Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas (Final Episode)


The Popularity Scale
From the two previous posts of Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas and Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas (cont.), you all can see the comments from some of my highschool friends; Carrots, Sharon and Billy. Based on their positive feedbacks, I think I should be considered quite popular among, at least, my own classmates.

Why was I so popular? Well, according to Carrots, "You're the clown of St. Co. (St. Columba which was my highschool). Without you, the class would be very boring". Basically, that tells everything, right? I provide entertainment for the whole class and that's what I'm famous for. Just like radio, everyone wanted to listen to my singing, my lame jokes and surprisingly, my laughters(I only knew this few days back)!

Many of my ex-classmates would definitely remember the song "Qing Fei De Yi". Not because of the famous, Harlem Yu, but because of Law Kok Wei (me lah!) who sang it from 7a.m. till 12:50p.m. every Mondays to Fridays. Most of the time, I could just hear laughters from the girls and boos from the boys. And there it went, I started to lighten up the atmosphere of the whole class for the entire day.

There was once when I was down with fever and don't-know-what-sickness for few days. I went to school after I thought I'm much more better. However, in school, I had no energy to talk, no energy to concentrate on studies and worse, no energy to smile or laugh. I still turned up to school, hoping, I wouldn't miss anything in my studies. Although I was really sick, I could still hear some said, "Eh, how come so quiet today? No noise at all. Where's Kok Wei?" Yes, it's real quiet that day. I was with my head on the table, couldn't even raise my hand and answer back, "I...I....am....h...here."

That was how important I am in the class. And I think that's the main reason I had a shooting high popularity in my class. (Wahlao, I'm just praising myself! :P)

Among the teachers, I was quite well-known too. To be honest, I was well known for my bad side and not my good side. I remember when we had Chemistry experiments in the laboratory, I would fool around either with the others instead of concentrating on what we were supposed to do. Adrian came and disturbed me and I would chase him around the lab until Puan Beh shouted,

"Kok Wei! Jangan main-main dalam lab. Kamu tahu sangat bahaya ..." (Kok Wei! Don't play in the lab. You know it's very dangerous...)

Only then, I stopped. Not long later, I would start again until the end of the lab. Maybe I really didn't understand what happened then. Fooling around was easier than the experiments given.

Not only that, I was always the scapegoat among my friends. Whenever any teachers asked,

"SIAPA yang...?" (Who is the one...?)

Anything bad, I can confirm, one of my friends would definitely say,

"Kok Wei, Cikgu!"

After that, all the atomic bombs, nuclear bombs and hand grenades would come to me. I think my name was just too easy to come out from one's mouth. :P

That's the reason I was so popular among the teachers. I bet most of the teachers talked about me in the teachers' office after every classes.

You all must be asking. How about people from other classes? Am I popular till everyone knows me? This is tough. I seriously don't know about this. I might be quite popular if you read on.

Some people did remember me for some reasons. I think it's hard for me to commit crime in Miri. Few years back while I was window shopping at Boulevard Hypermarket, a guy greeted me. I think his name is Faizul (I'm not good with names). He was in the same class as I was in primary school but not anymore after Primary 4. He was in the same secondary school as I was though. I was quite surprised that he still recognised me. I had to scratch my head for some time before I could tell who's he. I was quite happy somebody can still remember me despite not in the same class for so long.

Am I popular or I didn't change much. That, I'll just leave it as a question mark.

Hmm, some might be quite interested in my BG (Boys Girls) relationship eh? Honestly, I was not into any relationship during my highschool (as if I have now... :P). I knew at that time if I was to have a relationship, it wouldn't last long. One because I think I was too young back then. Two because no girls like me my baba wouldn't allow me to do so. Third because no money how to pak tor (dating)? haha!

Despite that, I think I was "paired" up with some girls. Ok, not exactly pair up, it's just that my classmates like to tease me with some girls. Actually, I did that to them too. :P That was the "game" back then. Just to make you blush and laugh at you.

Kleio did touch a bit on her extra co-curricular activitites in school. I think that no doubt, this can increase one's popularity as well. Therefore, I would also write something about my extra co-curricular activities in my highschool.

As mentioned in previous posts, I was the school prefect in my school. I didn't get into the first batch of prefects at that time. I wasn't even in the list of candidates then. Probably I had really bad records in the school. More than half of my class was chosen as prefects. Danny, being one of them, had to release his post as class monitor and he suggested me to take over his post. My popularity in the class allowed me to do so. I was the class monitor for at least 3 months. After that, I was again recommended by Danny (head prefect) to become prefect as they were short of prefects.

Mdm. Tan Lee Chien, my form teacher in Form 4, was reluctant to let me release this post at first. Her reason was that no other people can take over the post after all the suitable students became prefects. She had a short meeting with me to discuss about this. She hoped I can stay and if not, she asked me to propose a suitable student in the class to take over the post. Prefect was a challenging post, I explained to her, and I would like to give it a try. She didn't stop me after that. At the same time, I proposed a name to her, Philip. She accepted.

Apart from school prefect, I was the president of Table Tennis Club. Heh! Never expect eh?:P Thanks to the club members who nominated me. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle the club at first but with helping hands from Allen (my secretary) and Tze Chang (member of committee), we did a great job. We managed to organise a table tennis tournament in school and also a friendly match with S.M.K. St. Joseph. Here, I would like to thanks both of them.

In addition to that, I was also asked to help the club to pick some potential players for an interschool competition after I left school. The players, I had picked, manage to grab a bronze medal which was an awesome achievement. Our school had not won anything for about 3 or 4 years before that. Not even in my year when I was the school representative with Allen and Shak Soon in this sports. I think I made the right choice by insisting the teacher in charge to arrange training for the players with Ping Pong Association, Miri. With proper training, the players improved a lot and hence, a bronze medal.

Another post for me in highschool was the member of committee in Science and Maths Club. If my memory doesn't fail on me (maybe Billy can correct me), together with the other members in the club, I helped in organising an exhibition in conjunction with the school's anniversary. It was one of the biggest events we had organised under the club. We managed to impress the visitors to the exhibition with lots of wow! It was indeed, a very successful exhibition.

I think I should stop boasting here. This is the most difficult part of the tag and yet, the most boring part (not a lot of funny experiences like previous posts). Anyway, with that, I end this tag.

Oh yea, before I forgot, I would like to let some of my ex-classmates as well as some of the bloggers to share their highschool experiences. I pass my baton to:
  1. Billy
  2. Carrots
  3. Lynn Wei
  4. Piglet
  5. Sharon
  6. Zhungyi
  7. Aunty Alice
  8. Aunty Judy
  9. Jane
  10. Mott
  11. Teckiee
  12. Dancing Queen
If possible, I would like to tag everyone under "Blogs Better Than Mine" as this is an interesting tag. For those who want to share their experiences, you can complete the tag as well. As for those listed above, you have the option not to do it. Not a must. :)


jane said...

Interesting! =) now this is a reallyyyyy tough one. i don't think i can do a good job like u!

wonda said...

You have good leadership qualities. Aiya, why tag so many people one? Still a prefect ah?

yenjai.net said...

When I saw the list, I though:

OMG, Mott also your classmate?


Dancing Queen said...

Aiyo, you are so terror! Some more can write so long. No wonder that day you mentioned that you had to get ideas to write on this.

Thanks for the tag - now must really dig back into history!! :P

teckiee said...

hahahah paisheh... have to write about how my make my teacher cry

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..thats a long read...hahaha i dont think i m in ur list yet..so no ned to do kua..wahahah..i remembered those days i was the loudest..then i met up with a fren i have not talked to virtually since primary school..she commented..i still remember u for ur farting..enough said..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

oh i m on the list..ahhaha

^SpRInG^ said...

yes you are right about the sc & m3 =) how can i not forget about that big event when we first get to play wif chemical compounds themselves!!! hahaha... then after that, sekali demi sekali i'm in charge of opening ceremonies.. those are really fun days.. n u do haf to mention the laici tan don't u? hahaha... laici oh laici... but then too bad that laici is SOUR!! hahaha
i'll do u tag after i'm done wif all this buziness.........
good post btw =)

Kok said...

jane: I bet you can write a good one as well. :)

Aunty Alice: Not really lah. I just try my best only. hehe. This tag is so interesting. Might as well ask more people to do it right? I'm looking forward for your post, Aunty Alice. Must be interesting. haha! Prefect? No more loh. Just a poor student now. :P

yenjai: haha! Am I too old or Mott too young? haha!

dancing queen: Me terror? Aiyo, in the end I was really lack of idea. Couldn't think anymore. Just trying to finish the tag. hehe.

Haha! Slowly slowly. I bet you'll enjoy the tag. :)

teckiee: You make teacher cry? Aiyo! Got or not? haha! Did I make my teacher cry? Hmm...I'm trying to flash back...

joe: You're the loudest in farting?! hahaha! Well done for that man! You broke my record!:P You're in my list for as long as I can remember loh. So, do the tag! haha!

spring: yaya! I do remember we planned out the Hari Guru or Penyampaian Hadiah opening ceremony. It was so fun! hahaha! Laici still our teacher mah. Ex-teacher... :P Can can. Take your time. I'm looking forward for your post then... And thanks for the compliment:)

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Kleio the Muse said...

Aiyah, no need to be modest lah. Even from your blog and your blog's readers I can already tell you are now helluva popular guy even back in school.

Always luv the way you write, very sincere and animated. Fun to read.

Ahahaha... lastly thanks for passing the baton on. I shall try to follow the strings from here shall time permits.

Thanks for enjoying this tag and for agreeing with my sentiments that it's an interesting tag. One more thing... sorry for causing a disruption in your Adelaine post write ups. Gomen nasai (I am so very sorry). But, I am glad that you did this tag. Domo arigatogozaimashita (Thank you very much indeed). I totally enjoyed reading it. Hope your frens have fun with this tag too ;)

P/S: You have such a colourful highschool life. Tee hee hee. Actually you reminded me of one ex schoolmate. He's the one that love to pull my ponytail during school days :(

Kok said...

Don't tease me lah. hehe. I must thank my readers for their support including you! Without you all, I don't think I'll continue writing. Some more, my English... *shake head*

Thanks a lot. Sometimes, I really don't have any idea to write. Hopefully you'll still enjoy the "crap" I've written down. :P

Haha! No problem. I thought it's quite boring to have the Adelaide posts going out all at once. Maybe this tag is also good to bring something new to everyone. Thanks for tagging me though. I enjoy this tag a lot. :)

Oh! haha! I'm not that bad until pulling a girls' hair lah. I know hair for girls are like "gold" like that. One treatment don't know how much. If I pulled ah, I don't think I have $ to pay them for treatment. hahaha!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my meme. :)

wmw said...

Wah, you still remember all that...this tag you have got to pass to those who just left school.....If me, beh ki liao...hahaha

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha if i ever post my secondary school photo..u will all faint..

mott said...

WOW!!! That was some longggggg but awesome post!

I do my best..to write up this tag. Give me a few days ok?

Thanks ah!!

Judy said...

Aiyoh Kok, after reading yours, how can I come up with anything like that? This was like over 30 years ago......photos also don't have wor, how?

Waitlah, I go crack my brains sometime later, OK?

I tell you.....great posts on your school life. Well done!

Kok said...

wmw: haha! All this memories will be kept forever in my mind. :D I think you also remember some of the stuff in high school eh? no?

joe: Great! Post it out and let us faint! haha! I bet it must be funny. :P

mott: Thankiu!!

No rush. Take your time and produce the best ever tag. haha!

Aunty Judy: Aiyo, you must have some memories, don't you? hehe.

Just squeeze your memory juice a bit and write a short one. It's nice to get different stories from different age group. haha!

Thank you. Hope the posts didn't make you all sleep. :D

miche said...

the notti (wild) ones will always be mad prefect to tame them :P

piglet said...

the ol' days... filled with fun, excitement, tears of joy and laughters. If i were to do tis tag, I don't think i can write as long as urs. Haha =)

Kok said...

miche: Aiks, I didn't tame them. I "kawan" (friend) them. haha

piglet: Don't need to write as long as mine lah. Me only eat full nothing to do during the hols, that's why can think of so many things to write. Enjoy the tag!:P

eastcoastlife said...

You very the cheong hei (long-winded)! I almost read until I doze off and fell off my bed, breaking a leg or an arm in the process. But I like. Your post! Not breaking my limbs. kekeke....

You sound like a real fun guy! I'm sure you have quite a number of admirers. eh? hehehe....

I can't wait to read Aunty Judy's highschool days. She's quite a terror too. :)

Kok said...

I know, I know! haha! I was too excited, maybe, until I didn't realise it was that long already. haha! Although you didn't break your limps reading this post, I hope you didn't have your eyes popped out as well. :P

Admirers? Ermm..that one I don't know leh. No one approach me also leh. *scratching my head*

Yaya! Same here. I guess she has lots to write about. Aunty Judy wor! haha!

Chen said...

Those pairing up things are very common in school, huh? :D

Kok said...

thanks for dropping by here! :)

That's the game of high school. haha! You did experience that, didn't you?:P

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