Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wok With Kok is Back!

Hello everyone! Welcome to today's *pointing the mic to the audience*

Wok With Kok!

Thank you!

Today, Wok With Kok brings to you a dish everyone must know how to cook!

Chicken Porridge.

Yes, Chicken Porridge (Congee)! No matter if you need a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper, porridge is still your best company.

Psstt... guys, if you want to win a girl's heart, cook this when she's not feeling well (of course, don't always wish the one you love to get sick lah :P). She'll be touched! Girls, you can do the same! :)

Now, let Chef Kok show you how easy is this dish.

First, prepare these ingredients.
  1. Chicken/Pork (minced meat if you're cooking for someone who's not feeling well).
  2. Half cup of rice
  3. Water (a lot)
  4. 1 or 2 pieces of lettuce
  5. Pepper
  6. Salt
  7. Chicken powder (optional)
  8. Oyster sauce
The cooking method is pretty straightforward but don't take it too simple.
  1. Slice the chicken/pork and marinate it with a bit of salt and pepper. If minced meat is your choice, mixed it with a bit of cornflour and oyster sauce.
  2. Clean the lettuce. Cut 3/4 into slices and chopped another 1/4 of it. Sounds troublesome? You'll know my reason later on.
  3. Wash the rice and boil it over medium fire with at least 5 to 6 cups of water in a medium size pot.
  4. Boil some more water since in most cases you'll need to add more water.
  5. Constantly and gently stir the "rice" to avoid getting it burnt.
  6. This is optional. Add in chicken powder at your own taste. You might need to skip this when you cook this for people not feeling well. They might want something "tasteless".
  7. Add more water if the water in the pot started to get less.
  8. When it's almost done, turn the fire to low and add in the chicken/pork slices. For minced meat, you may want to take a spoonful and roll it into meatball.
  9. Turn off the fire when the meat is almost cooked.
  10. Put all the letuce slices into a bowl.
  11. Pour the porridge into the bowl.
  12. Garnish it with the chopped lettuce on top and add a little bit of pepper if you prefer.
  13. Finally, serve it HOT!
A close look...

Easy peasy, eh? Oh, before I forget, you might want to eat your porridge with this...

Preserved beancurds.

Preserved beancurds!

Alternatively, you can use your rice cooker to boil your porridge. It's just the same method and might be easier. Or, if there's leftover rice from yesterday dinner, don't waste it! You can cook porridge with that. Just add more water and boil it. ;)

Ok, folks! That's for today's Wok With Kok. Kok can cook, so can you! Enjoy and thanks!

Tips: You might want to add in slices of ginger and boil it with the porridge. It'll taste better. ;)
Edited: Additional tips! Try to toss it with sesame oil. I bet you'll like it.


Dancing Queen said...

This Kok ah getting very good at cooking liao.. Next time whoever he marries, chap tou lor! No need to cook! :D

Kok said...

dancing queen,
Cook porridge also good at cooking meh? I should learn more from you and the others also lah. My cooking, good to look, but not good to eat. hahaha!
Yaloh, don't know who's the unlucky one. haha!

Dizzy Dee said...

Haha - my boyfriend's surname is "Kok" - also, in Afrikaans (my mother tongue) the word "Kok" refers to a cook, being similar to a chef, so I'm sure you're great at cooking ;)

Found you via eastcoastlife btw, and was drawn to your blog by your name ;)

Shionge said...

Well done Chef Kok kekekek....wonderful home cooked food and glad you are able to have preserved beancurd there.....yum, I must have some this weekend ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahaah nice nice..easy n simple to make..but i prefer mine to be more flavourful..keke

put in some dried scallops..and the girl should b urs! haha

MeiyeN said...

yumzzz... i didn't know you can cook! :p looked very appetizing, thumbs up for you :D

MIM said...

I've never tasted preserved bean curds. I don't want to either. But people who love it simply love it though.

jane said...

alamak.. food again! I want some!!! The preserved bean curd with porridge is delicious. remember how our moms would cook porridge for us in tanjung lobang no. 5 every sunday, many years ago? i love those food. simple.. but.. satisfying :)

wonda said...

Attention single girls! Kok is here to wok for you! Hehe! Should thank me hor for advertising for you lei.

Kok said...

dizzy dee: First of all, thanks for dropping by!:)

Oh, serious? hahaha! Then Wok With Kok sounds good eh?:P Kok is not my surname actually. It's my middle name which my friends normally call me that. I'm not actually good at cooking though. Maybe some simple dishes.

Again, thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy your stay. :)

shionge: Thank you, shionge! You can actually find all sort of Asian food here. So, you don't need to bring Maggie Mee all the way from Singapore if you plan to come here. haha! Just bring your money. :P

joe: I would love to cook it more flavourful but no $ to buy so much side dish leh. hehe.

Wah, you sure not? Ok, I'll try this when I got a target next time. haha!

meiyen: Aiyo, you must be my new audience. I've been cooking all these while lah. But all simple dishes lah. hehe. Thanks a lot!:)

mum in miri: I was like you before. I don't want to taste this preserved beancurd. After one of my housemate bought it for porridge, I tried and quite like it. You should give it a try. You won't know how nice it is if you don't try!:P

jane: hahaha! I'm too desperate for Open Market chicken porridge. Don't you feel it does look like it? With lettuce especially. :P

How can I forget those days? Every Sunday, all of us will gather at Tanjung Lobang No.5 and have lunch with gong gong. Hmm..probably should do it once more if we have a chance. hehe.

Aunty Alice: Alamak, later my phone rings non-stop lah. hahaha! Thanks! I hope some girls heard you. ;)

xiu long bao said...

got visual imagination somemore...haha...i always use rice cooker to cook porridge one.
Most of the time tend to overdo with the ingredients :p

Dried Oysters
Dried cuttlefish
Dried Scallops
Chinese mushroom
Diced cabbage
Shredded chicken
Pork balls

No wonder I always feel like eating ingredients more than eating porridge itself. Sure 'zap lap' lar if i sell porridge like dis.

eastcoastlife said...

Aiyoooo.... our Chef Kok teaching kao lui too! hehehe...

Your porridge looks irresitible. Good bait! hehehe...

Wah! Really so long haven't eat preserved bean curd. Must buy a bottle later.

Kok said...

xiu long bao: You're just like my sister lah. Eat porridge with lots of ingredients! hahaha!

Nolah, if you're going to open this porridge business, I think you'll be kiam siap with all the ingredients and give big bowl of porridge. hahaha!

eastcoastlife: Haha! Kao lui not Chef Kok liao loh. Become Cupid Kok. hahaha!

Go buy one bottle! But, don't finish everything lah. hahaha!:P

Judy said...

Wah, expert like a chef trying to sell his recipe wor. Some more got tips for boys trying to win their girl's heart. *Clap, clap*

Don't forget ah, when you become a celebrity chef, we are still your friends first and last, ok? :P

jane said...

YES YES! it does look like the open air porridge, that's what came to my mind when i first saw it! :D yummy. i like the chickennn too.. and also the century egg ur dad would order from a shop at another end, when we went there to eat together! so yummy!!!

Kok said...

Aunty Judy: Alamak, don't tease me lah. I'm not so good lah actually. Just wanna make the post sound a bit "live" mah. hehe.

If I ever became a celebrity chef ah, I'll invite all the bloggers to attend my show. hahahah! I think I started to dream liao. :P

jane: haha! I can never steal their recipe lah. I failed badly. Couldn't even get the same taste. haha!

Wow! You have great memory. Such a little detail you also can remember. The century egg... haha! Next time we go again la. haha!

Joy said...

I used to enjoy this dish when I was little. Now I have to enjoy it using veggie chicken as I am now a pesco-vegetarian.

The Goddess In You

Kok said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy yourself here.

I know chicken vegie taste as nice too! Actually most of the vegetarian food is nice and also...HEALTHY!:)

FireHorse said...

I love porridge wan, pls gip me 3 bowls, where the ewe char kuey (deep fried breadstick)?

eastcoastlife said...

Tell me if you manage to bed oops.... hehehe... bait some girls by offering them this porridge. I'll give you free pimping on my blog. mwahahahahah....

G @ said...

"wok with kok" - that'll be ur domain name if u ever get one? hehe wah now Aunty G knows u are so talented in cooking. Must hv many GFs lah u?? Kok may I ask if u're based in NSW? Thanks for ur tips on the chicken congee ... i never thought abt eating it with beancurd, good idea!!

wmw said...

Yes, like I said before, you will make a good husband....haha!

Kok said...

firehorse: Three bowls?!?! Wahhh! You can eat that much ah?:P Ewe char kueh? Aiyo, that one I haven't mastered yet lah. Toast bread can?:P

eastcoastlife: Aiyooo, you wanna teach me bad ah? hahaha! Free pimping? Where where?

mommibee: Domain name? Haven't thought of one leh. I don't think will be Wok With Kok lah. Later people see all the easy dish, they laugh leh. haha!

Another Aunty? Cannot be lah. Later Aunty Judy and Aunty Alice said you want to fight with their position lah. hehe.

Girlfriend? Aiyoooooo! This one. Nolahhh! Don't even have one now, where got many leh? Any to intro? hahaha!

I'm based in Perth. Don't tell me you want me to cook porridge for you ah? hehe.

No worries! Come back more often to check out other dishes of Wok With Kok! haha! :P

wmw: Good husband? Like I told mommibee, don't even have a girlfriend, not to say husband. haha! Never mind, you shall see. :P

teckiee said...

I agree with XLB actually. put a lot of ingredients only syok ma. go out side cannot but ones with good stuff ;p

Kok said...

So much good stuff...just a bowl of porridge also leh. haha!:P

WokandSpoon said...

This is my favourite comfort food! Yummmmmm. I love adding a fried garlic oil sauce to it as well! Well done!

Kok said...

You love chicken porridge too? By the way, what's fried garlic oil sauce ah? I've never tried this before. Let me know and I should try it next time. :) Thanks!

Cheesie said...

Preserved beancurd is the chinese cheese. :)

Kok said...

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog!:)

Are you sure preserved beancurd is chinese cheese?:P

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