Saturday, May 26, 2007

Japanese Curry (Kok's Version)

I haven't really tasted the authentic Japanese Curry before, but I decided to cook it myself tonight.

Golden Curry Sauce Mix.

This is the instant paste I used. "HOT", it's printed on the packet.


I used fresh carrot, potato, capsicum, onion and slices of beef.

Start drooling?

How I cooked the Japanese Curry? Easy... First, boiled the potato and carrot. Later on, fry the onion before adding the marinated beef. Next, add in 3/5 cubes of the curry paste. Pour in hot water to dilute the curry paste. If you want the curry to be thick, add less water and vice versa. Final step, mix the boiled carrot, potato and also capsicum with the curry. And HOLA! The curry is ready to be served!

Open your mouth wide!

Everyone can cook this simple yet delicious curry. For international students like me, at least, this can halt my craving for Miri Curry Rice for quite some time.

Wonda, I bet you know how to cook the authentic Japanese Curry. Mind to pass me your skill? :P


teckiee said...

hahahaha you should rename this ti "Japanese Curry (the lazy chef's version)"

wonda said...

Wei, somebody call me? Gua lai liao. Still busy lei. Eh, got English instructions on the box or not? Fry all the veg. and meat in oil (if capsicum, put in after the curry is cooked to maintain the greenish color) then add water and boil till veg. and meat are soft. After that, add in roux and stir well. Add in capsicum.
My short cut version to cut down fat. I just put everything in the pot of water to boil till soft and add in roux and capsicum, or spinach last and my dinner is kow tim!

Dancing Queen said...

Hmm... looks delicious! I wonder how Japanese curry tastes like. Haven't tried it before. :)

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, wah, your curry looks better than mine lei. How can??
So, did it all go and how many servings of rice did you have?
I think I will make Japanese curry tonight. :)

FireHorse said...

Iziit as good as Malaysian curry?

Kok said...

teckiee: hahaha! I know, I know. This is a simply hantam curry. :P

wonda: Alamak, you get used to calling me "Wei" liao? haha! English instructions? Noleh. It only states what ingredients should I use. I also didn't follow the instruction. :P

Oh, the only thing which is different from what I have done is to fried all the vege and meat in oil. For my case, I boiled the vege first. hehe. But, actually, what's the ingredient for Japanese Curry ah?

dancing queen: Ermm..I don't know how to describe it's taste leh. You can try it yourself though. I think the paste is sold at Boulevard Hypermarket (somewhere near the "rice section". But it's quite expensive. Try it and you can blog bout it!:)

Aunty Judy: Hah? My cooking looks better than yours? Cannot be lah.... hehe

Yea, all gone. I had one big bowl of rice with that. Cannot have too much rice though. Look at the amount of potato. A lot!:P

So did you have Japanese Curry for dinner?

firehorse: Of course, Malaysian Curry still the best ler. I don't know if there's any santan in the Japanese Curry paste or not. I doubt so. hehe.

Michelle, Wei Ching said...

try this kind kotak type's ma po taofu. very yummy, although one box need $4.++. I'm addicted to it! Just need tofu and minced meat will do. Thumbs UP!

Dancing Queen said...

Yeah, I think I've seen it in Boulevard Hypermart but a bit was-was lah to try it! :P

wonda said...

A quick comment. Just came back from hospital after 7 hours there. My f-i-l's condition suddenly turned worse. The doctor told us to stand by.
Main ingredients for the curry is potatoes, carrots and big onions. I use the whole box of roux for the whole family.

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, yes lah....don't believe go compare photos lah.
I didn't put potatoes but cabbage instead.
No, did not have Japanese curry but instead we had 'wat tan mein'. You know, the crispy fried noodles with the eggy sauce with green vegies. Like the ones people have for hor fun. In KL hokkien, we call 'kong hu char'. :))

wmw said...

Though it says "HOT" on the box, I think it's probably not HOT at all, eh?

Kok said...

bamboo: This brand got "ma po to fu" meh? How come I didn't know? $4 a box ah? Hmm...kinda pricey eh? I think we can find some good recipe online eh? That would save you heaps!

dancing queen: Try it! Who knows your family would like it?:)

wonda: Wow, you must be tired... Take a rest, k?

Oh, means that my curry is not that off when compared to the authentic Japanese Curry eh? hehe. Yea, a whole box of roux can serve the whole family. :)

Aunty Judy: Aiyo, feel honoured suddenly. :P

Yaya, I know that! Eh, don't remind me of that ok? You know I can seldom eat them. I want "Wat Tan Hor"! haha!

wmw: Yea, for me, it's still not quite hot. I think should add the whole box of roux. Then only it'll be more HOT! hehe.

jane said...

haha i tried the HOT one too.. bought mine for RM5 nia. and the "HOT"?? turns out it doesn't taste hot AT ALL! man.. maybe shud try adding CILI PADI next time.. muahahaahha. malaysian-ize it. =P

Muminmiri said...

You are left handed ah?

MeiyeN said...

heard this is pretty famous among da students @ aussie!

Kok said...

jane: Yea, actually I think Japanese Curry is supposed to be not that hot. Maybe should ask Wonda. hehe. Add cili padi? Wahlao! That'll be too HOT!

mum in miri: I'm right handed. hehe. You must be wondering why I always use left hand to take the food right? :P

meiyen: Easy to cook mah. So everyone loves it. haha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

not bad wor..i think i got a packet somewhere..should try it after my sore throat..

Kok said...

You have a sorethroat? Drink lots of water and hope you'll get well soon! At the mean time, no curry for you. ;)

FireHorse said...

kok, need to ask you a question, is something wrong with cc's blog, every time I try to get in I get redirected. Are you able to access her blog?

Xiu Long Bao said...

mmm...i can smell curries from my computer...haha :O I luv japanese curries, very fragant!

Kok said...

firehorse: I still can access her blog. If you don't know, her blog is instead of the blogspot. She has bought a domain. :)

xiu long bao: Wah! So new technology nowadays? Last time we have webcam, now you have something new to smell something from your computer? hahaha! Yea, I have to agree with you. Japanese Curry indeed has a nice smell. hehe

xiu long bao said...

u wont believe dat...this morning i was reading ur japanese curry post, then later during lunch time, i had japanese curry chicken rice! So influential lar u...

Shionge said...

Good try but bet it's not as spicy as our local version right?

Hiya..just swing by from Ms. DQ :)

Kok said...

xiu long bao: Wah, you serious? I never know I'm that influential leh. haha! How was your Japanese Chicken Curry?

shionge: Hello! Welcome to my little world. :)

Nah, it's not spicy for Japanese Curry. I think I have to add cili padi like what Jane said. :P

Judy Leese said...

Kok, today I come to invite you to have wat tan mein at my

I wish I was near you so that I can bring the dish for you to have.

Firehorse said...

Thanks kok.

Oy Judy how come invite oni kok ah, wat about me, I oso wan to eat mah.

Xiu Long Bao said...

oklar, not bad but not really delicious lor. The best i have tasted so far is from Rakuzen! U hav to try it if u luv japanese curry...seriously :)

Clare said...

you sure can cook!!! you rockz!!!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: You're so nice! Thanks for the food!:P

I also wish I can stay near you so that I can have nice food from you. :)~

firehorse: No worries. :)

Aunty Judy brought food for me and not you because you also can cook good food ma. hehe

xiu long bao: Aiyo, Rakuzen so expensive. I think I have to work few years first lah. hehe

clare: Nolah. Simple dish only. Thanks for the compliment.:)

Tummythoz said...

Hey, that looks delicious. I'm late so surely all digested edi. Quick cook more stuff!

Kok said...

you are late leh. Everyone gobbled down the curry liao. :P Cook more? Ermm...I think I can only do that after exam!:P

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