Monday, June 25, 2007

Nanga Bush Getaway Camp

On Sunday, I participated in Nanga Bush getaway camp which was organised by International Students Service (ISS). This is just a small camp for the committee to know each other more.

Wonderful morning.

As early as 7.30a.m., I started to walk from my home to uni to meet the other committee. The weather was not too good. Rain was forecasted to pour on that day.

Entrance of Nanga Bush Camp.

Nanga Bush Camp is located about 90 minutes from Perth. It is a great place to organise a camp as there are loads of activities you can do there. In addition, Nanga Bush Camp offers three large bunkhouses and also smaller cottages.

Timbarra bunkhouse.

We were placed at Timbarra bunkhouse. I find this bunkhouse quite unique as the whole building was built using local timber. This is a huge accomodation which I think can accomodate more than 100 people.

There are different facilities in the bunkhouse. This includes sleeping facilities, catering facilities, dining area, indoor activity area (sports activities for example) and also toilets for both male and female. With all these facilities, I'm pretty sure this place is perfect for camping.

After we settled everything in the bunkhouse, we decided to take a short rest and had our lunch.

"Treasure" hunt.

Our first activity started at 1p.m. This activity was similar to the normal treasure hunt.

Potato Salad Team.

At first, the 13 of us was splitted into two teams; Potato Salad and Egg Mayo. We were required to walk around Nanga Bush Camp using only compass and map provided and find 10 hole punchers within the time set. For each hole punchers, we need to stamp it on a piece of paper. Team with most stamps win.

How to get the most stamps?

Prior to the game, each team were discussing on the shortest route to gather the most stamps. We need to come out with an agreement among our team members on which route to take. In this game, we learnt to communicate and develop team spirit.

Devil's Elbow.

During the game, we walked through a lot of places. It seems like a game to explore the whole Nanga Bush Camp. We had to walk non-stop and also to chase the time as our goal was to win the game.

On top of one of the highlands.

We had to walk up and down hill. It's not easy! To add, the weather was not kind to us. It kept on raining!

Murray River.

My team, Potato Salad, managed to collect 6 stamps before we reached Murray River. The next hole puncher is across this river according to the map. That was extremely challenging. If we could cross the river, we would be able to collect the remaining 4 stamps. If not, we only could go back to the bunkhouse with only 6 stamps. At this very moment, conflict arose. I suggested not to cross the river but some of my team members was not supportive on my idea.

In the end, I had no choice but to agree on crossing the river. As you all can see from the photo earlier, There were only 2 guys in the team. So, either me or the other guy would go first. Since I think I'm sort of older, I decided to lead them.

We took off our shoes and socks. When I took my first step on the water, I shouted, "WAHHHH!!! So cold!!!" The water was really cold. It made my legs numb. I, then, took a step followed by another on the rock to cross the river, followed by the other members.

"WAHHHH!!!" I screamed.

I fell down!

Some of the bruises.

The rocks were very slippery in the water. I got myself all wet and worse, I picked up several bruises on my hands and legs. I don't know whether I was lucky or unlucky. Lucky because I didn't have any serious injuries and unlucky because I fell down.

I think by then, my team members finally realised that my suggestion at first was correct. *Sigh* If they listened to me at first, I wouldn't get such an accident. If I insisted on my suggestion, I wouldn't get such an accident. Anyway, we went back to the bunkhouse after that since we exceeded our time limit.

The results, Egg Mayo won the game with 7 stamps.

Warm, warm and warm.

In the bunkhouse, each of us have our own activities. Some sit around the burning wood fire to keep themselves warm. Some played table tennis and also basketball to entertain themselves. I had to take a bath as I was wet from head to toes.

BBQ for dinner.

At about 6p.m., most of us started to get hungry. Therefore, we agreed to have our dinner. Nothing can be easier than the BBQ. Sausages, corn, chicken wings and vegetarian patty were the food on the barbecue pit.

Let's eat!

Overall, not a great meal, I reck on. It was just a meal to fill your stomach.

After dinner, two navigators named, Peter and Jonathan, came and took us for a night walk. Using only moonlight, we were led by the navigators and walked through the forest. Every now and then, Peter would stop and pass us some information. He told us about night vision (how to use our senses to walk in the dark), the history of Nanga Bush, the space and so on. It was an interesting walk which lasted us for about 1 and a half hour. I simply love this walk. :)

Game time.

The night was still young after the walk. Everyone's eyes were still wide open. Hence, we had some card games to fill our time. Those who lost the game will have to eat the left over; sausages and chicken wings. Another punishment was to have a sip of Vodka Cruiser.

We stopped the game at about 11p.m. Many started to take a bath despite the cold weather. I just chilled with two and three committee members around the wood fire.

Finally, our tiredness made us surrender.

Next day, we were supposed to wake up at 7a.m. Nevertheless, almost all of us were reluctant to do so until 7:30a.m. It was freezing cold once I get out from my sleeping bag. How I wish I can crawl back to my bed and hide in my sleeping bag.

Superb scenery.

Thereafter our breakfast, we had our canoeing as our final activity. I was quite looking forward for canoeing actually. In spite of that, after I realised that we wouldn't be able to go far using the canoe, I was quite disappointed at it. We were just paddling around one area as we scared the strong current of the water might sweep us away.

Say cheese...

Canoeing ended our 2 days 1 night getaway trip. We went back to the bunkhouse for cleaning up and also packing our stuff. Before we went off, another accident happened. Now what, you must be asking.

My poor camera.

Someone dropped my beloved camera! I was quite sad actually. The "zoom in/out" button and the body of the camera were dented. I was speechless seriously. I didn't know how should I react except saying "never mind".

Initially, I thought this would be a fun camp but ended up, two accidents happened to me. Should I still enjoy the camp? I should have just stay at home and relax. :(

P/s: I was quite unlucky these few days. Apart from what happened during the camp, my laptop is giving me problem now. I can only deal with this laptop after my trip to Adelaide and Melbourne. *Sigh*


wmw said...

Hope your bruises are gone by now...Look for the silver lining, you're lucky that you're weren't that hurt ;o). Your camera is still working though dented a bit?

Kok said...

There're still there. Actually there're more but not shown in the photo.

My camera still working but dented here and there. Although still working, it isn't the same like last time anymore. :(

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

ouch!..but hey on a positive note..when u dropping by adelaide..glad to give you some tips on where to go..after all i have been staying there for 3 years and its after all,my "sh*thole" pardon my language..i m so used to city life..

wonda said...

Sorry to hear about your accidents. Yeah, I wouldn't take the risk to cross the river. I think you must be knocked out by this camping trip. Did you sleep and sleep after your trip?

Shionge said...

Whew!! What a day and what a fantastic getaway camp Kok...I've enjoyed this very much.

Definitely a wonderful experience that you'll never forget for a long long time to come :D

Dancing Queen said...

Poor thing, kok! Don't be so disheartened. Things happen... you wonder why... but one day you will look back & laugh about it when you relate it to your kids!

BTW, I like that superb scenery of yours! Looks very dream-like.

Xiu Long Bao said...

kok, ur hair is getting longer n longer...faster cut lor ;p

wonda said...

Is this your longest post? Hehe!

jane said...

oh gosh! someone dropped ur camera!!! I'd be so heart-broken too. That's why i'm always reluctant to lend things like camera and laptop to people.. at the end of the day should anything happens, it's our loss! =(

Kok said...

joe: Sure, I'll be more than glad if you give me some tips on where to go in Adelaide. Thanks in advance. :)

Aunty Alice: Me? I tried to sleep for 3 hours but ended up sleeping for only less than 1 hour. Woke up and cleaned the house as the housing agent will come for inspection today. Next, blog! I slept at about 2a.m. until 10:30a.m. today. I think I had more than enough sleep eh? ;)

shionge: Yea, in one side, it's a bad experience but on the other side, it's a good experience. Anyway, everything is over now! Looking forward for Adelaide and Melbourne trip.

dancing queen: I agree with you. I'm unlucky to have so many accidents. However, to think positively, those were the experience money can't buy right? For instance, camera, we still can use money to buy a new one but the camp, once it's over, we'll not be able to go back again.

Yea, very nice eh? I like that too. With the mist covering part of the forest, woooo...fantastic!

xiu long bao: Wah! You're the first to notice my hair! haha! Eh, don't play play. My long hair style imitate F4 one leh. haha! I'm going to cut it today anyway. hehe.

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Hmm... Good question. I also don't know if I have broken my own record or not. haha! Do you like long or short post?:P

Jane: Actually I was quite reluctant to lend my camera to anyone too. But sometimes, you know it's quite difficult to reject when you have no reasons to. *Sigh* I guess this can be used as a reason to buy myself a new cam eh?

wonda said...

U not enough sleep ah? U MCC liao lor! Called me Aunty Judy in my comment site. Haha! Eh, I am of the same generation as Ilene. She asked you to call her sister not aunty.

Kok said...

Aunty Alice,
I'm really sorry about that. I think I'm just too tired to deal with lots of stuff these few days. Ilene asked me to call her the usual Ilene leh. She doesn't want me to call her Aunty since she said she doesn't wanna sounds so old. haha!

Dr ve Thru said...

You poor thing! Camera bruised, Kok time don't go to bush lah, come to UK... hehehehe

Have you sorted the problems out on your laptop yet?

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Everything also bruised. Cham lah! Go UK ah? No where to stay, need so much $, cannot lah. Unless after I work? hehe. Or if Aunty Judy wanna sponsor, I don't mind. haha!

My laptop? Ermm... Not yet leh. I'll try to fix it when I come back to Perth from Adelaide and Melbourne. If I still couldn't fix it, I have to pity my baba since he has to fork out $ for me to repair the laptop. :(

WokandSpoon said...

Ooo, nasty bruise!
And you had teams with names like "potato salad" and "egg mayo"?? hehe!

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, Kok, Kok such a good boy hor, always thinking of Aunty Judy....even Alice gets called Aunty Judy...wahahaha....I like, I like.

If you do come to UK, I can offer you a place to stay. I am about 40 mins by train to London. From here, you can also cross the Channel Tunnel to Europe which is only about less than an hour from us. Handy hor? :)

I do admit, travelling here and Europe is an expensive affair. My niece and her boyfriend stayed with me for 10 months and worked to earn their money and they travelled to Europe with their earned money and got home today after 4 weeks in Europe. While working here, they also travelled around UK and Wales as I give them a car to use.

So, remember, if you need a place to stay, my humble abode is opened to you.

Dancing Queen said...

Wah, kok, see lah Aunty Judy so sayang you, already offering her home if you should go there. Quickly say thankyou! :D

Judy, me leh? :(

teckiee said...

wahh thats like damn a lot of fun!!! ...i tot i read manga camp at

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

well for the city, you have rundle mall and rundle street..gouger st is basically chinatown where u got lots of eateries.. travel to mount lofty and hahndorf and also barossa valley for the winerys..any food u looking out for? i can guide u to the better 1s

Kok said...

wokandspoon: We came out with the team name from the lunch we had. hehe. Quite unique eh?:P

Aunty Judy: Aiya, really blur blur that time lah. Have to go uni, then go city buy something and then go back home and do this and that. Tired! hehe.

Wah, so kind of you Aunty Judy! Thank you! :) But I don't know whether I have the chance to go there or not leh. Seems like the chance is very small since I don't have an income yet. Somemore, I don't think I'll use my parents money to travel there. I think I'll have to earn my own money and probably, give me 2 or 3 years? At that time, I hope this offer still valid. haha!

Thanks again, Aunty Judy!:)

dancing queen: I already thanks Aunty Judy loh. hehe. You fast fast go sayang Aunty Judy more, then probably she'll also give you a place to stay leh? hehe.

teckiee: Not really lots of fun lah. Oklah. Just an experience loh. EXPENSIVE experience. :P Manga camp? *scratch head* Like that also can meh? hahaha!

joe: I just went pass rundle mall. haha! I'm currently at UniSA writing this comment. Waiting for my sis to find her lecturer. Wow, those place I heard my sis tell me before. Seems like very famous those places as everyone sure knows one. Food ah? I don't know leh. You recommend. I trust you. haha!

Jane said...

Yeah i know what u mean. Esp. when it's someone close to u, then it's hard to say NO. yeah if u get a new cam then good! then lend them the old one when they askk.. ahahaha.

Tummythoz said...

My mother used to call me 'huan-chu' for being clumsy. When u mentioned u belong to Potato Salad team & u fell.. I smiled.
Sorry but just can't help myself.
U still very young, whatever bruise will disappear very soon. If not, can show off battle scars-lor.

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, this keipoh Aunty got one very 'KEIPOH' question. Are you related to Dancing Queen? :P

ilene said...

Poor KOK. Never mind, always look at the brighter side. Camera still can use only thing feeling very hard ache because it's 'bruised' and nothing like having it in its original form hor. The bruises on you will heal in time. What to do when others have a mind of their own too. Laptop lei? Macam mana? Wah you going to Adelaide & Melbourne ah? Holiday is it? Shioknya! You want tips on things to see and doe iin Melbourne? Call Aunty Judy. She memang sayang sama lu. Actually, we three aunties (Judy, Alice & myself) memang sayang sama lu. muuuwaahh!

Kok said...

jane: Only problem is don't know whether got enough money or not lah. haha!

tummythoz: Hah? Why so clumsy? Because tummy big big?:P Ya hoh! In the wrong team. Should be in another team so I won't fall like potato. Alamak! The bruises almost all gone already. Should be alright in a week or two.

Aunty Judy: Aiks? What makes you think so? hehe. Nolah, she's not related to me. In fact, I only knew Dancing Queen through blog.

ilene: Yaloh, camera really heartache cause all the time, I sort of "protect" the camera well. Not to let it fall or anything but then, my friend is the one who dropped it. My bruises almost all gone now. Maybe in a week or two hopefully. Laptop I still don't know leh. I'll try to fix it when I get back to Perth. If I couldn't fix it, I'll have to say sorry to my baba as he's going to fork out some $ to repair the laptop. I'm at Adelaide now! hehe. Yea, having a short holidays before going back to my work. I have friend in Melbourne so, don't need to bother Aunty Judy lah. She also quite busy. hehe. Somemore, I only spend like 4 days in Melbourne only. Will be going there tomorrow. Wuiiyooo! 3 aunties all sayang ah? Thankiuu! I also sayang sama all of you!:)

ilene said...

KOK, doesn't your uni have a special arrangement for students to buy laptops at discounted rate or staggered payments? Sometimes it's not worth repairing it. I know you are a very considerate child and will of course weigh your pros and cons before troubling your baba. Happy holidays!

MeiyeN said...

bruises seemed bad! hope that you are all okay now...

Kok said...

ilene: No wor. My uni lousy one. Everything also need money. No money no talk. haha! Actually they have sort of "discounted" rate for new laptops. But then, after conversion, it's still more expensive to buy a laptop here. Somemore, I think my laptop is still ok although there's this problem. I still like this laptop of mine. I'll try to fix it myself these two days and if I couldn't do it, I'll just send it to the service centre. Hope it's not too expensive to repair.

I'm back from holidays! Lots of photos to update. hehe. Come back soon!:)

meiyen: All bruises are almost gone now. Thanks a lot!:)

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