Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Truth About Sarawak

I got tagged by Clare from Kampua Talk! “The Truth About Sarawak” is an interesting tag I would say. Many still don't know where's Sarawak. My Singaporean housemate even told me that Sarawakians are all head hunters. Wahlao! Not only that, some of the West Malaysians (no pun intended) don't even know where's Sarawak (I think not now anymore. Thanks to Airasia). This reminds me of chatting with some random people in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) some ten years back when a guy from West Malaysia did really ask some of the questions below.

Q: Oh, you are from Sarawak! *eyes wide with excitement* So far away! How you people come here ah?
A: Neh, we got Burung Kenyalang mah. We normally whistle them and they'll come and pick us up. There's how we go to your place loh.

Q: Oh, like that! So back home, you people live in trees ar?
A: How you know? Our trees not small you know? All the trees here in Sarawak very huge one.

Q: You guys have electricity or not?
A: Got wor. If not, how I blog now leh?

Q: Kuching got airport or you use boat go Johor?
A: Of course got mah. You think Kuching only has kucing (cats) is it? Don't play play I tell you. Kuching airport can accomodate many Burung Kenyalang one leh.

Q: How long if you take bus from Singapore to Kuching?
A: I think you fail your geography subject in Form 3 lah. Singapore is in Kuching.

Q: Over there got what car?
A: We don't use cars lah. We use ropes to swing from trees to trees. That's why Sarawak no traffic jam.

Q: Got road or not?
A: Road ah? Got! That's for us to have illegal cow racing.

Q: You Bidayuh from Sulawesi there huh?
A: Aku pun sik tauk aku orang Bidayuh kah, sik.

Q: Sarawak inside Sabah, right?
A: Nolah. Sabah inside Sarawak and Brunei inside Sabah. Got it?

Q: Eh? Sabah Sarawak not the same meh?
A: You really have to check your eyes lah. Sabah and Sarawak, the name also different liao mah. Abu and Ali, you see their name, you'll think they're the same person?

Q: Kuching how big ar?
A: Kuching not really big lah. Sarawak big!

Q: Kuching got a lot of cats hoh?
A: Got lah. You know Pussycat Dolls? From Kuching one leh...

Q: Sarawak got Malay?
A: Sarawak not only got Malay lah. Got Chinese, got Indians, got Kelabit, Melanau, Iban, Bidayuh and many more lah. But I say so much you also don't know lah.

Q: Sarawak people can speak English?
A: No, we spiak (speak) London.

Q: You people from Sarawak use Ringgit?
A: Ringgit? Nolah. We're not that advance. We still use Barter System lah, dei. One potato can exchange one bowl of Kampua. Good right?

Now, you know more about Sarawak right? ;P

Let's see who are the victims for this tag.
  1. Zhungyi
  2. Sharon
  3. Carrots
  4. Lynn Xuan
  5. Jane
  6. And those who would be interested in this tag. :)


wonda said...

Haha! Funny, educational and of course, well done! Clap! Clap! And cheers for a Sarawakian like you. U really so free hor, one post after another so fast leh!

Clare said...

Wow! You are creative as well! Hahaha!!! Thanks for doing the tag. Have a nice day!

Dancing Queen said...

Thank God you didn't tag me ( so thick-skinned!) cos I really don't know how to answer leh! Haha! :P

Muminmiri said...

I am so blur. I was going to ask you if that conversation really took place in your IRC. No, right?

xiu long bao said...

oh dear...the truth about sarawak! *Clicking into airasia* I wana fly there soon, so interesting...haha

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Thankiu!:P Actually not really free lah. All these no need photos, so won't take up much time. Sekali finish also good mah. hehe.

Clare: No worries! Satisfied with my answers?:P

Dancing Queen: Aiyo, you sure know one lah. So simple things, cannot be you don't know. :P

mum in miri: Nolah, this is a tag actually. haha! Just that, some of the questions are quite similar to those which took place in an IRC conversation. hehe. Don't blur don't blur. haha

xiu long bao: Haha! Interesting right? Sarawak has lots of fun one. Somemore hoh, all the food cheap cheap. You can eat as much as you can. haha!

Tummythoz said...

Looks like u are really celebrating your 'freedom'.

ilene said...

KOK, such a relief that your exams over hor? So now very busy blogging hor?

I've been to Kuching and me and my family had a wonderful time together with the rest of my office colleagues and their families. It was our company's trip. My daughter especially love the rich cultural history that Kuching still maintains. Thumbs up to all Sarawakians!

So sorry that I've not been visiting your blog nor any of the others of late as I have so many other things to do and hardly any time left for my own relaxation. Let me wish you a very belated happy birthday. This is the age and time for you to enjoy your life to its fullest as there's no turning back.

So, have you tried out Aunty Judy's receipe by now? I tell you, this friend of mine hor, she speaks the truth wan. From young, she has never had to prepare any meals while she was still staying under her parents' roof. But the minute she moved away, poor girl had to do everything from washing to cooking! She's a real "siew chiak" (princess)! But now you see the food that she dishes out - WOW, lau eh! So I'm sure you would be able to outbeat her!

Aiya, you can call me jie jie, aunty, anything lah. No lah, better call me ilene will do - want to feel young mah!

Ok, go and have yourself an enjoyable time now that the exam over!

clare said...

Of course satisfied lah, it's not so much for the answer's the witty way you answer people when you were asked those questions that insult your roots (and mine too) But I am glad a lot of Sarawakian came up with creative answers to shoot back at those ignorant people.

^SpRInG^ said...

i like the way u phrase it =)

Kok said...

tummythoz: I am! haha! You can roughly guess from the amount of posts eh?:P

ilene: Ya, exam over liao! Glad everything is done. Busy blogging? Not really lah. Lots of plan ahead. hehe.

Oh, you've been to Kuching before? Next time round, come to Miri visit me lah. I know Miri is small but maybe, you'll find it nice.

Thank you for the birthday wish. I know you're busy, so, don't worry bout bloghopping first. Like me, done with my stuff, then only come back to blog (actually I never stop blogging during exam :P) Anyway, thanks for the birthday wish again ah!:)

I haven't tried it yet oh. I still have something going on for the next 10 days. So, might be after that then, I'll go and shop for the ingredients to bake. Wah, you review Aunty Judy's secret eh? haha! Pssst...tell me more, tell me more. :P I don't think I can match Aunty Judy lah. She's way too good. Look at the strawberry cheesecake she made. Alamak! Like those in bakery one leh. hehe. that I'll stick to Ilene lah. Don't make it so complicated. haha!

Thanks! I'll try to make full use of this holiday. :)

clare: I agree with you. Sometimes we have to stand up and tell the world about our root. It's no shame we come from Sarawak right? haha!

spring: Thank you thank you. It just randomly pop up from my mind actually. hehe.

piglet said...

does anyone actually believe what you just wrote? Lol... tell me if thr's any... rmb!!

lynnx01 said...

I missed this post! NVm, your answers are all sufficient and creative. Thumbs up! Hehehe

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