Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wok With Kok Again?

Today's theme...


Since I'm in the midst of preparing my exams, I always want a quick dinner. But how to prepare a quick and yummy dinner?

Bee Hoon Soup.

First up, Bee Hoon Soup! I must say this is tasty. Actually this was my first attempt on bee hoon soup. This only took me less than 30 minutes from preparing till cooking.

Delicious bee hoon soup during winter...

You must be wondering how easy to cook this. Let me show you how I did it.

  1. Bee Hoon
  2. Pork
  3. Vege
  4. Chicken stock/powder
  5. Pepper
  6. Salt
  1. Slice the pork and marinate it with just pepper and salt. Don't use any soya sauce. You don't want the whole bowl of soup to be in dark in colour, right? ;)
  2. Soak the bee hoon in boiling water (not on top of the stove). Make sure it's 70% soft and not 100%. The reason: you'll have to put in the bee hoon into the soup later and you wouldn't want your bee hoon to be too soft.
  3. Clean and cut the vege.
  4. Boil water in a small pot before you add in chicken stock/powder. The amount? Trial and error. :P
  5. Add in the marinated pork.
  6. 5 minutes later, add in bee hoon.
  7. After 2 minutes, add in vege.
  8. Let it boil for 2 more minutes. Do not add anymore salt as the chicken stock/powder itself is salty enough.
  9. Finally, you can serve your bee hoon soup in a big bowl with little bit of pepper on top.
Easy right? Less than 10 steps. You can use chicken bone instead of chicken stock/powder. That'll taste much more better. For me, since I don't have any extra things left in the fridge, that's all I can find for my bee hoon soup. Any comments to improve this are most welcome! :)

Next up, Fried Bee Hoon!

Fried Bee Hoon.

I didn't expect this fried bee hoon to as delicious as the bee hoon soup. I can say, I cincai (simply) fried only. :P

Almost the same ingredients.

I actually cooked this fried bee hoon tonight and bee hoon soup the night before. So, the ingredients are roughly the same.

  1. Bee Hoon
  2. Pork
  3. Vege
  4. Egg
  5. Pepper
  6. Salt
  7. Dark soya sauce
  8. Oyster sauce
  9. Light soya sauce
  10. Garlic
  11. Olive oil (I use olive oil to cook) or cooking oil
  1. Slice the pork and marinate it with just pepper, salt, oyster sauce (not too much), light soya sauce and dark soya sauce. I marinated this over night as I had sliced the pork earlier when I cooked the bee hoon soup.
  2. Soak the bee hoon in boiling water (not on top of the stove). Make sure it's 90% soft now. For your information, it won't be getting any softer when you fry it.
  3. Clean and cut the vege.
  4. Chopped some garlic.
  5. Add in a small amount of oil (just to make sure nothing stick onto your wok/pan later) to the wok/pan.
  6. Fry the egg. One egg per serving is preferable. By the way, just scramble egg. If you planned to just leave it at the side before you cook the other stuff, ensure that the egg is only 70% cooked.
  7. Add in chopped garlic and fry for 30-60 seconds. At this time, the aromatic smell of the garlic would fill in your whole kitchen
  8. After that, add in the marinated pork. Fry until it's 90% cooked.
  9. Now, fry the bee hoon with all the ingredients. Mix everything together.
  10. Salt, pepper, little bit of dark soya sauce (to make the bee hoon "looks" better) and light soya sauce are added
  11. Put in the vege.
  12. Fry for 2 or 3 more minutes. If the bee hoon is getting too dry, add in small amount of water.
  13. Your plate should be ready by then to serve your fried bee hoon.
How's it? Not too difficult, eh? The bee hoon was lacked of taugeh (bean sprouts). It would be more delicious with the taugeh.

So, that's for today's 30 minutes Wok With Kok! Kok can cook, so can you! Thanks for reading. :)

P/s: I must admit, I'm not good at giving instructions.
P/s/s: I don't have much ingredients left in the fridge. That's why all you can see are just bee hoon, vege and pork.
P/s/s: I'm rushing this post. I think there's lots of grammatical mistakes or typos. Forgive me as I want to get back to my study! :P


Firehorse said...

Wok with kok, awesome, tonight I will be cooking the bee hoon soup that you recommended, I am so proud of you for cooking real meals while away from home, not just eat Maggi noodles everyday, reminds me of Mr. FH, when he was studying in Australia he also cooked.

Dancing Queen said...

I also just fried bee hoon that day. You know, you can put fish sauce instead. And you can put fish cake too! Taste nice too!

Keep up the cooking, kok! :D

Dr ve Thru said...

Kok, super chef lei. I see already also feel like having.
Your instructions are very good and also very simple quick steps. Did you eat your mee hoon soup with fresh cut chillies in soy sauce? Aiyoh, hungry already.....cannot write anymore.
Eh, I meant to tell you the last time you that your theme 'Wok with Kok' is very good choice.

Kok said...

firehorse: I supposed you have cooked your mee hoon soup eh? How was it ah? hehe. Ahhh...Nooo! I can't have instant noodles everyday. I'm not picky in food I would say but after 2 or 3 days eating the same hehe. Cooking is fun and I enjoy it. That's why I like to cook real meals.

Pssstt...I always watch cooking show with my mama one leh. ;)

dancing queen: cake! I haven't had that for quite some time already. Fish sauce nice meh? But, I seldom use fish sauce in cooking ler. Some more, if I only used it for bee hoon, I'll waste the whole bottle. haha!

Thank you. I'll cook for as long as I can. :P

Aunty Judy: Nolah, I'm not super chef lah *blush*.

My instructions? I don't know leh. I just feel like I keep on repeating all the words. "Add" can be seen everywhere. haha!

No leh. Chilli is quite expensive here leh. Addition, I didn't go to market for a while already. No chilli liao.

Too bad I'm not near to you hor? If not, I can share share my bee hoon soup with you. ;)

Yea, the theme "Wok with Kok" is good hoh? Have to thanks Kenny for the idea ler. I wanted to put it as my blog title but then, I sometimes do jot down my daily life stuff. So I think it's not that preferred. What do you think?

wmw said...

Ha ha'll make a good husband!

teckiee said...

The fried bee hoon very nicely done... i dont think any guy friends i know would know how to soak the bee hoon then fry.

ps.. how many ps you wanna put ;p

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

good stuff man..still bloggin so frantically when ur studying..haha the true blogging spirit..

sorry..happy belated birthday..didnt expect u to be bloggin during ur preparation..hope its not too late!

piglet~ said...

u like beehoon alot? i tink whoever marries kok in future must be very xin fu.. muahaha... kok must be blushing now... kekekeke

Kok said...

wmw: Aiyo, mana ada? haha! Nowadays many guys know how to cook what... Look at teckiee... He's much more better in cooking leh.

teckiee: Thank you!:) Yea, soaking the bee hoon is not easy. It requires trial and error. hehe.

Sorry sorry. I was in a rush to get back to my studies. That's why all the PS there. haha!

joe: Thanks for the wish.:)

Ermm, blogging can let me get away from books for a while. hehe. I don't think I'll blog for the next few days. Got a paper tomorrow and a paper on Thursday! Arghhhh!

piglet: Not really lah. Just happen that I bought 1 big packet of bee hoon. So, cook twice in a row loh. haha!

Alamak, I'm not that good lah. Good husband? *faint*

Shionge said...

This is wonderful hearty meal and glad you attempt to cook it :D

MIM said...

I prefer the fried bee hoon. But just one small portion is enough for dinner meh? More like a lunch for me... :)

Tummythoz said...

Usually when my beehoon soup is almost done, I'll crack an egg into it. Better to fill tummy-lor.
Your fried version looks real good.

wmw said...

Eh...teckiee is a girl woh. LOL!

wonda said...

After your exam hor, come and cook for me. We haven't been having proper meals and eating outside made me put on weight these days since the hospitalization and demise of my FIL.

Kok said...

shionge: Yaya. But hope to improve more. :P

mum in miri: Small portion? Wahlao! That's considered quite a lot liao leh. Oklah, next time I cook more. haha!

tummythoz: But but, like that maciam instant noodle leh. Mana nice oh?

wmw: Alamak! Whooopppsss....SSHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Pretend you see nothing, k? Scare teckiee marah later....

Aunty Alice: Aiks? Can can. I cook for you, Kenji and Koichi lah. But, me don't know how to cook japanese meal wor. How?

Anyway, take care, Aunty Alice!

Jackson said...

wowo!! Great job wok with KOK!! That is what i did sometimes when i wan a quick meal too.. simply put all ingredients to boil n that it!! simple wholesome meal!!

teckiee said...

hahaha i saw that!

Sasha said...


eh exam no need to update blog la

study la.

otherwise cannot come back lo.

Kok said...

jackson: Thankiu!:) Yea, not only easy. But you also enjoy the process of cooking, right?:P

teckiee: Opppsss...You saw it? Thousands of apologies... Sorry!

sasha: Aiyo, not 24 hours reading books also mah. Sometimes, have to relax relax a bit one. Lu beh zai meh? hahaha!

Choiii!! Don't curse me! I'll go back!!! haha!

wmw said...

Reposted...title was published accidently :) Drop by again...

Kleio the Muse said...

Love you tagline..."Wok With Kok! Kok can cook, so can you!" - Sangat bergaya. Can go on telly liao ;)

Your meehoon soup does look very appetizing. I do have a weakness for anything soup based :P Yum!

lynnx01 said...

Yummy! Maybe next time you try adding scallops in. Learnt it from my former housemate. But when I asked my mum why we never put scallops, she told me "expensive larr..".

Btw, thanks for your birthday wish. Happy belated birthday to you! All June babies!! Yay!

WokandSpoon said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I love your quick and easy bee hoon dishes! Lots of veggies...and garlic too - yummmm!!

Kok said...

wmw: Got it!:)

kleio: Bergaya no use wor. Must got quality then can go telly mah. haha!

Why leh? I thought soup based is quite easy to deal with? Everything campur and that's it. hehe.

lynnx: Scallops? Like your mum said, EXPENSIVE leh. haha! Here in OZ land, the seafood is expensive. Cannot afford lah.

Thanks a lot!:)

wokandspoon: Thanks for dropping by. Just a simple meal actually. I hope I can cook like you though. :P

xiu long bao said... is oledi 4:45pm in msia, plus 3 hrs should be 7:45pm in aussie. U can't be having exam at nite rite? so...
congrats kok! its 21st of june!!! The end of ur suffering...for the moment haha...any holiday plans after exam?

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
At the time you're writing that comment, I was already taking a nap. haha! Actually Perth time is the same as Malaysia lah. No time difference. hehe. Yea, if everything goes smoothly this sem, I'll only have another sem to go in my uni life! Only IF everything goes smoothly. :P

My plan? Oh, a lot. I'll be going for a 2 days 1 night camp this coming Sunday. Then I'll travel to Adelaide and Melbourne before coming back to start off with my thesis. Seems like very busy huh?:P

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