Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

When you see these in the shopping complex,

Cadbury white chocolate bunnies.

Heritage 1kg Easter egg.

Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Bunnies and teddy bears.


Normal Easter eggs.

Special Easter eggs.

Chicken with Easter eggs.

Lindt Easter bunnies.

Pink Easter eggs.

A set of cute Easter eggs.

Artistic Easter eggs.

Some of the Easter eggs and bunnies which were bought by my friend and me.

you'll know, Easter is here!


Anonymous said...

I see that you got tanned under the Aust. sun. Happy Easter! How are the chocolates? Like Hawaiian ones? Can't remember if I had eaten those Aust. ones before.

Kok said...

I have to walked at least 40 minutes under the sun, that's why I got tanned. But I like it tanned!:P Happy Easter to you too! The chocolates? I normally won't buy it cause it's more expensive than usual. But this year, I gave my friend Easter eggs and in return, he gave me an Easter bunny. After I have tasted it, I'll let you know how tasty it is ok? Hawaiian? I never have any Hawaiian choc before eh. You have not tried Aust choc before? Come here and try! Fast fast! :)

ilene said...

I also want Aust chocs! Somebody who is supposed to be busy studying is now busy photographing easter chocs!!!

Kok said...

Happy Easter! You want Aust choc? Cannot send it over to you leh. It would melt before it reaches Malaysia. haha! It's holidays now. So, can take some photos for blogging. Next week, you will seldom see me blog again. :P

wmw said...

Happy Easter to you too! I was thinking of putting a post of Easter chocs too..:p

Kenny Mah said...

All I can think of are the calories, tee hee. I love Aussie macadamia nuts, esp the honey roasted variety, even more than the chocs, though. Yums...

Kok said...

wmw: Happy Easter! Put put, I think your photos going to be more attractive than mine. haha!

kenny: True but then, it's Easter. How can we have Easter without Easter bunnies and eggs? haha! I love the Macadamia nuts too. So does my mum. It costs about $25/kg for the Macadamia nuts. Kinda pricey though.

Dancing Queen said...

Happy Easter, kok! Such lovely chocolates! So sayang to eat them!:D

Kok said...

dancing queen,
Happy Easter to you too! Yea, I know. That's why my Easter bunny is still with me. I don't want to eat the lovely little bunny!

l y n n w e i said...

kok wei! nice!! i love the ferrero rocher choc!!!!!


so wonderful!!!

happy easter!!

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