Friday, July 20, 2007

Ladies, Do You Need This?

*Warning* This post might makes me sound like a pervert. Take it or leave it.

This afternoon, I was trying to survey the price of an external hardrive in Australia and Malaysia. After scanning through the price in Ebay, I proceeded on to Malaysia largest auction and online shopping site, Lelong.

When I was in the site, this caught my eyes...

Enlarge the image and look at the picture in red circle.

I thought, "selling girls online?"

Reading the description of it had increased my curiosity more. "Have you try to pee standing like a m..(an)" I stunned for a second. What could it be?

I clicked and I was led to a page which showed this...

How to use the product.

Wahlao! Someone actually invented a product which allows ladies to pee like a man!


I was quite curious that I went to their company website, WhizzBiz. I went on to read why would a lady need this. And I was understood that, this product is not only used for hygenic purposes (where ladies have to sit on some unsanitary toilets for nature call), it is also used by the temporarily or permanently mobility impaired people. I was really impressed with this product for it can help those with urinating problem.

By the way, this product was invented in 2005. Maybe most of you have known this product already but I only knew it now. I think I'm just a "katak di bawah tempurung" (doesn't know the outside world). :P

So, ladies, do you actually buy this for hygenic purposes?

P/s: This is NOT a sponsored post.


mott said...

OMG!!! How to insert that thing into the urethra??? LOOKS DAMN PAINFUL LEH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually hor, I can pee standing up without this la.


Kok said...

You're so funny lah! hahahaha! This one no need insert into urethera one lah. hahaha! Just need to hold and then that's it lah. hahaha!

Wow! Maciam mana ni? hahaha!

cc said...

waa! I learn new things everyday!

Dancing Queen said...

I'm like Mott, no need such contraption! I've already mastered the art of peeing without sitting nor squatting! :P

Kok said...

cc: Haha! Not bad right come to my blog. Everytime can learn something new. :P

dancing queen: Wah! Another super lady. Can pee without sitting or squatting. hahaha! I think the Whizbiz going to bankrupt lah like that. Nobody wanna buy. :P

Judy said...

Kok, no ladies in their right mind would use this.
I also, like dancing queen, we know how to wee without sitting or squatting and don't even dirty the toilet seats like MEN do! We don't need this silly gadget lah. Imagine carrying in our handbags? *Smacks forehead*.

Kok said...

Aunty Judy,
Wahhhh!! You are super leh! haha! Now I learnt lots of new things. :P

Eh eh, don't say this is a silly gadget loh. Later when you need it, you'll be very grateful for this invention. hahaha!

Honestly, like you said, who would carry this in their handbag? *scratching my head*

wmw said...

Maybe useful for emergencies in an ultra filthy toilet cubicle????? Where you don't want to risk even the slightest possibility of grazing the toilet bowl (for those of us who mastered the art of peeing standing???).

Kok said...

haha! Seems like maybe you'll be WhizBiz customer eh?:P

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