Sunday, July 22, 2007

Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas (cont.)


Grades and Studiousness
I must admit my grades in high school had never been as good as my primary school grades. In Form 1 to Form 3 when I had to sit for my Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR), I did extremely poor in both Geography and History. Maybe for you, it's easy but for me, it's not.

For Geography, when everytime it came to tests, I had to cramp my head with all the names of the places and what they export and import and so on and so forth. I really hated that especially when I don't even been to that place before. Now you ask me where is Kedah or Terengganu, I don't think I can draw a map and show you where are they. That's how poor my Geography is.

I bet for most of the people, History is one of the toughest subjects. James Brooke, Tok Janggut, I mean, who are they? Why should I bother to know about all these? Those were the thoughts that always appreared in my mind whenever I had to open the books and start memorising. Despite reading those books for the whole night before a test (yea, I was always a last minute person) or maybe few nights before the exam if I was hardworking enough, I always ended up with either a C or a D.

Another stuff I hated most is the accounting part which was absorbed in Kemahiran Hidup (Integrated Living Skills) subject. Accounting might sounds easy, but for me, I couldn't catch up anything. Simply because the first day this accounting was taught, I was asked to stand outside the class for not bringing my buku lejar (ledger book). I totally forgot about that as I was sick few days before and that was the first day I came to class, still feeling a bit sick. I didn't bother to explain to the teacher as she was quite angry for quite number of students didn't bring the book. Outside the class, of course, I learnt nothing. No basic, what did you expect from me, right?

So, what subjects I were good at in Form 1 to Form 3? I would say Science, Maths and English (yes, English!). I was actually quite poor in Science and Maths in Form 1, until my results were so poor that I requested my mama for tuition. Yea, I requested it. How many children would do that right? :P Before that, I only had English tuition which started from Primary 1. Thanks to Cikgu Liew, my tuition teacher, that I managed to do better in Science and Maths. Seriously, English in high school was as easy as ABC. Even if I didn't go for tuition, I could easily secure an A. Maybe because of that, I didn't really concentrate in my English tuition and therefore, you can see how poor my English is now.

Anticipate to know my PMR results? *Drum rolls* I got 6A and 1B for my PMR. Guess what's that B. Not Geography, not History, it was Bahasa Malaysia (BM). Arghhh, due to that 1B, I had to down grade to Form 4 second class. Luckily there were some students leaving the first class thus, I was then reunited with my classmates. Now, why I could get A for both the subjects which I hated most? I don't know why but I miraculously managed to catch what's inside the Geography book just before the exam. As for History, I think I was just lucky. Maybe my gun was quite accurate that time (our exam was multiple choice answers and I just tembak (shoot)!).

Form 4 and Form 5 were quite challenging for me. I had no freaking idea of what were those science subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Oh yea, the best two classes in Form 4 were Science streams. At that time, I managed to survive in Physics and Additional Maths (higher level Maths) while I was struggling with my Chemistry and Biology. I could do better in Physics and Additional Maths simply because I went for tuition for both the subjects. Tuition did make a lot of difference. In tuitions, teachers teach us more detail as they get side income for that whereas, in school, teachers just bla in front of the class and not concerning whether we did learn anything or not. I can't deny, therewere some good teachers in my school too.

Anyway, back to the subjects. Chemistry has never been my cup of tea. I could still remember the only three persons who always failed in this subject were Adrian, Andy and I (if Adrian and Andy happened to read this post, please don't get angry for revealing this :P). Addition to that, I think the three of us were also the most naughty in class. Therefore, my chemistry teacher, Puan Beh, always scolded us especially me.

"Kok Wei! Jangan buat bising sana. Kamu tahu Kimia kamu sangat lemah..." (Kok Wei! Don't be too noisy there. You know your Chemistry very weak...)

That's what Puan Beh would always shout at me. She's as loud as me I can tell you all. It's more like screaming than shouting!:P

Which subjects I were good at? Hmm... maybe Maths, English (yes, English again!) and Moral Studies. I think that's about it. My other subjects were just so-so. About Moral Studies, I did quite poor in Form 4 but I was quite good in Form 5. I still remember we had to memorise all the nilai-nilai (values) of up to 4 or 6 pages long. At first, I didn't know what to write for exam but after I attended a sort of seminar, my marks shoot up like rocket. I think I got the highest mark together with Carrots in one of the exam (Bear in mind that Carrots was the top student leh. ;)). That's the highest mark I got for my entire Form 4 and Form 5. I even showed off to Jing Jet (another top student) telling him I could also beat him in studies. Haha!

In the end, what are my results for Sijil Penilaian Menengah (SPM)? The results are as follow:

Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language) - A1
Bahasa Inggeris (English) - A1
Maths -A1
Additional Maths - A1
Moral Studies - A1
Physics - A2
Sejarah (History) - B3
Kimia (Chemistry) -B4
Biologi (Biology) - C5

I obtained A1 for all the useless subjects. Haha! However, I was more than satisfied with the results as I was considered quite lazy back then.

When I went back to the school to get my SPM results, I went to see some of the teachers. I met Mdm. Teh, our Moral Studies teacher. She was actually quite pissed off with our class. Best class in school but always the noisiest. Always talked and talked and never listened to her. That's the reason why she didn't like our class. There were few times when she walked off the class after the bell rang, not giving us the chance to say "Terima kasih, cikgu". We actually had to say that everytime a period ended. While walking off, she mumbled, "Saya tahu kamu semua tidak dengar saya punya lah." (I know you all never listen to me).

Anyway, back to the teacher. I met her and as usual, the naughty me trying to tease her.

"Cikgu, macam mana? Gembira dengan result kami?" (Teacher, how? Are you happy with our result?)

I said that because I know she's extremely happy. Almost all of us in the class get A for our Moral Studies and she never expected us to get that good. You know, who would expect you to get good result when you don't even listen to the teacher in class? :P

She answered while smiling happily, "Ya, ya, gembira, gembira." (Ya, ya, happy, happy).

Honestly, I never saw her smile that happy before. I think she really never expected the whole class to do that well. Haha!

Since Kleio wrote a little about her study style, I might as well just write something about that. Like I mentioned earlier, I was quite lazy and I normally did my revision very last minute. The good thing was, I always went for tuition and never ever skipped any of them. I seldom did any exercises except in tuition. What I did was to just read and understood the reference books. I only did past year papers when the exams were around the corner. Generally, that's how I study. ;) be continued

Final part "The Popularity Scale" is coming soon...


wmw said...

Wah...your results so good leh. I shy only!

Kok said...

Not really lah. I was one of the worst in my class. haha! Anyway, PMR, SPM don't really mean so much. :P

Judy said...

Kok, wah, jahat, jahat tapi results sangat baik eh?

Well done!!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Not really lah. My results just enough for me to survive only lah. hehe.

wonda said...

Thank goodness you are not MCC in your exam. Phew! Good results! During my time, it was A 1,2, C 3, 4, 5, 6 and then P 7, 8. Now I see that it has been replaced by Bs and Cs. said...

tuk tong chang
You really has a long story there wor

^SpRInG^ said...

hey, u reminded me of the garang Pn Beh... who always say

Why you so stupid wan huh? like that oso duno... might as well go back to sekolah rendah lar. hah... if not go back to form 1 study your science....

stupid pregnant machine.... hahaha

Dancing Queen said...

Wah, kok, your BM got A1 ah! Our time so difficult to get good BM score. I managed to get a C6, so still managed to Grade 1. Hehe! That was my worst score. I got C3 for Bio, C4 for Chem & C5 for Physics! Malunya! But I managed A1 for M.Maths & English & A2 for Add Maths. :D

Shionge said...

Like you I'm the last minute sort of person but that's becoz I find it more challenging.

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Hehe, to be honest, I did MCC in some of my exams. :P Aiks, how come straight away jump to C? Maybe C=Clever at that time and B=Bodoh. haha!

yenjai: Haha! Story telling mah. :P

spring: I remember that as well! hahaha! Still remember when Jeffery asked, "Cikgu, kamu pregnant kah?" hahaha!

Eh, you don't play play oh. Puan Beh actually read my blog. hahahahaha! Just joking. :P

dancing queen: I never expected I get an A1 for BM. Cause that's one of the subjects I studied least. I thought I just need a pass for BM for me to get a cert, therefore didn't pay much attention. Suprisingly A1 for me. Bonus! hehe.

It doesn't surprise me that you didn't get lots of A1. I believe the exams back to your days were a lot harder than nowadays.

shionge: Now I don't dare to become a last minute person. Uni, scare... haha!

jono said...

omigod i got fcking C5 for bio oso AHAHAHAHAH

Kenny Mah said...

School days? More like school daze for me. I got tagged for this too, but I wonder what I'd write about. Your school days certainly sound way more fun than mine... or is it because mine were so longer ago I dah lupa? LOL

Xiu Long Bao said...

Off to miri for few days n now missed out so many posts oledi...haha...

U got my respect for being able to recall ur hi skool stories n dramas. Shweet shweet....those were the days...

Kok said...

jono: haha! Serious? Last paper of SPM what, of course no mood to study liao. :P

kenny: I'm looking forward for your post! haha! Don't worry, just write whatever you can. :P

xiu long bao: Me last few days of hols, so, CHIOOONGGG AHHH! hahaha!

I hope you enjoy your stay in Miri. Next time round if there's a chance, I'll bring you around. :)

Haha! Somehow, it seems to me like it just happened yesterday. I can only remember some. The last part of this tag, I've no idea liao. :P

FireHorse said...

Your results so much better than mine ever was, (slowly walk away head down) i malu lah. Eh i had my first cup of teh C peng two weeks ago, I thought of you, so I ordered it instead of the usual teh peng.

Kok said...

Don't say like that leh. Your uni's results were so much better than mine leh. hehe.

Aiks? Do I look like Teh C Peng to you? hahaha! Aiyo Firehorse ah, you make me crave for a smooth nice teh c peng now lah. :P

eastcoastlife said...

You have good results! And good in English! :) Probably a good boy also! ^-^
Are you going abroad for further studies?

Kok said...

Aiyo, you flatter me too much. I'm not that good either in studies and also in person. :P

Aiks? I'm almost done with my overseas studies already. I'm a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student in Perth now. haha! :P

Kok said...

Forgot to add. Welcome to my little blog. :)

Kleio the Muse said...

Fuyoh! the results bukan main 'Top Class' wor. I guess that does gives you the license to be naughty. LOL

You are one bright kid, from the way I see it. Kok, you really 'happening' personality eh.

My grades are only so-so. Just enough to get me tru highschool.

Kok said...

You haven't seen my friends' grades. Wait till they do the tag and you'll know what's top class. haha!

Nolah, not that bright also lah me. If I was really a bright kid, maybe I won't be here struggling for my final year of uni liao. hehe. Happening personality was just for high school. Now ah? Hmm... sometimes, I can be quite funny, sometimes, I do get very serious. hehe.

Aiyo, maybe you're not good at this, but you're good at other stuff mah. Look at your Japanese language. I don't think I'll be able to learn it. hehe. By the way, I'm actually not good in studies. :P

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