Friday, May 04, 2007

What Would You Do?

To begin with this post, there's a question for you all.

"What would you do if you found a handphone lying at the side of the road?"

My handphone.

Not a tough question, isn't it? Curious to know my answer? Please read on...

Yesterday afternoon, as usual, I was walking back home from uni. Just as I was about to enter the main entrance of my house, there was a voice calling from behind.

What I so called "main entrance" of my house.

"Young man, did you lose your handphone?" an old lady asked me while walking towards me with a handphone in her hand.

*Searching for my handphone in my pocket*

"Nah, I still have my phone with me," I answered.

"I found this phone while we were driving past here. I wonder whose phone could this be. Do you know the owner of this car?" Pointing at the car just in front of us, she queried me.

*Shaking my head*

"Nope, I don't know. Where did you find this phone?" I questioned back.

"Right beside that car," she answered instantaneously. "What should we do with this phone" she asked me again.

*Paused for a moment*

Being the genius me, I thought of the contact list in the phone.

Home number!

"Try to search for the owner's home number in the contact list," I told her.

"I don't know how to. This phone is different from mine," she said.

"Alright, let me do it," with confident, I told her.

*Taking over the phone and started browsing the contacts*

As expected, I found "Home" in the contacts.

"I found it!" I voiced out.

"Really? Let's call and ask," she suggested.

She started to call the number. The owner of the phone picked up the phone and he still didn't realise he lost his phone! After a short conversation with the owner of the phone, the lady told me that the owner would come shortly.

Guess what? The owner of the phone is my neighbour! Look at the photo of the main entrance. On the right, it's his house.

"Hello. Is this your phone?" the lady asked the man.

"Yea, how did you manage to find my number?" he asked curiously.

"This young man found it in your phone," the lady explained while patting my shoulder.

"Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it," he thanked me as he was shaking my hand.

"Not a problem," I replied with a smile.

what would you do if you found a handphone lying at the side of the road?


Kenny Mah said...

Probably what the old lady did, but now that you've shared your story, I'll do what you do instead --- faster and smarter too, since some people around might just say aye, it's theirs, even though it isn't. This way one can verify the ownership.

It does invade a little bit of their privacy though, but what's a little price to pay, eh? ;)

Kok said...

Yea, I know it's quite "rude" to check the owner's contact. But I guess, that's the only way eh? Just a little price to pay and you can get back your phone. Why not? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahahah i do somethin diff..u knw how aussie hav fone all he has to do is just make a couple of fone calls..he get a new fone..n i get some pocket money! i know..i m bad..bad boy.

Dancing Queen said...

Good boy for doing a good deed! You get one brownie point! :D

Actually, if it was in Malaysia, I would be a bit wary, even if it's an old lady. Who knows she might be used by a scam to trick unsuspecting victims! :P

Like stories of ppl dropping money outside the bank, etc. I know, I'm paranoid! Can't be helped - friends often forward this kind of emails to me! :D

Kenny Mah said...

Can't blame you lah, Dancing Queen, for feeling that way --- there are plenty of cons going round. Sometimes it's easier just to go by "feeling" if that person is genuine or not.

As for you, Kok, why not indeed? We just have to resist the temptation to check more than that... heh heh heh.

Jono said...

old lady dunno how to use handfonemah. if not she would have checked for the home fone number liaw. u think u hero ah kok?!?! find my stolen laptop for me leh!

Kok said...

joe: I know about that. But as far as I know, only one of my friend did that. haha! How many time have you did that?;)

dancing queen: Thanks for the compliment. :P

True. I have received such emails too. That's why, trying to know what's your response towards such case. hehe. So, will you put your home number in your handphone contacts after you know this case?

kenny: Aiyo, cannot lah. I don't want someone to do the same to me. Thus, I don't want to intrude someone's privacy. hehe

Kok said...

Hmm...if I can find your laptop, I will be the next Detective Conan liao! hahaha!

vhanded said...

I once have the same experience as you, but not at the road side, is in my uni class room. The fellow forget to take his phone after class and I who went in after his class found that phone. And what I do is not call his home, but sms his father, and his father contact his cousin who same uni with him and tell him to collect from me.

Sasha said...

kok pandai jugak ye.
now faster blog about the nen nen wan! i wanna see

wmw said...

I guess I would scroll through the list too. ;o)

Dancing Queen said...

Home is listed in my Contacts already wor. :D

Ya, sometimes must use gut feeling! :D said...

Kok, you are brilliant!

Kok said...

vhanded: Welcome to my blog!:)

Wah, you also not bad eh? Still know how to contact his dad. haha!

sasha: Aiyo, that post must have inspiration one. Must wait... haha!

wmw: Same like me. Good!:P

dancing queen: But I'm not hoping you to lose your phone!

yenjai: Thank you!:)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

errr how can i disclose my naughty stuff?? actually i hav abused the insurance system about that?? haha but i have not gone through this guilt conscience exercise of finding a hp on the floor

Dancing Queen said...

Choi, choi, choi! Touch wood! :P

Xiu Long Bao said...

Good boy! *patting ur head*

I think ur way doesn't work in Msia. Char siew bao lost his hand fon once but nobody calls bck also :(

Kok said...

joe: haha! I don't think you're the only one who abused the insurance system lah. Actually it's a kind of loop hole. :P

dancing queen: haha! In Mandarin, we say, "jiu de bu qu, xin de bu lai". haha!

xiu long bao: Thank you!:) Yea, I also think this is not applied to M'sia. Once you lost something, it's forever lost! That's M'sia. :P

Dancing Queen said...

Cannot, cannot! I just got a new one last week! :P

Kok said...

dancing queen,
No wonder lah! Got new phone already! haha!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has found mobile phones in buses and rang the number of 'Home' and the owners (yes she found a couple) normally come to our home to pick it up. :)


Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Wah, seems like lots of people "like" to lose their phones at your place eh? hehe. But in Malaysia, I don't think there's anyone who's kind enough to send back the phones to their owners. :P

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