Saturday, June 02, 2007

Short Update...

I think most of you have noticed there isn't any new post for these few days. I would like to apologise for the lack of updates. Here, I'll just write a short update...

  1. These few days, I just couldn't find a time to blog. Most of my time were spent for my projects and assignments. Next Saturday is my first paper for my first semester exam and I haven't had any revision yet. I have my last group project to complete and that's worth 40% of the whole unit. Wish me luck, guys...
  2. My current rent is almost twice the rent of my previous house. Therefore, I am always in a tight budget condition this year. I don't wish to burden my Baba and keep asking him for money. And now, I can honestly tell you guys that I have less than Aud$200 in my bank account. I hope this can sustain me for another 2 more weeks. Do you think I can make it? I'll let you all know the result after 2 weeks.
  3. My housemate, Chris, is going back to Singapore for first semester holidays! He has no exam at all for two consecutive semesters! Anyway, he deserves a break. After all, he rushed his assignments like crazy for these two weeks. Enjoy your holiday, Chris! As I have mentioned earlier, I'm in a tight budget condition now. So, I couldn't treat you a dinner before you leave Perth. I decide to treat you a dinner at Matsuri when you come back later!:)
  4. My laptop, again, gives me headache. Whenever I shut down my laptop, it hardly can boot up. According to my computer technician, it seems like Windows have corrupted. I need to backup my stuff and reformat the whole laptop, which is very troublesome. Somemore, it's exam period now. Hopefully I can finish everything by tomorrow. By the way, I think this computer man of mine really has a good after sales service. I normally contact him through MSN and he'll provide me with some solutions for my laptop problem. I strongly recommend anyone who wants a laptop or computer to find him. ActivSolution (Miri) is the company and Mr. Liew Kuan Fah is the technician if anyone is interested.
  5. I do still bloghop whenever I have time. However, I seldom leave a comment nowadays due to the lack of time. To my blogger friends, I hope you all don't mind. I'll come back to you all as soon as possible, ok? ;)
I think that's about it. I have no idea when is my next post but definitely, you'll see another food post coming up. Stay tuned!

I'll end this post with two photos which I found in my computer lab. I think they are quite interesting and true. Enjoy!:)

"Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful"

"Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now"

P/s: This month is a month I should be happy about but like last few years, it doesn't seem to be any special to me...


FireHorse said...

Dearest Kok,
Good luck in your exams and remember to do active studying and not passive studying okay. It's the key to getting straight As. Remember to sleep well too especially before your exams and eat well. Will keep my fingers crossed that you'll come thru with flying colors. Don't worry about not dropping by my blog, I'll drop by later and bring you ginseng soup for alertness so you can study.

Love Kopi Soh

jane said...

B'day month ehh??? :) there hasn't been any special one for me too, for the past years that i'm here. always very simple. anyway, gambate to u. surely you'll pull through it alive and kicking!

Dancing Queen said...

When's your birthday again? *quickly go & search the blog* Mine also coming up in 2 days wor.:)

BTW, study hard but remember to take care of yourself too! All the best! :D

mott said...

I'm not sure..with your coded last message..but happy birthday? It's somehow loses it's appeal when you start growing up. Sigh..

I wish you bestest of luck for your exams. I hope everything will pull through for you!!!

*cross fingers, toes and eyes*

Kok said...

firehorse: I don't aim for straight As leh. Actually, straight pass for me will already make my day. :P Yea, I know I should sleep well before exams. I have experienced once when I didn't get enough sleep. Went to sit for the test and came out, a FAIL! Ever since then, I sleep quite early before exams.

Thank you for the ginseng soup! Appreciate it! :)

Jane: Yea! B'day month. haha! Anyway, I don't expect a great birthday lah. My wish for this year is just to pass in all my exams and get a golden toilet paper. :P Thanks for the wishes. I'll try my best and do well. :)

dancing queen: My birthday? I think you should have figured it out by now eh? haha! Wow! 4th of June your birthday? Means you're also a gemini! hehe.

I will. Don't worry. Thanks for the wishes. :)

mott: Yea, it's a birthday month for me this month but also, always an exam month for me too (at least, for the past 3 years). hehe. Thanks for your birthday wish!:)

I'll try my very best to pass all my exam. I'm actually quite nervous now as I don't have any preparation and seems like I don't have the mood. Hope I'll get my mood to study soon!

Dancing Queen said...

OK, found it liao! 13th June, will remember that! :D

Shionge said...

Hey thanks for the update and we do understand that blogging would need to take a back seat when you are preparing for your exams....good luck Kok.

Sorry to hear that you are on a tight budget and you are so sensible not to ask your family for more money. Yes, with this attitude, you would definitely survive :)

All the best to you......have a great need me to send some instant noodles over :)

Kok said...

dancing queen: Now you know my birthday, have to send present over, ok? haha!

shionge: Thanks a lot! I need the luck. :) Yea, actually I'm still rushing for my last project. Hopefully I can finish it as soon as possible and then prepare for my exam.

Yea, don't worry. Aud$200, I think I still can survive for 2 weeks or more provided no bills coming in. haha!

Thanks, you too! Have a great weekend!:) Instant noodles? I have 2 and a half boxes of indomie. Should be enough for me to survive the next 6 months. :P

teckiee said...

I feel your pain with the PC. The next worst thing that can happen is getting sucky internet connection (like me now *argh*). Try doing a system restore. If really cannot then only format.

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, thinking of you. You concentrate on your study and don't worry if you don't leave any comments (haha, easy for me to say hor cos I no blog liow).
AUD$200 is a lot lah, can last two weeks I am sure if it's just for your food. In fact, AUD$200 is a lot man for just food man. TWO WEEKS GO VERY QUICKLY can do it!
I pray your laptop will not give you any problems during this crucial time of studying and I pray you do well in your exams. Wah, I also never pray for my son's exams wor but he just finished last week alledi.

FireHorse said...

Came back with some green bean soup for, hmmm maybe shud bring you energy drink :P

wmw said...

Hang in there...2 weeks will be over soon. Just be more conscious of your spending. As for exams....I'm sure you know that is truly a case of effort from you. I know you can do it! So, no worries about not visiting my blog. Stay happy....especially this month ;O)

wonda said...

My exam days are over. I got no exams liao but more responsibities lei. Don't worry about replying to comments or leaving comments. Stay glued to your books, ok?

Jackson said...

haha.. i like the unique fork picture! Good luk in yr exam and assignment!

Kok said...

teckiee: My laptop is in critical condition when I tried to reformat. During the installation of Windows, it stucked at "34 minutes remaining". I used 7 hours to restart and reinstall everything until it finally moved! *sigh*

Aunty Judy: Yea, I also think Aud$200 is quite a bit provided that I don't have to pay any bills. hehe.

Thanks for keeping a prayer for me. I think God somehow heard you cause I really had a hard time reformatting my laptop but after 7 or 8 hours trying, finally, Windows were able to reinstalled. :) What's your son studying by the way?

firehorse: Green bean soup? Yummy! But like you said, perhaps energy drink like Red Bull is better. haha!

wmw: I think 2 weeks is not that bad. However, if my baba decided not to send me money after two weeks...hmmm..:P Don't worry, I'll try my best in my studies. And I'll try to stay happy too!:)

wonda: True, responsibility is harder to tackle. I'll soon have to go through that stage.

Stay glued to books meh? Like that, how I eat oh?:P

jackson: I like that one too! haha! Thanks a lot!:)

Kleio the Muse said...

Wish you all the best in your projects. Don't worry bout blog-hopping... we will understand.

Hope your financial situation would improve over time. Will pray for you.

Don't work too hard and forget to rest in between ya. Take care of you health first before anything elses ok. ((Hugzzz))

Kok said...

Thanks a lot. I'll do my very best in projects and exams. :)

My financial situation? I can survive. Nothing to worry. hehe. Thanks for keeping me a prayer.

Ok, no problem. I'll be active again after 2 weeks! You too, take care! (Hugs)

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