Thursday, June 21, 2007


I owe Dancing Queen two tags! Alamak! One by one lah, ok? I'll start off with the most recent one. The older tag, I'll do it later since I still need some photos on that. Sorry for dragging it so long, Dancing Queen.

5 things found in your bag:-
1. Mechanical Engineering Building's keys
2. File with notes
3. Book
4. Thumbdrive
5. Water bottle

*DON'T try to steal anything from my bag!

5 things found in your purse/wallet:-
1. Driving license
2. Money
3. ATM cards
4. Uni card
5. Transperth card (for bus)

5 favourite things in your room:-
1. My going-to-die laptop
2. Bed for me to take a good sleep
3. IKEA study desk and chair
4. IKEA cupboard
5. My more than 10 years old blanket (all the way from Miri)!

5 things you've always wanted to do:-
1. Travel around the world
2. Have my own business
3. Take up cooking lessons
4. Visit my grandpa's hometown back in China
5. Improve my photography skill

5 things you are currently into:-
1. Blogging
2. Holidays
3. Bloghopping
4. Relaxing
5. Can't think of anything liao. :P

5 people you tag:-
I think most of the bloggers I know have done this tag. Therefore, I'll tag those who haven't done this. ;)


Dancing Queen said...

Thanks for doing the meme! Wow, must be a great feeling, having finished your exams, at least till the next one comes around! :D

Kok said...

dancing queen,
Not a problem. One more to go. hehe. Yea, kinda relax now. No more pressure until the results come out. hehe.

wonda said...

Wah, so many posts in one shot. So I comment sekali gus hor!

Kok said...

Aunty Alice,
Can can. Comment sekali or dua kali gus also never mind. :P

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