Monday, July 16, 2007

Quality? No More!

For the whole week after I came back from my trips, I have been busy fixing my laptop and my external hardisk. At first, I had problem with my laptop as I mentioned earlier here. After several tries, thanks God, I finally managed to get it well again. It's still in testing mode and I hope everything is alright for my laptop. No laptop = lots of things cannot be done.

Ok, done with laptop, now problem occured for my external hardisk. I bought this external hardisk about 9 months back but actually it has failed on me after few months of using it. First problem was related to the lousy casing and the second problem was about the difficulty to boot up. Since it was bought in Kuala Lumpur (KL) by my friend, Brian, I had to ask my sis to bring it back to the shop for checking during her previous trip there. However, nothing was changed there as the guy detected nothing wrong to the hardisk. Ok, fine, brought it back to Miri, used for few days and same thing happen. I just thought it must be the lousy casing.

Anyway, since nobody's going to KL, I decided to continue using it. It can still be used but with loud noise due to the fan and also difficult to boot up.

This time round when Brian went back to KL for a short holidays, I had to trouble him to bring this hardisk back to KL to repair. The casing was changed. It was then brought back to me after that. I was extremely happy at the time when the hardisk was brought back home. I thought, "Finally! The hardisk is ok now!"

My nightmare actually began there. It successfully booted up for the first time. Nevertheless, my laptop couldn't detect it after I turned it off and on.

Problem after problem, sometimes, I'm quite frustrated about the quality of the product nowadays. Somemore, I have to spend my time fixing them. We are living in a high-tech world today but it doesn't seem to be "high-tech" for me at all. I guess most of you have also experienced this every now and then. Why can't the manufacturer produce something which can last longer? The refrigerator at my home (Miri) is older than me in age but it's still functioning well (only few times, it has cough and fever). I'm sure we don't mind paying more for a better quality product.

If this still doesn't improve, I'm not surprised we'll have to use "daily disposeable products" in the future. Buy, use once and throw. In this case, we don't care about quality...

P/s: This is quite random I know. Maybe I'm just too tired physically and mentally fixing all the stuff which fail on me. Hope things will be better.
P/s/s: Adelaide Trip Day 4 will be up soon...


wonda said...

My computer is cranky too, can faint suddenly - total blackout!
Kok, I abdicate my MCC chairmanship and let you take over my place. You called me Aunty Judy last time, now you called Aunty Judy "Aunty Alice" on her post comment. Haha! My new MCC Chairman!

Kok said...

Aunty Alice,
That's the quality of the product nowadays!

Alamak!!! Serious ah??? I didn't realise it. That's why I said, I'm mentally and physically tired. Couldn't switch that fast. haha! I have to fast fast go Aunty Judy's blog and say sorry liao. Cham cham! Don't want lah. I don't want to become MCC Chairman!:P

wmw said...

When you are feeling like this, it's good to just drop things and go off to do something "happy" to make one feel better! :o) said...

Haha. Kok. Do you seriously need the external harddisk?
chuck it away and maybe you can save a lot of nightmare.
Just stick to 2GB pendrive and maybe a couple of Dvd

Shionge said...

I know what you mean Kok....likewise for some electrical appliances and stuff like that not built to last anymore.

Dancing Queen said...

Don't let all this technology work you up! We are relying too much on it already. That's me telling myself too! :(

Kok said...

wmw: Yea, I think I'll just leave the things alone and do my other stuff now. :)

yenjai: I need a hardisk cause my laptop doesn't give me enough space to store even my photos. 2gb pendrive? Not enough leh. And some more, I don't have a dvd writer. I'll tell you the story of dvd or cd next time round.

shionge: Yaya, like your washing machine. hehe. Our house used to have a washing machine for at least 10 years! That's the quality for last time.

dancing queen: If possible, I won't want to rely on technology that much, but the fact is, we are forced to rely on them. Sometimes, there's no way for us to avoid using them. That's the bad thing about technology. hehe.

jane said...

yeah i do agree with u that the quality of things are dropping!!! look at our old old car back at home, they're still functioning so well. but look at the new cars nowadays... can only last like 6-7 yrs then start to K.O oredi. *shake head*. not just computer n fridge. it's EVERYTHING else is MADE IN CHINA!

Judy said...

Kok, yes it is frustrating when our pc or laptop is not working properly. We are so dependent on this technology these days that we can't live without it.
Do as wmw says. Just walk away for a while and do something happy. Have you got any friends or friend's friends or relatives who know how to fix this?
I hope all goes well with your laptop.

Kok said...

jane: Exactly! The old cars back home just need some servicing and that's it. These days, the cars seem to be broken down after 1 or 2 years using it... Ermm, not only those things made in China. I think basically almost everything nowadays are super lousy.

Aunty Judy: I agree with you. We are too dependent on the technology these days. Yea, I'm trying to finish off some of my stuff. Have left things undone after this fixing stuff. For instance, the cake I promised to bake! Lots of things to do...

For laptop, I have almost fixed it myself. 85% done. If everything goes well by tomorrow, I'll just reinstall everything back and HOLA! Done for laptop.

For external hdd, I doubt it can survive although I believe there'll be a miracle. Hope it will get well soon...

Xiu Long Bao said...

emm...i understand that. Dunno y my laptop n other 'hi tech' thingy always gimme prob only when im in Oz. But they function perfectly well in msia...Why? why? why?

As for ur great old fridge.Those were the days...nowadays they wan u to buy more new things n change the model frequently if not how to survive lar.

Xiu Long Bao said...

btw, can i share ur rekomendation on good miri food wiv floggers? If u dun mind, i'll reproduce ur advice in my blog. thanks ya!

Kok said...

xiu long bao,
Ya meh? My one sometimes also doesn't work perfectly in M'sia leh. Maybe the weather. hehe.

They can actually produce one with good quality and mark up the price. I'm pretty sure people will still buy the product although the price is high.

Can, can! Sure! Bring the food back to West Malaysia! haha! Eh eh, one thing, if the food I recommended is not nice, don't blame me ok? :P

Kenny Mah said...

Hey bro,

My laptop, 2 year old thing that it is, getting wonky of late too. I better back up my info before it fails on me.

Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog recently and for your words of concern. Still busy but happy. :)

All the best to you too! :)

FireHorse said...

I fully agree with wmw, drop things and do something fun, there I bring you some durian since I baru eat durian only.

Kok said...

kenny: Thanks for dropping by despite your busy schedule.

You better backup all your important info. If not, you'll end up suffering. :P

Good to hear that you're doing fine. Come drop by again when you're free!

All the best to you too. :)

firehorse: Wahlamak!!! I want durians! Aiyoooo, you made me crave for durian now!

teckiee said...

pity you with the pc problem man. i totally understand how you felt. ... but hw these days like that one la. cannot last. i remember back when IBM was the only PC manufacturer in Mal... those systems could last up to 15 years! (of cos after 15 years.. who would want to use it? hehehe)

mott said...

Actually..last time the thinking was different..manufacturers actually wanted their products to last...quality mah.

Now..they prefer for it to break down fast! So more money for them! Quantity mah!


Kok said...

teckiee: Yaloh, seems like computer last time can last longer than these days. Aih, maybe like xiu long bao and mott said, they wanna earn more by producing a low quality product. Things break down>Buy new>Company earns more.

mott: Hmm...Seems like I have to agree with you. Nowadays manufacturers want their product to sell fast!

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