Friday, May 11, 2007

Freeway, Highway, SUBWAY!

After reading Xiu Long Bao's post about Subway, I decided to fulfil my sudden crave on Subway right after my Tumbulgum Farm's trip.

Fresh breads!

After the farm trip, I was dragged by my housemate, Chris, to do our weekly groceries. Since he decided not to eat at home that night (he had a date with his friends), I was having a hard time deciding what to have for dinner.

What do you want for your fillings?

As we were walking past Subway, Chris suggested that for my dinner. Without thinking twice, I agreed.

Different kind of breads at your choice.

Subway is a franchise restaurant which provides freshly baked bread with lots of fillings. Turkey Breast and Ham was my choice for that day's dinner. Other popular choices are Italian B.M.T., Subway Club and Tuna.

Subway sandwich ready to be munched!

For Aud$6.50 per sandwich, it definitely makes your stomach happy.

A foot long.

My Turkey Breast and Ham sub is a foot long. You can opt for half foot long sub if you think you can't finish it. My advice is to choose a foot long sub as it is cheaper compare to half foot long sub. ;)

Eat fresh...

One thing good about Subway is that everything is fresh. They have their bread baked fresh and also they have their salad (fillings for the sandwich) fresh!

Nutritions for each subs.

Different kind of subs have different amount of nutritions. All are printed on the colourful serviettes. I normally won't look at all these... :P

Broke the foot long into two.

It is better to break the foot long sub into two for easier consumption.

Italian Herbs and Cheese bread.

My bread for that day is Italian Herbs and Cheese. As usual, I would like my bread to be toasted.


As you can see, there are generous slices of turkey breast and ham and my choices of salads (lettuce, carrots, prickled cucumber, tomatoes, onions, capsicums and etc.). I prefer thousand island for the salads dressing. And by the way, how can a bread without cheese, right? So, I had mozzarella cheese in between the bread. Ok, ok, I know it'll make me fat! haha! :P

At the end of the day, I couldn't manage to finish my foot long sub. I left half an inch which couldn't fit into my stomach. Anyhoo, I must say, if you want a quick dinner, try Subway! :)


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, I think Subway is way too expensive. I can make you subway for 1/8 of the price lah after all is precooked meat and loads of salads and a whole choice of sauces.

Like Mcdonalds, Subway can be rather addictive!


Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
I know it's way too expensive. But then, I couldn't get everything at one go. So, it's ok once in a while, I guess? hehe. Since you said you can me me one...I'm waiting for that. haha!

Ermm...I don't find Subway addictive leh. Just once, and I'm satisfied. :P

wonda said...

Haha! You ate one foot minus half inch, that will be 11 1/2 inch size! That is too much for me too.

MeiyeN said...

omg, am drooling now.... sooo sooo tempting!

Dancing Queen said...

Hmmm... looks really yummylicious! I want, I want! Send over the 1 inch lah...!

This really reminds me of pizza submarine which I used to have at Lincoln College (hostel) in my 1st year! Sigh, I miss Adelaide....!

cc said...

My favourite is the meatballs sub. Yummy! But it can be rather messy, so I don't have that often.

Kok said...

wonda: Actually when you keep on munching, you won't actually realise you can eat that much. haha!

meiyen: Go grab one foot long sub with xiu long bao now!:P

dancing queen: haha! 1 inch won't satisfy you lah. :P Have you tried this in Adelaide during your time in uni?

Miss Adelaide? Plan a holiday and you can visit my sis there. ;)

cc: I haven't tried meatballs sub before leh. But seems like so "meaty". I agree with you. Eating Subway sandwich can be pretty messy!

Sasha said...

wuah. Judy still visit yr blog eh?


wuah! they really put the picture of the foot there hahahah

Kok said...

yaya! Aunty Judy does visit my blog. She might visit your blog too, just that, she is busy to drop down a comment sometimes. ;)

hahahaha! Sasha, that foot I put in one lah. You think they really put a foot there to advertise their sub meh?:P

Dancing Queen said...

I don't remember trying that though. Anyways, me getting old oredi. Cannot remember so many things! :P

Kok said...

dancing queen,
Alamak! You where got old??? You better not admit you're old. If not, my mum will let you see her "palantao"! haha!

I think Subway is quite common in Australia. You should have eaten it before eh...

Xiu Long Bao said...

haha...u ate one foot long of subwy sandwich too! Pricing is around the same after converting. but definitely worth it cus a bowl of nudles @ chinatown also costs about 8 to 10 bucks.

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Cheaper mah eating one foot long. haha! Wah, the price per foot long sub in KL is RM18?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

dancing queen..u from lincoln college as well?? me 2..

anywayz back to the topic..subway is by the way only a short 3 min walk..and its damn satisfying when college dinner is crap..though i only choose one filling..sweet onion teriyaki chicken and nothing else.

Kok said...

Dancing Queen was from Lincoln College. She told my sister about that. hehe.

Aiyo, you should try Turkey and Ham. Very shiok leh! I should try teriyaki chicken but then, my friend told me, too sweet...

wmw said...

Big meal! The power of blogs...hee hee

Muminmiri said...

Aiyo.. you always tempt me with food unavailable in Miri...

mott said...


i. am. so. hungry. now.


Kok said...

wmw: Indeed, HUGE meal! haha!

mum in miri: You can make your own Subway at home. You can buy cheese, ham, vegie, sauce and mix everything in the bread! It's the same stuff. haha! But I don't know whether your girls like vegie or not. They won't like Subway if they don't like vegie. :P

mott: Get one Subway to fill up your stomach!:P

jENNiFER said...


Anonymous said...

Subway is not costly in the UK,I just had my foot-long meatball sub...yummy..cheers=)

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