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Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas

Sorry, guys, another tag here. This is going to be an interesting tag, so, enjoy. :)

"Highschool Flashbacks & Dramas" tag was passed to me by Kleio. I have thought of writing this down before but I was collecting photos back then (failed since I'm in Perth now). This topic is as hot as chilli padi everytime I met my highschool friends. Just recently when I was in Adelaide, meeting Sharon, Oliver and Melissa, this topic was brought up again. So, now, I'll write this up. Hopefully no one falls asleep after reading this.

Before I move on, take a look at this photo...

Spot me!

This is the only photo I could find at the moment. I grabbed this from Lynnwei's friendster. (Lynnwei, hope you don't mind I get this photo without your permission). Now, you don't have to imagine how I look like during my highschool days. ;)

By the way, for everyone's information, some of my frequent readers were my ex-classmates. This include Billy, Carrots, Hui Jiun, Lynn Wei, Piglet, Sharon and Zhungyi. Maybe there are some more ex-classmates of mine who were reading my blog but I don't know. Silent readers... :P

Of Differences and Barriers
It's still fresh in my memory when I was still in Form 1. A lot of new faces which I never saw before. Mainly because there were other students from other primary schools. It was a big class in SMK St. Columba (a national school) with about 50 people back then.

Honestly, I don't mix with people very quickly. I'm like an old motorbike; you need to give a few kicks before it starts. Same thing happen when I was in secondary school. I only mixed with my primary schoolmates at first before I started to know the whole class. I was quite lucky that most of my classmates stay together from Form 1 to Form 5. Therefore, our relationship was quite close (that's what I think, maybe not for others :P).

I was very mischievous at that time. I did a lot of crazy stuff which ended up giving lots of laughter to my classmates but poor me, I always got the scoldings from my teachers. In form 4 or 5, there were several times when everyone was too noisy in class and was asked to stand up for the whole period as punishment. Only those who managed to answer the teacher's question were allowed to sit down. One classmates after another was allowed to lay their bums on their chairs. Only left me and few of my friends who were still standing up. My buddies (Adrian, Jeffery, Jing Jet and Danny) and I came out with a plan of purposely answer the questions wrongly and not sitting down. There we went, only few of us and another one or two classmates who remained standing. Then, we started to fool around. Telling everyone that we were F4 and Energy (famous Chinese group singers) and started singing a bit here and there. We did as if the teacher didn't exist! Of course, we were not that stupid. We did that just before bell rang (end of a period). The teacher could do nothing as she had to go off for another class.

Talk about singing, I really sang a lot in Form 4 and Form 5 despite my singing was not good at all. Ask all my ex-classmates about "Qing Fei De Yi" and they'll tell you. There was once when we were separated into few groups and each group had to use their most creative way to present the sajak (Malay poems). Everyone just did the normal reading and that's it. However, for my group, we did something special. Danny and I went in front of the class. Everyone was looking at us. The teacher was sitting at my seat and her eyes were targetting both of us. We were so nervous then but we still managed to laugh. After we calmed ourselves down, we started to rap the whole poem. We even had our very own sound effect. "Yo yo! Check it out, kua dio gui" (as always rapped by the Taiwanese), we made the whole class laugh out loud. Even the teacher had to hold her stomach while laughing like there's no tomorrow. Not only that, I always sang and laughed so loud that even the next few classes could hear. There was once, a friend from next, next door (2 classes away), asked me, "Kok Wei, just now what are you laughing at ah?" Now you can imagine how loud I was.

In Form 5, there was a funny and mischievous occasion which never failed to be brought into our "memories" conversation. You all have to picture this scenario. Again, this involved my buddies and I. Jeffery, Jing Jet, Danny and I sat together in a group of 4 while Adrian was always an "illegal immigrant". There was once Jeffery brought to school some frozen Australia chocolates for Jing Jet. Australia chocolates leh! Expensive stuff you know? Jing Jet being the nice friend, decided to share a block of chocolate bunny with us during Bahasa Malaysia (BM) class. Yes, we ate DURING the class. We were supposed to do some exercise but we decided to eat the chocolate. The chocolate bunny was so hard that we couldn't break it into pieces to be shared. At first, Jeffery tried the normal way which was to break it into half. He failed. Then, it was Jing Jet turn. He tried to knock it on the table!


"Apa yang bising sana?!" (What's so noisy there) Puan Huang, our BM teacher shouted.

"Hah? Tak tahu, cikgu," (Hah? Don't know teacher) Jeffery answered spontaneously.

We started to giggle knowing Jeffery was lying. At the same time, we still tried to figure out a way break that chocolate apart as the chocolate was still remaining in its original shape.

Jing Jet, being the usual smart him, decided to wrapped the chocolate with plastic bag and threw it on the floor. There the chocolate went "BAM!" This time, Puan Huang thought it was just something dropped on the floor and didn't question.

We unwrapped the plastic bag and found out the chocolate was broken into 3 pieces (if I'm correct). One piece were sent flying to Adrian's place. The second piece was shared between Jeffery and Jing Jet. I think they just had a bite each. The third piece was supposed to share between me and Danny. Danny was the good guy back then, as he's the head prefect. (Did I mention that Jing Jet and I were also prefect? :P) So, he rejected my offer. It was quite a big piece and I asked Jing Jet and Jeffery, who were sitting in front of me, whether they wanted another bite or not. With the chocolate still in their mouth, they waved at me, giving a don't-want-signal. I had no choice but to immediately stuff the whole big piece of chocolate in my mouth as I scared the teacher might notice us eating. While eating, we giggled non-stop. Unfortunately, we giggled too loud that it brought up Puan Huang's attention.

"Siapa yang bising-bising sana?" (Who's so noisy there) she asked.

Jeffery finished his chocolate earlier, thus, answering back, "Tak tahu, cikgu. Mungkin budak sesi petang. Panggil Danny tangkap mereka!" (Don't know teacher. Maybe the students from afternoon session. Ask Danny to write down their names).

Danny was stunned, not knowing what to do or answer. I was then laughing with my head on the table while trying to cover my mouth to make sure Puan Huang didn't notice that we were eating. I think those around us knew what happen and laugh.

Luckily after 5 minutes, the bell saved us again and it was time to go home!

Basically, I mixed quite well with everyone during my high school life. I really enjoyed my time with my friends. I had so much fun that I thought school is just another playground for me. be continued

Next will be about "Grades and Studiousness".


Dancing Queen said...

You were a naughty prefect! How did they pick you to be one? Maybe you 'ka jing keng' in front of your teachers leh? :D

Kok said...

dancing queen,
I also think I was super naughty that time. haha! Errmm..that one ah, next next episode then you'll know. :P

jane said...

what a nice post! it makes me miss mine..... very nostalgic..... that time f4 baru famous nia!!! my frens n i also always singing and messing.. especially love the classes where the teachers call us to "buat kerja sendiri".. MUAHAHAHA!

like u, i'm also an old motorbike that needs a few kicks before it starts. takes a while for me to warm up! it's probably in the blood huh!!! :D

teckiee said...

I bet this post brings backs all your "good ol' days". You made me miss and F4 and F5 years too!

Judy said...

So, where is the young boy? The good looking on right at the back with the jacket? :)

So naughty one....tut tut tut.....

So, now you are older you very 'kwai' already yes? :P

wonda said...

Didn't know you were a naughty prefect! Now very good hor!

Kok said...

jane: Hahaha! Ya man, F4! Aduuuhhhh! hahaha! True true, the chocolate incident happened when we were having this "buat kerja sendiri". :P

You also? But I thought you are a "new motorbike" now? You still need few kicks ah?:P

teckiee: hehe. Don't worry, I'll tag you in the end. Then, you can have your story telling. hehe.

Aunty Judy: Ermm, the right at the back with jacket is correct. But not good looking. hahaha!

Actually not really leh. I can be very naughty if I want. Like I mentioned, I need a few kicks, then I'll have my engine turn on! :P

^SpRInG^ said...


u remember ur ole joke ar, where u say, everybody, everybody, i tell u a very funny joke... one that make u sure laff one... very funny wan...

den when everybody look at u, den u say "xiao yi xia", "kucik"....

carr0ts said...

hahahha, so funny!!!! i can't wait for your next post... i think when danny described the chocolate episode with all his actions, man, i laughed like crazy! looking forward to your next post! :)

carr0ts said...

oh btw, for everyone's information, kok has the "Inducing-Laugh". sometimes u dont even have to know what the joke is, all you have to do is just listen to him laugh, and you'll laugh... it's just toooo funny the way he laughs!!

Kok said...

spring: Hah? Got meh? I totally forgot about that leh. Maybe you can make a movie for that and post it in your blog. That should be able to get back my memories. I think I just created too much jokes for you all. That's why, I can't remember which one. hahaha!

carrots: I never know after high school, I'm still providing you with endless entertainment. hahaha! Yaya, this one must have action one. More realistic mah. hahaha! My next post is up. But not much high school stuff. Maybe sometimes later, I should flash back and get more "memories" back. Then I can post more stuff bout high school stuff. You can provide me idea! :P

Eh eh, don't need to promote my laugh lah. I only laugh like that when it's in a crowd. Now I seldom do so liao since always go out in a small group. No place for me to laugh like that. hahaha!

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Arghhh! I missed your comment. Sorry!

Ermm...I was a naughty prefect, but I'm also a naughty guy now lah. hehe. This thing, cannot change one. haha!

wonda said...

MCC Chairman! First you exchanged our names. Now you missed my comment but never mind. don't miss Judy's next. This prefect is going to catch you! said...

That Sharon from adelaide?
Your class wor?

sharon said...

kok: u ah, make me miss our times in sec school so much! we did have a great time! i agree with carrots tho, u ah i think it'll be easy to find u in a crowd lo, just listen for ur laughter..wuahah!!!

billy: apa itu?? hahahahhh!!!!!! i laughed like wut man, that's a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolzzz....still laughing away while typing this

yenjai: yeh im kok's ex classmate! we are old old frens..haha!!

seriously, kok, fasterla, i wanna read ur other post..syok...but not bad, we still keep in touch after 5 years!!!wuahhaa

Kok said...

Aunty Alice: Alamak, really sorry. I think I'll never be able to clear my name liao. hehe.

Wah, Aunty Judy also prefect ah? she a naughty prefect too?:P

yenjai: Ya wor. She was my classmates from Primary 1-6, Secondary 1-5 and College for 1 year. :P

sharon: Wah, first time you had so many to comment. Good good! hahaha! Later on I'll pass the tag to you and you'll be the one who will make me miss my sec school life. haha!

Eh, I don't have inspirations to write leh. My final part is so hard! Hopefully can finish later on.

Ya man, after 4 years (not 5 years lah, PRIME College leh?:P) we still manage to meet each other. Looking forward for the next meeting!:P said...

This is really old old friend liao.
Hope your friendship will last another 50 years

Kok said...

I don't know if I die or not liao after 50 years. hahaha!

sharon said...

kok: choi! apa la u cakap..who knows i go first leh..ahahahhhah!!!! anyway, how funny la when i think of attending ur wedding next time..hahahah

Kok said...

Girls have longer life lah. hahaha! Huh? Suddenly thought of my wedding? What's so funny? Tell leh! hahaha!

Kleio the Muse said...

My god! your post made me feel old. F4 sounded so new to me. LOL

Tho I felt like shit today, I couldn't refrain myself from commenting. You are one very impish prefect. Hahhaahaha. How on earth did you manage to con your teachers into selecting you in the first place.

Btw, thank you for indulging me by doing this meme. It's a real eye opener. Totally enjoyed it.

Kok said...

Haha! Actually I was just making fun of F4 since many girls were quite crazy bout them. :P

Aiks? What happened?

I actually wasn't selected as prefect at first. I have to thank my friend Danny for his recommendation. Then the principal took me as prefect. hahaha! The principal never knew I was that BAD!:p

No worries. I enjoy the meme and I do hope you do. Thanks for the tag!:)

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