Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Bosc Pears

Rasa Malaysia blogged about her Xin Jiang Fragrant Pears the other day. Today, I want to blog about my Bosc Pears. This is one of my frequent fruits these days.

Bosc Pears in between apples.

Selling at Aud$0.99/kg, the price certain caught my attention.

Rejected pears?

Most of us, at first glance, think Bosc Pear is some kind of rejected pears. It doesn't have an attractive skin. It doesn't have any fragrant smell. It is definitely not the first choice in our list.

Take a bite!

But, believe it or not? I can tell you that Bosc Pear is one of the fruits which I will miss if I was to leave Perth. It is crunchy, juicy and of course, it's CHEAP! Once you take a bite on it, you'll ask for more!

For those who have never tried Bosc Pears before, give it a go. I'm pretty sure you'll like it like I do. ;)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of bosc pears. Anything like nashi pears?


Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
It's not like nashi pear (I don't know what's this pear but googled it just now:P). Bosc pears is just like the greenish pears. But then, the skin of bosc pears is a bit "old". :)

Kenny Mah said...

Looks like some pears my mom bought for me once... the old skin is what triggered my memory. It adds a nice crunch to it. Not sure if it's exactly the same though.

Oh and I love your Big Noodle post. I'd go for the thick ones and have it dry. Wish I had such restaurants in Munich when I lived there but unlike, Berlin, it did not have a real Chinatown, and the few Chinese restaurants it had were dismal.

Count your blessings, sir, that Perth does not have this lacking... :)

Dancing Queen said...

Never judge a pear by its skin, eigh? :D

Sometimes nice things are packaged differently hor? :D

Xiu Long Bao said...

Waa...$0.99 per kg is darn cheapo! but i dun like pears. The fruits dat i alwiz hav back in aussie are grapes n apples. Fave summer fruits would be Tasmanian Cherries!

wonda said...

Never eaten this type of pear before. From the bite, I can tell that it must be absolutely delicious. Crunchy like nashi pears ?

Kok said...

kenny: I don't know we have this kind of pears back in Malaysia or not. It might be the same as what your mom bought. ;)

Yea, the thick noodle is quite chewy. It's not like the usual pasta. But how come you want it dry? Don't you love soup? :P

dancing queen: Absolutely right! Next time, don't ignore something which has bad packaging. haha!

xiu long bao: Hah? Pears so nice you don't eat? Ermm..apples are quite cheap nowadays. Aud$1.49/kg. Grapes are quite cheap too which is about Aud$1.99/kg (if my memory serves me right). Tell you something, I never try cherries before! Cause it's too expensive although it's cherries season. Aud$20+/kg. Probably should try though.

wonda: It's crunchy! Try find it in Japan. If not, come to Aust and try it. haha! It's reallllyyy nice!:)

wmw said...

I've not eaten such pears over here...when it comes to fruits, I love rock melon!

Kok said...

I love rock melons too! They're sweet and crunchy. In fact, I bought one last Sunday. :P

teckiee said...

yeahhh! the fragrant pear always sooo small. I can see this one is huge!

Dancing Queen said...

I think you should be able to get a box of cherries for like $5 per box at the wholesale market! Of course during the season lah & at the end of the day! :D

Kok said...

teckiee: Welcome to my blog!:)

Yea, I actually can get bigger pears. But it depends. Normally at the middle of the seasons, you can get very large fruits. haha!

dancing queen: I never been to the wholesale market before leh. It's quite far from my place also. Probably will visit it and I can blog about that too. :)

Muminmiri said...

Can trade Bosc pear with Harmee, right???
How to pronounce "Bosc" anyway?

Rasa Malaysia said...

Wow, your favorite pear looks huge...bigger than your palm must be very juicy. :)

Kok said...

mum in miri,
Can! But you rugi wor like that. One pear trade with one packet harmee... haha!

Good question. I don't know how to pronounce too. Cause I don't need to. Just grab some pears and pay for it. hahaha!

rasa malaysia: Actually that's not considered huge. There are some which are larger than that. haha! Very juicy indeed. :)

FireHorse said...

Yes Yes Yes, why didn't you blog about this wonderful fruit earlier, I have no idea Bosc were so absolutely delicious, a bit kucing kurap looking (e.g., brownish skin, looks rejected and over ripe) but its looks are so deceiving.

Kok said...

Now you know then you can buy some to try! haha! Remember, don't judge a thing by its look. :P

Sasha said...

wah yr hand like so stedy itumacam hahahahha

yeah i missed the golden kiwi i ate there. now malaysia have it but still the first bite in adelaide is the best

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