansum..

KAKAKAKKAKAKAKA!!! joking joking!!!

Kok said...

Thanks for dropping by my lousy blog. haha!

I'll link to you. But tomorrow lah...can or not? Now already 2:05a.m. and I wanna sleep liao leh. Check back my blog again and let me know if I forgot. Ok?

Thanks for linking me. also want me to become a part of Crazy Nuts? Later siao siao, how? haha!

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