Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tumbulgum Farm

After taking the international students to Swan Valley and Wanneroo Kart Hire, this time, International Students Service (ISS) brought some international students to Tumbulgum Farm.

Waiting to get into the bus.

As early as 8a.m., all the students were already seen waiting in front of the university's refrectory. All waiting for one reason; to visit Tumbulgum Farm.

G'day all!

Tumbulgum Farm, is an award winning tourist attraction, located about 1 hour drive from the uni. It's motto, “Where The Country Comes To Town” gives you an idea what it is all about.

Sheep-wannabe. :P

Upon reaching the farm, we were welcomed by this sheep-wannabe the person in charge. He presented us a "G'day sticker" while giving us a brief introduction about the whole trip.

Wonderful scenery.

We were, then, given about 20 minutes to walk around the farm. As usual, I took this opportunity to snap as many photos as I can. ;)

Beginning of the show.

The farm show began shortly after that. Leading the show was the man riding this horse.

Dog as fierce as a tiger.

The man instructed Henry, the sheep dog, to group all the sheeps and "shoo" them into their farm house (I know horses stay in stables but how about sheeps?:P).

Waiting for another show...

After a short performance by Henry, we were led to another small, wooden building. For your information, it smells "good" inside the building. ;)

Poor sheep.

At first, we were given a chance to watch sheep shearing. The man actually dragged the sheep into the middle of the stage before he started to shear the sheep using the machine shear. Machine shears operate in a similar manner to human hair-clippers but it's blade is sharper!

Huge piece of wool.

Within five minutes, the sheep was bald. A huge piece of wool was spread on the floor.

"I'm H-U-N-G-R-Y!"

What's next? Three students were asked to feed 3 hungry sheeps. The sheeps were really hungry I tell you. Milk in the bottles was all gone in less than a minute!

Hay ride.

The show ended after two students had a go at cracking the Australian stock whip. A hay-ride around the farm is available for those who are interested.

Peaceful and quiet.

The curious me hopped onto the vehicle without wasting a second. Honestly, I like the environment of the farm. Peaceful and quiet...

Traditional billy tea and damper.

After the ride, we were served with a small cup of billy tea and a piece of damper. For me, billy tea is just the normal tea and the damper is just a piece of tasteless cake.

Souvenir shop.

There's a souvenir shop for all the visitors. Products ranges from the aboriginal musical instruments (didjeridoo) to some fashion wear (cowboy hat).

Cowboy? No!

While waiting for the Aboriginal Cultural Show to start, I just lingered around and took a few more photos.

Giving a try at the didjeridoo.

I was extremely disappointed with the Aboriginal Cultural Show. I expected it to be a live show but turned up, just a show on the projector screen.

Live show?

Everyone went off the hall with a long sigh. However, they were looking forward for the next activity. Guess what?

Part of the barbecuers.

Barbecue lunch was ready! There are gas BBQ and picnic area provided free and under cover. We had chicken wings, sausages, sweet corn, sweet potato, vegetarian food and etc. What a yummy lunch! ;)

Feeding baby kangaroo.

After getting our stomach filled, we decided to hand feed some of the farm animals for instance kangaroos, emus, cows and sheeps. For some students, it was their first time to stay so close with the Australia most famous, kangaroos.

A group photo before we left.

We left the farm at about 3p.m. A tiring yet enjoyable trip. This is the last trip for this semester. Stay tuned for more trips next semester. ;)

Oh, did I miss out the most fun part of the trip!

Milking the cow.

We were allowed to try our hand at milking "Bernie" the cow in the wooden building! We were quite lucky there wasn't any male cows around. Why? This might happen...

"How dare you play my girlfriend's nen nen?!?! Mei sei goh ah?!?!"

Translation: "How dare you play my girlfriend's breasts?!?! Never die before, is it?!?!"


P/s: I finished writing this post at 3:15a.m. I would like to apologise if this post was not written properly.


Muminmiri said...

Hey, I think I was there before. Is that the place where you can feed the kangaroos off from your hands? I like that place. I remember there were lots to see.

cc said...

Ever since you told me you had kangaroos meat, I have been wondering what it tastes like every time I see one. Haha.

Jackson said...

wow...wonderful journey!! What is billy tea ar?

Dancing Queen said...

Hmmm... kok naughty boy this time! Hold the cow's nen-nen! :P

^SpRInG^ said...

did i hear my tea?? hahahaha

FireHorse said...

Billy tea not teh C peng hor, lidat better visit my kopitiam but unfortunately I got no cow for you to play wif lah, kekeke.

Xiu Long Bao said...

haiz...poor lil' sheep...
N u, milking the cow...hahaa...so the cow didn't whack u wiv its tail huh?

Xiu Long Bao said...

err.... by the way, i just noticed the last cartoon pic wasn't rite...the 'boy fren' got nen nen also leh...hmmhmm...guess this is a lesbian cow huh ;p

janeh said...

hahahaha! funny!

Kok said...

mum in miri: Yaya, it's a place where you can feed kangaroos. But then, there are actually few places where you can feed kangaroos. You sure is this one?

cc If you happen to find it at the supermarket or anywhere, just try it. It's more tender and juicier than beef. :)

jackson: Yea, indeed it's a wonderful journey! Billy tea ah? It's just tea boiled in billy (tin pot) using coal. Before you drink it, you have to grab the handle of the billy and swing quickly around in full circle for a few times. This is done to make sure all the tea leaves sink to the bottom of billy. Hope this explains.

dancing queen: Aiyo, I had some more "activity" with the cow after that but since I have some under 18 readers, I don't think it's good for me to write more. hahaha!:P

spring: Yea! Your tea! Make some for us!:P

firehorse: I prefer teh c peng! haha! Yaloh, maybe you should bring in a cow to your kopitiam to attract more customers lah. haha!

xiu long bao: Poor sheep, right? Hmm..nothing I can do but to see it shivering in cold after being sheared.

Nolah, the cow was "enjoying" herself lah. hahaha! :P

Eihh... Do with me this steps... Close one eye. Use your another eye to focus on the upper part of the cartoon cow and the wordings. And *TADAAA* it's a male cow! hahaha! Actually, I didn't realise that. It was so late when I wrote this post. Sorrry...hehe..

jane: Don't fall down the chair!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah..u look like u had alot of fun..i c alot of girls here there everywhere!

wonda said...

I've been to a sheep farm before when I was touring Perth ages ago. They even had a sheep 'beauty' contest and the sheep even knew how to line up according to their places! Curious about the kangaroo meat. What does the meat smell like?

teckiee said...

to the last pic: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

wmw said...

Wah you ah, surrounded by girls on all those trips...I do hope the girls were the reason that you went for the trip and not because of the cow! :o) Ok, no more cow jokes from me!

Tummythoz said...

Those sheep so adorable. Bet they smell tho. They no give milk like goats?

Kok said...

joe: You can also join the fun! haha!

wonda: Which farm/park did you go ah? Probably should go there and take a look. hehe.

Kangaroo meat? Hmm... Don't know how does it smell like leh. Definitely not like lamb. hehe. I can tell you, very delicious one. You come Perth, I cook for you!:)

teckiee: Enjoy the post?;)

wmw: Aiyo, I also don't know got so many girls going for the trip leh. Actually I went to those trips not for girls lah. I went to take photos for you all!! haha! And of course, went to the farm for cow is also not a bad idea ma. haha!

tummythoz: Cute hor? If you want more photos/close up of those sheeps, let me know. I still have a few snaps of the sheeps. I can send them to you. :)

I don't think sheeps give milk leh. They only give wools...:P

Sasha said...


Kok said...

Who say hold nen nen is a crime ah? Cow got police meh? hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kok. It's me again, Anne. Haven't been blog hopping for quite some time. Wow, the Tumbulgum Farm, is that somwhr in Perth? I have yet to see a sheep being sheared. Cheers. ;)

wonda said...

Can't remember which farm, but got cows. Remember that a cowboy demonstrated how to throw a boomerang.
KOK!!! You should put PG-13 for for "cowboys" on this post (like FH's post). :)

Kok said...

Every farm also got cows leh. haha! Australia no cowboys throwing boomerang wor. Maybe you mean the aboriginals here?

No need put PG-13 gua? Just a cow lehh...hahaha!

wonda said...

Aiya, Kok, that was ages ago. We didn't milk any cow. The cows were just grazing around. Maybe the ranchers don't demonstrate throwing the boomerang anymore. I took some pictures with the cowboy or rancher holding the boomerang.

Kok said...

You should milk the cows! hahaha!

I also took a photo with the aboriginal. Hmm...let me find the post. Give me a minute.

*came back after 5 minutes*

This is the link...

Is that the same rancher/cowboy who posed with you. :P

wonda said...

It was a cowboy with a cowboy hat, not an aborigine. I also went to a cave and an old gold mine. Don't remember the names liao, but I still have the photos.

Kok said...

wonda: Really?!? I never knew Perth has Cowboy. haha! Caves ah? Hmmm...lots of caves here in Perth especially a place called, Margaret River (famous with its wine). I have few posts on Margaret River too.

Gold mine ah? There are several gold mine here in Perth if I'm not wrong. You should show me the photos!:P

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