Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fishing a Mermaid?

Holidays but having a hole in your pocket for expensive activities?

From left to right: Chris, Kok, Brian, Louis and Jono.

You can consider fishing. I think fishing is one of the cheapest activities you can find in Perth! Last Monday, few of my friends and I decided to go fishing. It was a cold, windy night. However, this didn't stop us from stepping our feet on Claremont's secret jetty for fishing.

Brian with a really huge fish.

Less than half an hour, Brian shouted for joy. It was an indication that "some thing" manage to catch his hook. Indeed, he got himself a fish! It was quite a huge fish. We didn't catch a fish as huge as that in our previous fishing activity.

Fresh on the spot!

Since Jono brought a "handy stove" and a frying pan there, he decided to have the fish (from Brian) cooked.

Look who's the chef.

Jono was the chef for that night! He cleaned the fish in the nearby public toilet and cooked the fish fresh on the spot. No salt, no pepper. It's all about the freshness of the fish here.

Sausages with the fish.

We all decided to stop fishing after few hours of trying. No luck at all. All of us gathered around the small frying pan, waiting for the sausages and the fish to be cooked. Although we didn't manage to catch any fish, at least, we must made our stomach happy, right? ;)

Flat head.

I thought I might at least catch a fish or two for that night. I actually caught a flat head on my first time fishing at end of last year. Who knows this time round, I couldn't even catch a puffle fish! Anyhoo, I think I'm quite lucky though. Why?

"Pretty" mermaid.

Because I didn't catch this mermaid! Haha! :P

No matter what, I still enjoy this kind of outing. It is a way to get together aparts from seeing each other in uni. It's fun, it's relaxing. I'm looking forward for our next fishing activity. When will that be, guys?

P/s: Jono, don't get too angry. ;)


muminmiri said...

You said "at least, we must made our stomache happy" - were you so hungry that you had stomach ache?

I can't help but say this : You are eating a very freshly caught fish with something laden with lots of chemicals and preservatives (ie the sausage). Somehow the sausage defeats the healthiness of the fish meal. Sorry, I know that was a killjoy statement but that was what came to my mind!!

Tummythoz said...

Wahlau-eh, your friend's body very 'geng'. Do watch out for d wrath of Disney fans!

wonda said...

How does mermaid see in the water with glasses on lei?
I eat fish 3 times a week. More omega-3 fats.

Kok said...

mum in miri: Opppssiee, sorry, I'll make a chance on that. Typo. hehe. I think I must be too hungry. :P

Actually, I'm not that health conscious though. Nowadays vege have chemical to keep it fresh. Chicken are some times injected with some kind of chemical or are "forced" (using some sort of programme) to grow faster. If I was to be that conscious about all the food, I don't think I'll eat anything again next time. Life is short, so, I think I'll just eat whatever I can. :)

tummythoz: Geng right? haha! You wanna become another Disney characters? I can do that for you! haha!:P

wonda: Yea hoh, I should have changed it to swimming goggles. :P Wow, I don't get to eat fish that often here in Perth. Seafood is quite expensive here.

wmw said...

I somehow only catch teeny weeny fishes when I try...:o)

Jono said...

wahlan.....yor mermaid so pretty man. u bastard! said...

Catching a mermaid is real bad luck for you ^-^

Kenny Mah said...

Haha, looks like there were more sausages than fish in the saucepan! ;)

Kok said...

wmw: At least, you caught some fishes, right? hehe.

jono: Don't angry lah. You should be happy with the amount of hair the mermaid has leh. haha!

yenjai: haha! I hope I won't catch a mermaid the next time I fish. haha!

kenny: No choice, sausages can be bought but not fish. No luck. haha!

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