Monday, July 24, 2006

Yummy Food

Back in Perth few days ago. My sis was with the same flight as me and she stayed in Perth for a few days before she flew back to Adelaide today. Before I get on with what I have done for the past few days, I'll like to just show off all the food which I have eaten in Miri. :P

I'll be very hungry when I write this post.

Roasted chicken rice at Hopoh.

This is one of the best roasted chicken rice which I have eaten. First lunch when I was back in Miri.

New generation Karipap?

I have no idea what's the name of this Kuih. It was given by Danny's mum. Very yummy though.

Something like Apam Balek.

Inside, there's peanut and sugar and maybe some butter. Nice to try.


This is another kind of kuih which you can easily get in the market. It is called panggang because it is put on top of the charcoal and barbecued.

Belacan in the inside with rice covers it.

It's actually one of the kuih which I like most.

Three Colour Milk Tea @ Teh-C Peng Special.

As expensive as RM2 a glass, this drink has gained its popularity among the Mirians including me. There are 3 colours in this tea. The most bottom part is black which is the gula melaka (sometimes green when gula melaka is replaced by wheetgrass syrup), the middle is white which is the colour of the milk while the top is brown colour which is the colour of the tea with a little bit of milk dillute in it. However, I still prefer the original Teh-C Peng sometimes. ;)

Sweet and sour pork.

There's no need for me to introduce this dish as I think most of us are quite familiar with this. I totally forgot to ask my mum for this dish when I was back in Miri. Missed it.

Asam Curry which was cooked by my mum and I.

The colour doesn't look nice I guess but hey, it tasted delicious ok?

Mi din, a kind of native plant.

Mi din is a kind of native plant which can be eaten. I don't think this is available at any other places besides Sarawak. It is best cooked with belacan or dried shrimps. My mum and I had Mi din and Asam Curry when my dad went Kuala Lumpur to pick up my sis from the airport.

Curry at Yakin Food Centre.

One of the best curry back in Miri. It is served with a bowl of rice. There are different kind of curry available at this stall. I prefer the one with soup. Yummy!

Wanton soup.

This is just a kind of meat dumpling. Available either in dry or soup.

Kolo Mee at Hai Ma!

Kolo mee or kampua or dry noodle is one of the very best food which is available in Miri (actually all over Sarawak). When you ask the Sarawakian oversea students about the food they miss back home, not mum's cooking, but kolo mee!

Kolo mee at Hopoh.

Although the price of a bowl of kolo mee has raised from RM1.50 to RM2.00 (still can find the RM1.50 kolo mee) in Miri, people still like it either as a breakfast, lunch or supper. If anyone happens to read this post and has never tried kolo mee, do so when you visit any town in Sarawak. Enjoy a bowl of kolo mee and I'm sure you will never forget the taste. :)

Beef noodle at Faradale Cafe (Beside Courts Mammoth).

The best beef noodle in Miri for me. The aroma of the soup and the taste of the tender beef, together with some bean sprouts and chopped salted vegetable, have never failed to attract me to order one of this.

A closer look.

It's worth your money to try. Last time, the stall is at Piasau but now it has moved to Faradale Cafe. Available only in the morning.

Hot, hot laksa!

I like this stall's laksa. The spicyness of the soup is just nice. The stall is just located at Krokop 9 1/2.

Economy rice.

I ordered one more dish for this ecomony rice caused I was too hungry at that time. Normally three dishes. How much is this with so much dishes? RM3.50 or RM4.00 only per plate! It's even cheaper than the Aud$3.50 chicken rice back in Perth (cheapest food in Perth).

Dim Sum.

Nothing to blog about Miri's dim sum as it is still not as good as those at Perth.

What's this pyramid?

Nasi lemak from Nagaliar (near Imperial Mall shopping complex).

Nasi lemak is rice cooked in coconut milk. This rice usually served with sambal, peanuts, salted fish, few piece of chicken and also cucumber.

Secret in this sambal.;)

Although my friend told me that there's one shop which sells more better nasi lemak (I haven't have the chance to taste it), I still think nasi lemak from Nagaliar is still the best (wait till I taste the nasi lemak from the other stall). My friend, Oliver, can eat this nasi lemak as lunch for almost two weeks non stop! Oliver, try submit your record to Malaysia Book of Record. You might get a chance to have your record in the book. :P

Rojak opposite Miri Library.

Rojak is a combination a lot of things such as the cucumber, dried bean curd, cuttlefish, and pineapple. It is mixed with some sort of gravy and topped with some crushed peanuts.

Another kind of rojak, the kuih type.

Rojak is normally eaten as afternoon tea. Price ranged from RM3 to RM10. Not to be missed when you eat rojak is the drink served in the rojak stall.

Red bean with sweet corn kernels.

Since Miri is so hot, normally I'll go for a cold drink like this. ;)

Fried Kueh Tiaw (Wet) with tomato sauce.

My sis likes the fried noodles (wet) at this stall, WZT Cafe, which is situated near Imperial Mall Shopping Complex.

Fried with prawns, vege, meat and meat spring roll.

I ordered fried kueh tiaw that time instead as I prefer kueh tiaw than noodles. It's nice but the portion is a bit too small. It's a great breakfast.

Kampung Fried Noodle @ Mee Goreng.

If I was to order noodles, I would prefer the dry one instead of the wet one. This one is a kampung fried noodle which is not the best fried noodle which I have eaten. I don't know there are so many different names given to fried noodle. Normally we would just order mee goreng basah/kering.

Planta Chicken at Uncle Lai's Cafe.

I have never seen this kind of dish elsewhere except at Uncle Lai's Cafe (which is just beside the oldest KFC Building near the open market). So I assume that this cafe creates their very own dish.

Fried pieces of chicken with their secret receipe sauce.

Underneath is rice and on the top are a piece of lettuce, few slices of cucumber and fried pieces of chicken with sauce. Their secret receipe is the sauce. I think it is a combination of milk and margerine (Planta brand?). I'm not quite sure about this but that's really creamy stuff. Ladies, don't eat this if you want to keep fit. :P It is quite well presented in a dim sum tray. However, there is a down point for this dish. The chicken is fried earlier and therefore, it's kinda cold when it is served.

Golden Pillow at Roman Bakery.

The last time I went back, there aren't a lot of choice for bakery. Not only that, normally the bakeries don't manage to come out with new ideas in their receipe. Most of them will use hotdog (chicken frank) for the bread they bake. However, this time when I went back to Miri, I found this Roman Bakery, which is beside Pei Min Middle School, has successfully came out with new recipe. Golden Pillow is a bread with custard and pineapple inside and is covered with a thin layer of egg (?). Something like that. :P

Bread with bacon (forgot the name given).

I'm quite impressed with the numbers of new recipe they have came out with. Eventhough the bread is of a simple recipe, but their presentation of the bread is simply marvellous. Besides that, the texture of the bread is just nice which earns two thumbs up from me.

The last but not least, I had this back in Miri...

Chicken chop at one of the kopitiam (coffee shop).

Wahlao, it's so much different from the steak which I had in Perth.

Steak back in Perth.

But what can I expect, right? I have to pay Aud$28 (RM77) for steak back in Perth while I only need to pay RM8 for the chicken chop back in Miri.

Anyway, I still enjoy the food back in Miri. I'll miss all the food back in Miri. I'll see them again in four months time. Same to my family and my friends in Miri. I'll see you all in four months time. Wait for me!!!:)

P/s: Most of the photos were taken using my handphone. So, some are kinda blur. Apologise for that.


lawcl said...

i miss those foods!

Kok said...

lee, less than 4 months we'll be able to go back miri and enjoy the food again! at the mean time, clear out your stomach first!:)

Jane said...

idiot lah u!!! im SO drooling now!!!

Kok said...

jane: haha! You're still in Malaysia lah. You still can eat those food!:P

Jane said...

i can't believe i'm reading this and drooling AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and plus my stomach is growling!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need my lunch i need my lunch. i miss miri food after this post.... looks so deliciousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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