Monday, July 09, 2007

Adelaide Day 2

28th June 2007
I set my alarm clock to 9a.m. but I couldn't wake up then. I was waiting for Danny to call me as we had planned to explore Adelaide together. Minutes after minutes, finally, he called me at 10p.m. He told me me that we might have to meet up only later in the afternoon. He had to book a car for Barossa Valley the next day. After the call, I went to hide underneath the blanket again for another hour or so. My sis woke me up and told me it was almost noon. I prepared myself and then, asked my sis for a good place for lunch. She suggested a place for Shanghai dumpling. She couldn't bring me there for she had her final exam in the afternoon.

With just a piece of city map, I went to find out that place for lunch.

Angas St.

I walked to the place where my sis had pointed out to me earlier on the map. To my disappointment, I couldn't find any restaurant which sells Shanghai dumpling. I gave up on the Shanghai dumpling after 20 minutes of searching. I decided to walk to Chinatown for lunch.

A Catholic church.

At a junction in Victoria Square, I saw this church. Australia really has a lot of beautiful and artistic buildings I must say.

Look at this...

Some tourists were also snapping photos on this unique church like I do. Too bad I didn't get the chance to get into the building. It must be very nice inside.


After another 5 minutes of walking, I reached Adelaide's Chinatown. In Perth, we also have this kind of "building" to indicate that this is the Chinatown.

So many restaurants.

I could feel my stomach is shouting for food. However, I didn't know which restauran offers good food. I called my sis but she didn't answer. Maybe she's on the way to her exam. Then, I called Danny for help as he's with Sharon. I thought, at least Sharon should know some nice restaurants for lunch.

B.B.Q. City Restaurant.

While I was calling Danny, I stopped at this restaurant; B.B.Q. City Restaurant. I straightaway told him to ask Sharon whether this restaurant is good or not. She replied that the food is alright and it's cheap.

Inside the restaurant.

Without hesitating, I went straight into the restaurant. I was directed to sit at the very end of the restaurant. Menu was given later on and I chose to try their BBQ and roasted pork rice.

Piping hot soup.

A waiter gave me a bowl of carrot and chinese cabbage with pork bone soup. The soup was really sweet. In addition, it's free! Thumbs up!

BBQ and Roasted Pork Rice.

After waiting for 15 minutes, my rice came! I almost forgot to take some photos of the food as I was so hungry then.

A closer look.

After taking some photos, I started to eat like a hungry ghost. The BBQ pork was a tad dry and the roasted pork was not as good as those I have eaten in Perth. The rice? It would be better to cook it with more water. Too hard!

General Post Office.

After lunch, I went to King William St. to meet up with Sharon and Danny. On the way there, I noticed some classy buildings again. Look at the general post office, nice right?

Long, straight road.

Adelaide has many long, straight roads. Not only that, the city is full of traffic lights! If you're curious, just take a look at the city map HERE.

Parliament House.

After meeting Danny and Sharon, we decided to head North of Adelaide. Seems far right? Actually not. We just wanted to visit The University of Adelaide. Sharon was the tour guide for the day.

Danny in front of Parliament House.

We walked pass the Parliament House and it seemed to me that it's a great place for photo. I regret for not taking a photo of myself there.

Street show.

We had to walk along Rundle Mall to go to The University of Adelaide. There, we saw four kids, singing and dancing. The funny part was, after they finished on one song, the girl on the left (their leader I guess) started to pause and mumble, "Hmm...what else?". :P

Reflection of three crazy Mirians.

We walked pass this two huge balls again. This time, the balls didn't reflect the street but reflect the three crazy Mirians.

The University of Adelaide.

Luckily Adelaide is quite a small city. Within few minutes, we reached The University of Adelaide. I don't know what building is that. Maybe Sharon told me before but I forgot. Anyway, I was actually trying to capture a photo of a couple making out on the right (Sharon's idea). Too bad, I didn't manage to do so. :P

Sharon, look at my photography skill...

The size of the campus is not as big as The University of Western Australia (UWA) I think. Despite the smaller size of campus, the uni has more gorgeous buildings as compared to UWA.

Torrens River.

Beside UWA, there's Swan River whereas, behind The University of Adelaide, there's Torrens River. Tell me I'm bias, I still prefer Swan River. ;)

Cool eh?

There's nothing much to see along the river. So, we detoured back to South Australian Museum which is just next to The University of Adelaide.

South Australian Museum.

After staying in Adelaide for one year plus, that was the first time Sharon stepping into that museum. *Slap forehead* What a tour guide. Haha!

Penyu (turtle)?

There were lots of stuff to see in the museum. This is a good place to increase our knowledge especially when we want to know more about Australia.

Different kind of boomerangs.

I was more interested in the Aboriginal material. Take for instance, the boomerangs. At first, I thought all the boomerangs are the same. However, I discovered that the aborigines in each states of Australia use different kinds of boomerangs. Interesting...

Water transportation.

The museum is too huge! It's unlikely to go through every sections of the museum. After spending an hour in the museum, we agreed to move on to the next destination.


Walked non-stop for the whole afternoon. It's quite tiring. Anyway, I still forced myself to the place where Danny likes most.

Whose idea to take this kind of photo?

In case no one knows, Danny loves to drink. Not like those people who drink until drunk lah. He just likes to appreciate wine. Hence, anything to do with wine, he wouldn't just let it go easily. We went to the National Wine Centre of Australia to take a look.

Something wrong with the building?

I found the building is quite special. You can see the missing bit of woods here and there.

Racks of wines.

No doubt, this is a place full of wines. Danny was quite excited about it. He wanted to get to that place where all wine are located. He was a bit disappointed when the staff told him that he's not allowed to go in as there's a function going on.

Current temperature in selected spot.
Anyhoo, we manage to roam around the place for some information about wines.

Danny trying to imitate.

It's almost 5:30p.m. and there's no more place to visit. Time to go home for both Sharon and Danny. I had to wait for my sister to finish her exam.

What are you trying to do?!

On the way to Rundle Mall (Sharon stay somewhere there, Danny wanted to get something there and I planned to wait for my sis there), there're lots of statues for us to snap photos. We were like so sakai (as if never see those things before). :P

I sms-ed my sis to let her know that I was in Rundle Mall. After 15 minutes, she replied me. She told me that she has just finished her exam. I waited her at Rundle Mall before we went for dinner.

Dumpling King Cafe-Restaurant.

After much, "where to eat?", "you decide lah" and "I don't know", my sis suggested the Shanghai dumpling which she recommended earlier.

All seats were occupied.

Wow, people mountain people sea (packed with people). We had to wait for at least 15 minutes to be seated.

Raw food for take-away.

Basically this restaurant serves all sorts of Shanghai cuisines. Like usual, I didn't know what to order. My sis did all the ordering.

Beef Noodle.

The beef was well marinated and the texture was just nice for my liking. This beef noodle is definitely worth our money as it was served with generous amount of noodle. Although this bowl of beef noodle was not as good as the one I had in Miri (HERE), I had to still give a 3/5 stars to it.

Sambal (chilli oil)?

I kept taking the sambal to eat it with the beef. It's free, so, why not? ;)

Steamed dumplings.

For Aud$6.80, we got 15 medium-sized steamed dumplings. Initially, I thought it will not be enough for the two of us, but end up, we almost couldn't finish everything.

Thick skin.

The dumpling was a disappointment. The skin was too thick and the filling (meat with salted vegetable and etc) was a bit tasteless. I can only say that this dumpling is only worthwhile if you're looking for something to fill your stomach.

Haigh's Chocolate building at night.

We were too full then. We walked back home to get our passports in order for us to get into one place. Guess where we were heading next?

Casino beside the railway station.

At night, anywhere in Australia seems to be a dead city. No shops are opened (except late night shopping). So, we went to Skycity Casino which is just right beside the railway station. I know I shouldn't gamble but somehow, I pulled out three Aud1.00 coin and inserted them into the don't-know-what-machine. I was lucky to win Aud$3 and went off.

What did you do in the casino when you don't gamble? Aiya, there're free hot drinks. Drink lah! I had two cups of coffee before we decided to call it a day.

Sis kissing a pig?

On the way home, it's Rundle Mall again. We could do nothing in Rundle Mall except for cam whoring. ;)

My second day in Adelaide ended up with lots of fun. What did I do on the third day in Adelaide? Stay tuned!

P/s: I expect some scoldings for gambling.

19 comments: said...

Who would tell you off for gambling wor?

I suppose I don't have to visit Adelaide now. Not much to see, food doesn't sound so good. Melbourne is better lor. Hahaha....tell Kok, am I bias? :P

Shionge said...

You folks are having a great time, sight-seeing & eating...whoa! I wanna be part of this and I'm glad I did :)

Oh Wow! You guys eat alot huh? :)

Muminmiri said...

Didn't eat any cakes, ice cream or dessert meh? I was more looking forward to those... :(

piglet~ said...

more updates.. hahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha i will scold u for not gambling enough..i m jinxed with the casino..everytime i play with 50 dollars i lose..everytime i play with 100..i win..but i nvr hav the guts to take out a 100..conclusion..lose money 1..just watch better off..

bbq city is alright..u could have tried penang hawker in rundle mall..

looking at ur pics u bring bak alot of memories..

did u run across that bridge? it shakes alot!

mott said...

hee hee hee...

Adelaide is sooo zzzz la.

and yes! swan river is the best! full of jelly fish tho!!! HA HA HA!

btw, you've been tagged!

MeiyeN said...

wow..... so many pics! :D since fiance's sis is in adelaide, she must had da roasts pork before... did you get da beary chocolate? they are very cute!

wonda said...

Wah! Eat and jalan-jalan. That restaurant very smart hor, use the pork bone for soup and the meat for roast pork.

Dancing Queen said...


Do you know that Adelaide is also called the City of Churches? :)

You know, this Chinatown pintu gerbang was not even there when I was there. We only used to go to Central Market, the Chinatown then.

BTW, that building in Uni of Adelaide is Bonython Hall, where graduation ceremonies are held. Hehe, just FYI. :)

WokandSpoon said...

Wow - looks like you did a lot of sightseeing!

thanks for the link

wmw said...

Looks like no one scold you wor! ha ha...

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: I thought it's not good to gamble?:P

Hahaha! You're bias, Aunty Judy! haha! But seriously, Adelaide is so much smaller than Melbourne and even, Perth.

shionge: Yea, we're having a great time! Like the title of your blog, "So...SHIOK!" :P

We ate a lot. Guys, no shopping, so, eat! haha!

mum in miri: Oh, got! That one not yet. Slow and steady mah. hehe.

piglet: More to come!

joe: Hah? Scold me for not gambling enough? I took out $3 already very susah loh. I won $3, I cabut lari. haha!

Rundle Mall has this Penang Hawker? Didn't notice that. By the way, BBQ City doesn't have a good service. ;)

Really? Good old memories eh?

Haha! We didn't run. Just walk. It shakes huh?

mott: True! Nothing much to do in Adelaide. haha!

Yaya! Swan River still the best! But the jelly fish is not. :P

I've been tagged? Alamak! I'll do it once I finish all this holiday post, ok? :)

meiyen: More pics flooding in. haha! Oh, your fiance's sis in Adelaide? Then you can take a trip to Perth here for your tiramisu and then to Adelaide to find his sis. The roast pork didn't taste that good. I prefer the one in Perth and Melbourne (coming soon). Beary choc? Noleh, I bought the Froggy choc. haha!

Aunty Alice: Enjoy hor? Yaloh, they very smart. Unlike some of the restaurant in Miri, selling roast pork but don't know how to make full use of the bones. Nice soup is one way to attract customers, right? ;)

dancing queen: City of Churches? No wonder lah. Where ever I go, I'll sure see church.

Wah, then you should go and visit Adelaide again loh. But looking at the photos, Adelaide changes a lot or not ah?

Oh ohh! Graduation ceremony always held in such a nice place. Like my uni, we have this Hackett Hall. Should take a photo and let you see next time. Nice!

wok and spoon: Yea, A LOT! haha!

Not a problem. Hope you don't mind I link you. ;)

wmw: Yaloh, waiting for someone to scold. Don't tell me you wanna scold me? hehe.

Dancing Queen said...

From your photos, yes, Adelaide has certainly changed abit. It has more food outlets, I reckon. :)

teckiee said...

ohhh exam finito thats y camping and road trip.. icic.. ...that flying turle... HAHAHA and the pok!!! ... and oh the golden pig!!

xiu long bao said...

waa...ur porky rice is very nice leh. Wat a generous serving!

Kok said...

dancing queen: Only more restaurant outlets ah? But then, I still think that Adelaide doesn't have enough food to eat leh. Only few places...

teckiee: haha! You're outdated loh! haha! Anyway, you seems to have few nice trips as well eh? :P

xiu long bao: Don't get cheated by its look! haha! It's not really that good actually despite the serving is huge. :P

Kleio the Muse said...

Seeing you all in thick/layers of clothings makes me turn green with envy. Malaysia's too hot and humid sometimes. Sigh..

The buildings are awesome tho the food might not be as great back home. Did you start missing the food yet?

I am happy to see that you've enjoyed your trip so much and shared with us here your joy and happy memories.

Kok said...

Maybe when you're here, you'll miss the hot and humid wheather. hehe.

Yes, indeed, very nice buildings but like you mentioned, the food is just so-so. Alamak, I miss the food in Malaysia of course! I still have at least four months before I can have my fried kueh tiaw, my kolo mee, my nasi lemak, my satay... Send some over, kleio!:P

I really enjoy the holidays. I'll have another trip before I start working next year. At the mean time, enjoy my Adelaide's post. :)

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