Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wok With Kok

I am still mourning over my precious photos. I was trying my very best to rescue all of them from my hardrive. However, only part of them (less than 10%) can be retrieved. Anyway, shit happens (quoted from CC) and life goes on... Thanks everyone for your concern. I think I'll just have to leave those 3 months memories alone...

Back to the normal life. Few nights back, I decided to cook again. Just simple dishes lah. hehe.

Bak Choy with Oyster Sauce.

First up, fried Bak Choy with Oyster Sauce. Nothing to boast about though. I just cooked it with garlic and oyster sauce. No MSG, little oil, pinch of salt. ;)

Black Pepper Beef.

The second and the last dish, Black Pepper Beef. Actually this is not a complicated dish. I cheated a bit to be honest.

For you all!

I used a packet of instant sauce and added a little bit of dark soya sauce so that it looked better. Cannot tell, right? ;)

Alright, that's for today's "Wok With Kok". Don't forget to tune in the same channel again some time later.

P/s: I won't be updating so often for these two weeks. Crucial time now as exams are coming up real soon. For those who're sitting for exam, best of luck. :)


Alice said...

AIYO!! Exam coming, still blogging ah? TAK DENGAR THIS MAK EE POH CAKAP?? TAK CHEK! TAK CHEK!

Eh, not bad lah your cooking. Future wife very untung to dapat u hor. Maybe you should change your future profession to a chef.

Dr ve Thru said...

Wow, not only can cook but can present the dish to entice us readers as well.

Good boy hor, got self control. Studies come before blogging. :)

Drink some chicken essence ok?

ilene said...

Wah, wah, wah, "WOK WITH KOK"?!! Not bad eh! Change your blog name from "Not so complicated" to "WOK WITH KOK" since you're turning to be a good cook now! Like aunties Alice and Judy said, not bad lah your cooking. Looks good in photo but taste how? hehehehehe! For the next few days you're going to be 'drowned' in your books ... so you had better listen to aunty Judy and take that essence of chicken. I wish you all the very best, keep a cool head and pray that you score well in all your papers. My daughter's first paper starts tomorrow evening (M'sian time) and will last till the end of June. She's studying like crazy. Last minute mugging lah apa lagi! You take care of yourself too.

Shionge said...

Looks yummy and hey....can I join you when you are 'woking' huh? Kekeke...

Good luck on your exams ya!

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: I used my dinner time to blog ma. hehe. Is every mama the same? Tak Chek is the word from their mouth? haha! I got study lah, don't worry. :)

Hah? Just simple dishes wor. I have to learn more from you leh. Future wife? Girlfriend also no, not to mention future wife. haha! Frankly speaking, chef as a profession did flash through my mind 4 or 5 years back. But now, maybe I'll just take a cooking course after I graduate? For the sake of interest. :P

Aunty Judy: Aiyo, I can't cook well leh. You are better in cooking and baking. I should learn more from you. :)

Yea, I have to study before I came blogging. If not, I'll feel sorry for myself. Like now, I just came back from uni, and while taking a rest before continuing with books, I reply comment. hehe.

Chicken essence? EEE....not nice one lah. I never take that. Natural stuff like fruits are better. haha!

Aunty Ilene: Wah, so many Aunties come visit me today. haha! Wok with Kok's title actually an inspiration from Kenny Mah lah. haha. Cannot lah. I change my blog name to Wok With Kok, later all come here to find recipe then how? I don't know any recipe leh. hehe. Taste ah? The beef needs room of improvement loh. The vege ah, still ok lah. hehe

I'm already drowned with books. Almost 1am now and I just came back from uni. Like I told Aunty Judy, chicken essence is not my thing leh. Don't like. hehe.

Thanks a lot. I'll try my very best. My second last semester before I throw away all my books (actually cannot throw cause expensive la!:P). Wah, exam in the evening? First time I heard. I wish her best of luck in her exams and get all High Distinction in her exams. :)

Don't worry. I'll take care of myself. You too, take more rest!:)

shionge: Can can! Everyone is welcome to join me 'woking'. We cook, we share!:)

Thanks! Need the luck badly. :)

wmw said...

All the best in your exams....till it's over, don't blog ah...hee hee

wonda said...

U know, Aunty Alice cares for you, that's why said that. May sound like very fierce mak ee poh hor? Wish you the best and sleep well too. Good boy! You know how to organize your time.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

all the best in ur if i m not mistaken..oyster sauce is a form of msg no? hahaha.. cheat also cheat yourself long as its good to eat? i think that matters

Dancing Queen said...

Good on you, still can food-blog during swot-vac!

BTW, you've been tagged but you can do it after exams lah! :D

Sasha said...

*knock kok's head*
who teach u to stir fry bak choy with bak choy wan? Put ler some garlic.

Dancing Queen said...

Eh, Sasha, he did put in garlic lah! :P

piglet~ said...

wok with kok??!! lol... fantastic name! if u ever host a tv show in future, tht's gonna be the title... keke

Kok said...

wmw: Hah? Blogging is my "hobby" leh. How can stop blogging? When I'm taking a break, I blog loh, ok?:P

Aunty Alice: I know, I know. Those who scold you are those who care for you. :) Not really fierce lah. haha!:P

I'll try to rest well... My time is "terbalik" now. haha! I hope I can wake up for tomorrow's exam.

joe: Thank you!:) Hah? Serious meh? I didn't know oyster sauce is a form of MSG. After exam then I check whether it is or not lah. haha! Ya, most important, the food taste good! I think I'll try to cook again if I have time. hehe.

dancing queen: Must take a break after reading those mountain-like books mah. haha!

Hah? Another tag? I still owe you one, remember? haha! I'll try to complete both of them after exam. Promise. :)

Sasha: *Aduh* Don't knock don't know. Look, I did put garlic lah. I think hor, you need more rest leh. Sick still come here. No wonder couldn't see the garlic lah. hehe. Take care and get well soon, ok?

dancing queen: Thanks for clarifying that to sasha. :P

piglet@huih: How did you get to know my blog? Alamak! Now it's spreaded among the StCo community eh? haha!

yaya! Wok with Kok actually in TV3 now. You don't know meh? You try to tune in TV3 on Saturdays, 7:30pm. hahaha!

teckiee said...

Have you tried harddisk recover tools? You can still get your stuff out if no other data is rewriten on the sector.

piglet~ said...

keke... what to do? your wok with kok is famous!! keke.. =D

cc said...

Wei wei wei(haha!), exam time still die die want to blog ar.
Thanks for quoting me. Wahaha. :P
All the best ya! :)

Kok said...

teckiee: I have tried those tools and I did recover some of the photos. Not much but better than nothing.

piglet: Nolah, not that famous. On the way trying to make it famous. haha!

cc: haha! I think Kok is not that nice eh? Wei sounds better for everyone. haha! Blogging can make me stay away from books for a while mah. So, a kind of rest also lah. hehe. You're welcome! haha! But the words sound true what. :P Thanks a lot!:)

carrots said...

eh eh... next time when Wok with Kok goes on tv, dont forget to invite me to become guest chef ok? hahaha... it'll be so fun!

(though i think 99% of the time I'll be laughing at your jokes! haha...)

Kok said...

Cann... No problem! I'll invite you to bake cake. haha!

Wahlao, 99% of the time laughing. Later my TV show become commedy, how?:P

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