Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Birthday

13th of June? What's so special? To you, maybe not but to me, it's my 22nd birthday!

First year in uni, my housemates Danny and Mian Er gave me a slice of cheese cake from The Cheesecake Shop and we had a small "birthday party" at Ronnie's house. Second year, again with my housemates, we had pizza feast for our dinner. Nathan did join us since he was staying at our house for preparation for exam. Third year, I celebrated my 21st birthday with my housemates, Chris, Henry and James, together with pizza boy, Yan. This year, a bit special for me because I celebrated a quiet birthday. No matter what, I enjoy every single birthday of mine. :)

My birthday presents...

This year, I received numerous birthday wishes and also some birthday presents. The presents can be seen from the above photo. Can you guess what's that in aluminium foil and also the gift wrapped in blue?

Blackcurrant Ratan Sticks Fragrance

My first birthday present came as early as 1 month before my birthday. The sender, Chris. Why so early? Better early than forgot, he told me. It is a spreader of essence with rattan sticks. The smell, fuyoohhh (learnt from Sasha's blog), super strong. :P

Cute photo frame.

This cute photo frame is gifted by Danny and Mian Er (my ex-housemates). Mian Er told me that this photo frame matches my pencil case! For your information, I have a Kuku Malu pencil case. Eh, this is the lah!

Choc and Apricot Muffins.

Anyone guess correctly for the gift in aluminium foil? Mian Er baked me three Choc and Apricot Muffins. Those were my birthday cakes for this year. :) I think in return, I'll bake her a cake for her birthday (only if Aunty Judy's recipe works) . :P

Besides the presents, I did receive loads of birthday wishes as well! Here I would like to take this opportunity to thanks the following:

Thanks for everything. Next time can give Calvin Klein perfume or not? :P

Although I'm not by your side, I'm happy enough to listen to your "Wei, Happy Birthday". Thank you, Mama.

Mian Er and Danny
I love the muffins and the frame! Thanks!

Dancing Queen
Two birthday wishes from you in a day! Thanks a lot! :) By the way, two people sent me their birthday wishes earlier than you leh; Chris and my Mama. :P

"Happy Birthday to anyone that is celebrating birthday soon.[KW]." I supposed that "KW" is me eh? hehe. Thanks, thanks! *Jokingly* Present mana? Haha!

Chiew Lee (sis)
Thank you for your birthday text, Lee. I shall see you in less than 2 weeks time!

I'm actually reluctant to join your club lah. 22 years old sounds so old. haha! Thanks for the wishes! :)

I'm sorry to miss your MSN message. Thanks for the birthday wishes, anyway. Do I look like a chef, seriously?:P

Thanks a lot, Ah Jiuan! haha! You're the only cousin who wished me "Happy Birthday" leh. Maybe you're the only one who read my blog. :P

Ah Foon Yee Yee
Thanks for the birthday text, my beloved yee yee. Hope you'll do fine in your current job. Sorry for not keeping you in touch these days. Have been busy. Hopefully after exam.

Thanks for the early text. I'm still waiting for your present. :P

Nathan, Brian, Jeremy, Jono, Lawrence, Ronald, Singli, Zhi Dek, Nicole and Zhungyi
Thanks for all the texts and calls! I really appreciate it. :)

I think this list will be keep going after everyone has read this post. hehe.

Anyway, THANKS, THANKS AND THANKS to everyone. You all made my day. :)

The last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


wmw said...

I had switched off my PC and suddenly remembered your birthday...Sorry, I'm late. Happy Belated Birthday Kok! May your life be feel with an abundance of all good things!

xiu long bao said...

happy bday kok! ur last bday celebration in aussie? said...

Kok. I never know you are so young!

Happy birthday, belated.

Shionge said...

Yo!!! Happy Belated Birthday to You Pal :)

Great gifts from your frenz and really it is the thoughts that count and you are truly blessed :D

How sweet to be 22 years hmmm....enjoy life to the fullest and hey this kukumalu thing very very cute? Latest stuff??

Once again, happy 22 years old

MIM said...

Hah.. every year birthday in the middle of exams ah?

Kukumalu pencil case... sounds a bit obscene leh...

Anyway, happy birthday.

Kenny Mah said...

Happy Birthday Kok!!!

Hope I'm not too late in wishing you. 22 is a good number. Starting of a new stage in life... :D

May you have all the best in life, the simplest things which make you happy and filled with light. Take care, bro.

Sasha said...


I guess that says it all.

piglet~ said...

hey... happy belated birthday.. keke.. i noe it's kinda late... but... keke.. like wat u've written in ur blog... it's better to be late than nothing... modify it abit.. happy birthday!!

Dr ve Thru said...

Yes, happy birthday to Kok. 22 years old only young lei.

Wah, so many presents....

Try lah the recipe sure cannot fail such a good cook!

Kok said...

wmw: Sorry have to make you turn on your pc again. hehe. Thanks a lot! It's better late than never. ;)

xiu long bao: Thankiu! I have no idea leh. Not yet decide whether I'll have my last birthday here in Aussie or not. *sigh* DECISION!

yenjai: Serious meh? Do I look so old to you?:P

Thanks a lot!:)

shionge: Thanks for the wishes!:)

Yea, it's the thought that count. I didn't expect my ex-housemates would bake me muffins. hehe.

Kukumalu? I bought my pencil case 4 years ago, so I don't think it's the latest stuff. Maybe it's not popular like those mashimaro eh? hehe.

mum in miri: Yaloh, that's why no one wanna celebrate with me. :P But next year, I don't think my birthday will be in the middle of exam liao. ;)

That's why I decided to put a photo of "kukumalu". haha!

Thank you very much!:)

kenny: Thank you, bro!

22 is good in the sense that more responsibilities are flooding in! hehe.

Thank you again.

sasha: Fuiyoohh! Later your hubby see, jealous lah him. haha! Thanks a lot! ;)

piglet: Never mind. Like you said, better late than never mah. hehe. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Aunty Judy: Young meh? Nolah, it's time to take on some responsibilities liao. But hopefully not that much at the same time. :P

Lack of one present from .... Aunty Judy lah! haha! Just joking. Yea, consider quite a lot lah. Anyway, like shionge has said, it's the thoughts that count. :)

I'll try the recipe this holiday. I take photo for you see, ok? ;) By the way, you really think I'm a good cook meh? I still need to learn a lot from you leh. hehe.

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, I always tell the way I feel so I say truthfully that you are a good cook.
Let you in a secret ok? When I was your age, I couldn't even cook the dishes you showed here. I was learning to cook you really are a good cook and will become an expert.

l y n n w e i said...

happy belated birthday!!!

i wish u a great and wonderful year ahead...with lots of joy and blessings!! ^^

FireHorse said...

Happy Birthday Kok, sorry I was late!!! Why never tell me earlier?? Then I come and bring food to your party, but never mind better late than never. Happy Belated Birthday. said...

Haha. No. Not about your look.
It is ... the way you handle things and organise events... very mature way of running things wor

MeiyeN said...

happy happy happy belated birthday to you!!!!!!!! may all your wishes come true and may there be many many many happy returns! :D

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Alamak, I don't mean you lie to me lah. hehe. Cause I just don't think that I'm a good cook. :P

Thanks for the compliment though. I'm still in the learning process. I still have to learn a lot from you. Do pass me some "secret weapons" if you have any. :D

lynnwei: Thank you! I also hope the rest of this year would be wonderful for me. :)

firehorse: It's just another birthday mah. So, don't wanna bother you loh. You also quite busy leh, later you rush here rush there bring food, not enough rest lah. hehe. Thank you, thank you! Next year then you bring more food loh, k?;)

yenjai: I thought I look very old. haha! Aiks? Nolah, I'm just learning leh. You're more experienced than me, should teach me more. Can?

meiyen: Thank you! I also wish that. :P

mott said...

wah..what a good number! 13 is my absolutely fav number!!! sorry i'm so late!

happy belated burpin' day!!!!

Kok said...

You like 13 meh? 13 seems like unlucky like that wor. haha!

Thanks a lot! It's never too late!:)

Kleio the Muse said...

Alamak! if I only come to your blog earlier. Sorry for a delayed birthday wishes :P

Happy Belated Birthday to you Kok. Many happy returns and may there be strings and strings of happy events to follow. (((HUGS)))

I am now sending you a smooch *blew flying kiss to Kok*. Albeit a long distant one. Hope you received it.

WokandSpoon said...

Happy belated birthday!

Kok said...

kleio: Don't worry. It's just another birthday. You can be here earlier next year. haha! Thanks a lot anyway. :)

*GOTCHA* Yea! Got your smooch! Thanks again! ((hugs)):)

wokandspoon: Thankiuuu!:)

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