Saturday, June 09, 2007

Catch a Breath

*Stay away from blogging! Study!*
I can hear some of you are asking me to go back to study already. Oklah, but after this
loh. Promise! :P

Actually I just want to catch a breath and stay away from my books for tonight. Today, I want to talk about my exam. So, I have sat for my first exam this afternoon;
Engineering for Sustainable Development. Honestly, it wasn't that bad though. I think most of my friends agree with me on that.

This exam was split into two parts. Part A was a 1000 words essay and Part B was multiple choice questions.

Part B, We were given a computer based multiple choice questions to practice. There's a 500 pages book to refer and also about 30 (?) i-lectures to listen. I didn't bother to go through the book and the i-lectures. I just completed the computer based questions and review on what I did wrong. That's my preparation for Part B.

For Part A, we were given 4 topics of essay prior to the exam. From the 4 topics, we have to choose 1. So, last few days, I was busy researching for the topic I had chosen. After all the research, I combined all the points and came out with a final essay on that. It was about 1200 words altogether.

25 pages of these...

What I did was, I memorised the whole essay! Can you imagine that? I used more than 10 hours to do that! 10 hours of nightmare! I couldn't believe I can do that, anyway. I started to write the essay over and over again. One page after another. Addition to that, I read out loud to make sure everything was sticked inside my head! When I was sleeping last night, I still tried to remember what I had written. Arghhh...

My exam was at 2p.m. At 1p.m., I decided to stop and then had my final revision on the multiple choice questions. Then I rushed to uni with two pieces of peanut butter breads (breakfast+lunch).

You won't know how panicked I was. Sitting in the exam hall, still trying hard to memorise my essay...

"You can start now..."

Once I heard that, I took my pen and started writing out the whole essay. I wrote as fast as lightning. I was afraid I might forget some of points. For about 45 minutes, my pen never left the paper. But, I am glad I managed to write everything...

After I completed the essay, I started to flip over the question paper for Part B. I thought there's no more chance for me to get at least half of the multiple questions correct. However, surprise, surprise! All the questions were similar to those computer based questions! I finished 60 questions in 30 minutes? No complaint on that. :P

There goes my first exam. I expect the marks to be scaled down. Please don't fail me, that's what I hope.

1 down, 2 more to go... Wish me luck!

Engineering For Sustainable Development - 9th June 2007
Reliability Engineering - 18th June 2007
Design Tools: Finite Element Modelling - 21st June 2007


Dr ve Thru said...

Hooray! Well done! Cannot fail one lah.....distinction!
Wah memorised the whole essay?? **Faints**

Eh, revise also must have break one. We don't expect you to revise 24/7.
My kids revise 30%, relax 70% of which 35% is eating and the rest watching tv, listening to music and for my daughter, she's on facebook and msn! :)

You will do very well indeed. Pat on your back!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
This exam only worth 40% ler. My internal mark is quite low leh. Possible of failing if there's any scale down.

Yea, I memorised the whole 1200 words essay. haha! Everything includes the referencing (websites). :P

Wah, become your kids also not bad ah. No stress...haha! But, for me, play can play. When it comes to study, must study also. Cause international students here pay so much lah! Cannot afford to fail. That's why must study hard. :P

I also hope so. Thanks, Aunty Judy!:)

l y n n w e i said...

wow..u actually knew the questions before u sat for the exam? pretty much like us here...but we couldnt just prepare for one...but had to prepare for ALL questions..then on the day of exam, choose one card with questions on it..

pretty fun, eh! hahaha

teckiee said...

Good luck good luck! Can pass u my luck for your exams but you got to remember to return it after that ;p

Dancing Queen said...

I can see that you're working very hard. Good on you! My, memorising 25 pages! With that kind of preparation, you should get very good marks! :D

Like I always tell students & myself last time, do your best & God will do the rest!

Jia you, kok! :D

wmw said...

Mmm....sounds like you'll ace the first paper! All the best for the rest...oklah, for that, it's okay that you did a post! Ha ha ha...

Shionge said...

Whoa! Very challenging indeed and wishing you all the best :)

MIM said...

Reading about how you study/memorise really freaks me out... :) *shudder* Glad it is not me, glad it is not me .. I keep chanting to myself.

I am sure you will do well with flying colours!!

MeiyeN said...

hey... good luck to you k! study smart and not hard :)

Kok said...

lynnwei: Yea, I knew the questions before I even enter the exam hall. Except for the multiple choice questions lah (it came out to be the same though). haha! Fun? No! I don't wanna do this kind of exam again. Wasting my brain juice.:P

teckiee: Thanks for the luck! Need that. I'll return it to you after I finish using it. But do remind me. I'm afraid I forget lah. haha!

dancing queen: Nolah, not memorising 25 pages of that. I mean, I write the essay again and again till it used 25 pages of paper. My hand is painful after writing so much!

Aiks? Your students? Mean you're a teacher before?

Thanks! I'll definitely add oil till the very end. :)

wmw: I don't dare to say I do well in the exam. I think I have tried my best. Like dancing queen said, let God do the rest. :) Thanks. I'll try my best for the rest.

shionge: Challenging hor? I think other coming exams are more challenging. Hopefully I can pass everything. Thanks for the wishes!:)

mum in miri: I bet you don't wanna do it again eh? haha! I don't dare to say I'll do well with flying colours. All pass will satisfy me. hehe. :P

meiyen: Thanks! I'll study both smart and hard. :P

Kenny Mah said...

Hey bro,

Wow, that brought back shivers of bad exam-related memories, man. I feel so lazy and slacker-like now compared to my student days where sleep seems almost an option rather than a necessity.

Glad you got the first one over. Hurrah!

P.S. Sorry to hear about the lost photos but it's happened to me before too. The only thing is to move on and take new and better ones! :)

FireHorse said...

Good luck, here I brought some ginseng soup for you, remember to rest your eyes oso, dun strain too much. Get enuf sleep. Sending good luck energy your way, will pray you Ace everything.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

looks good! should be aiming for distinction or a high one for that matter..judging from the confidence..dont worry work hard and u will do fine

Xiu Long Bao said...

I tot it is good to know the exam question beforehand n i dun mind memorising them :) I think studying is the worst thing in my life. I hate my law exams!!!!For every paper, I have 4 essay questions (like yours), duh...must write like laser printer if not cannot finish :p
All the best in ur coming papers kok.

teckiee said...

You have got such nice hand writing.

Kok said...

kenny: Yea, I hate exams. But to think about it, that's the only way to improve eh?

I'm trying to take more great photos now. So stay tuned. :P

firehorse: Thank you! Ginseng soup for one day only ah? Can everyday? haha! I'll give my best shot. Hopefully with your prayer and luck, I can ace everything!:)

joe: Distinction? I never think about it. Exam easy = scale down. So, I might get some bad mark. Hopefully, I can pass it.

xiu long bao: Wahlan! 4 essays like mine? *Faint* Luckily I'm not doing Law lah. If I was doing Law, I'll have to train my hands to write faster. haha! Thanks for the wishes! I'll do my best. :)

teckiee: You serious? My handwriting maciam cakar ayam leh. Maybe the photo is too small to judge lah. I don't have nice handwriting. hehe.

Michelle, Wei Ching said...

ubi testing testing

Michelle, Wei Ching said...


Yeah, dont know why tiba tiba can send you message again! Hehe! Anyway, you jia you jia you okie. R u going back to Miri? I completed my exams on 18th. Guess that's the end of my study life :)

Kok said...

Wah, always find my blog to test ah? haha! I'm not going back to Miri this coming break. Will be going to Adelaide and Melbourne. Wah! You completed your Master liao? Should I call you Si Fu now? haha! You deserve a break. Take a break before you continue other stuff lah. Take care ya!:)

Michelle, Wei Ching said...

nola, i where got so bad to test. haha! you're the only blogspot website for me to post msg. not 'test' here 'test' where? haha! wow sooo niceee go visit your sister ar! hehehe! yeah i need a good break before moving further ahead :)

you gambateh oh!

Kok said...

Like that still not bad meh? Simply find a blogspot then test loh. Don't use mine. haha! Just joking. :P

Yea, going to Adelaide to visit my sister. Final year loh, but still not yet go anywhere to enjoy. This is the time! hehe. So, any planning for yourself?

Thanks a lot. Final paper tomorrow!

Michelle, Wei Ching said...

Ubi, no plans. Rest a while need to start getting work on casual again earn some pocket money. You know lar recently currency very high haih! All the best for your last paper!

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