Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Big Bowl Noodle House

This is an overdue post. Unfortunately for Dr. Yenjai, this is another food post. :P

I went to Big Bowl Noodle House few weeks ago. In fact, my first time there was after my final exam last November with some of my friends.

Big Bowl Noodle House.

Open 6 days a week, it serves seriously big bowls of noodle. You will know what I mean when you proceed on reading this.

Address and phone number.

It is situated at the China Town here in Perth. In case you couldn't see the address clearly (reflection of the light), it is at 408, William Street, Northbridge 6004.

Look at the board on the wall.

It is just a small noodle house with approximately 10 or less small tables. I went there two times at which, all the tables were occupied.

Noodle makers.

What makes this noodle house "interesting" is that, the noodle is freshly made by the machines. There is raw noodle for sale, too. However, I'm not sure how much it costs though.

"What would you like?"

There are all sorts of food to order. Of course, you can eventually tell what's famous in this restaurant through the name of this restaurant. ;) The price of a bowl of noodle is between Aud$9-Aud$12. A bit pricey for students.

Pork Chop Noodle.

I ordered for a bowl of Pork Chop Noodle that day. It came generously with 3 pieces of pork chop and some Bak Choy. One word for the soup, "YUMMILICIOUS!" It's boiled with pork bones and I don't think it contains any monosodium glutamate (MSG). It's naturally sweet. Best if you have it during winter. ;)

Grilled Chicken Noodle.

My friend's Grilled Chicken Noodle was not bad too. It also came with few pieces of marinated grilled chicken. Again, it was served with Bak Choy. If my memory serves me right, this bowl of soup was different from mine! I'm sorry, I just couldn't remember what's the difference in the taste.

Thick noodle.

Thin noodle.

There are two types of noodles you can choose from. I opted for the thick noodle while my friend preferred the thin noodle. Both types tasted as good as they are smooth and chewy. The texture is just nice for my liking. :)

Pork and Pickle Veg. Noodle.

Baked Mushroom and Chicken Noodle.

Baked Mushroom and Bacon Noodle.

Those were the noodle my friends and I had during my first visit to this noodle house. I have no idea why all of us chose the "dry" noodle. We made a huge mistake that time as the soup tasted heavenly good! The Baked Mushroom and Chicken Noodle and Baked Mushroom and Bacon Noodle have nothing to shout about. They're just spaghetti for me with lots of cheese!

I like the "ladle". :P

Despite the huge servings, my friends and I managed to finish everything. You can tell how delicious is the noodle, eh? I strongly recommend this noodle house to everyone!


Jane said...

wow.. looks delicious!!! *slurp* i haven't seen any cheese-baked NOODLES before! :)

Muminmiri said...

I'm a cheese person so I'm sure I will like the noodles and cheese. Are the soups at Big Bowl tastier than the soups at Vietnamese Restaurants over there? I know the V restaurants have very tasty noodle soups.

wmw said...

Looks like the "la mien" we have back here. Come here to Klang Valley and try next time :o)

Kok said...

jane: Next time you can try, Cheese Baked Kolo Mee! haha!

mum in miri: I like cheese too! But then, cannot eat it too often leh.

Wow, not bad. You also know Vietnamese Restaurants here have tasty noodle soups. Ermm..Although both are tasty, I prefer Big Bowl. :)

wmw: Klang Valley got nice "la mien" ah?

Michelle, Wei Ching said...

ooh ubi, dunno why can post liao.. hahaha! I tried many days liao ler!

I like that noodle house ALOTTTTT.. i got take foto oso la.. but lazy post oso.. drag since 2 mths ago.. haha!

wonda said...

Aiya, not for me now. Sudah high cholestrol lei. Nice to look and delicious to eat. But calories?

wmw said...

Got, not too bad, but more expensive if compared dollar to dollar

Kok said...

mic: Haha! Your "GRRRRR...I WANNA COMMENT!" scared off blogger lah. haha! Finally you can comment.:P

Nice hor this noodle house? Aiya, you always take photos but then, put in your hardisk only. So kiam siap to show. haha!

wonda: Ermm..Then you can only drink the soup and one spoonful of the noodle. hehe.

wmw: Honestly, I haven't tried any "la mien" before. Miri doesn't have leh.

Michelle, Wei Ching said...

haha sorry sorry mengejutkan u. hahaha. i'm going noodle house tonite! take more foto liew i'll post la hahaha..

just me said...

So you are a "noodle" guy...

Jackson said...

wowo.....really big bowl huh!! Too bad not available in KL

Kok said...

mic: So what's your favourite noodle there? Let me know so that I can try it next time. hehe. Post your photos!:P

just me: Do I look so "noodle"?:P

jackson: Big bowl, right? But then, actually, the noodle is not in a big portion. Just the bowl look big. hehe.

l y n n w e i said...

kok wei! u're making me hungry again! aha...

looks really delicious!!!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

9-12 aud..thats very expensive..even melb n sydney standards dont u think?? sigh back in adelaide its only 6 aud a bowl..

Tummythoz said...

I think there's a Big Bowl restaurant ard Kl but dono whether it's related. Then again, can't seem to place where I saw it. Age is catching up, fast. =(

Tummythoz said...

I got initiated into cheese baked rice/noodles at Hongkie style cafes (char chan teng) over here. Very filling & yummy stuff!

Kok said...

lynnwei: That's the risk coming to my blog. haha! One word, "SEDAP!":P

joe: Welcome to my humble blog. Hope you enjoy your stay here. :) Yea, it's kinda expensive for the food there. But then, the property in Australia increases a lot. You might expect the price of the food to increase as well.

tummythoz: I think the Big Bowl must be the same. From what I have heard, Big Bowl actually is a franchise. I'm not surprise if they have a branch in KL. Nahh.. Who say you're old? You're not!:)

I think the Hongkie style cheese baked rice/noodles should be the same as the one you see in the photos right? Put more cheese and it'll taste good!:P

FireHorse said...

Sorry have been busy with my course, but still have to drop by and check on my Kok, I see you are doing good, each time I see you posting about food I know that you get enough to eat, sometime dis Kopi Soh worry about you becoz you alone there.

Kok said...

Thanks for your concern!:) I'm still doing fine here. Don't worry, I for sure will have something to eat one. haha!

How's your course? Doing fine?

Xiu Long Bao said...

Any super thirsty feeling after having the nudles? But the food does look tasty to me!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
No. Not thirsty at all. I think they really use bones to boil the soup. :) You can try to cook it yourself with spaghetti. Of course, it won't be as chewy as Big Bowl. :P

Tzu Yen said...

Hai! Kok Wei, Can't believe I stumble upon your blog when I googled about big bowl noodle.

You got a nice blog.

Kok said...

Hi Tzu Yen,
You accidentally found my blog eh? hehe! Thanks for the compliment. Hope you're enjoying yourself at Big Bowl Noodle House!:P

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