Saturday, July 29, 2006

Some More Miri Food

I forgot to post some more Miri food! How could I left them alone in the folder?

Roti Telur.

That's Malaysia pancake. It's something like pancake, wrap with egg. Tear bit of it and dip it in the curry gravy. Yummy! A cheap breakfast which costs you not more than RM1.50.

Mee Sua @ Mian Xian.

Ok, Foochows normally cook this Mee Sua in chicken soup. But my mum has a version which is the dry one. I think not many people try this before. Actually is my aunty who passed this receipe to my mum (or should I say my mum 'accidentally' learn from her :P). We always have this Mee Sua for breakfast during Chinese New Year at my aunty's place. On top of the Mee Sua, usually there are boiled chinese cabbage, 'ru dan' (boiled egg which is cooked in soy sauce), slices of 'ru rou' (pork which is cooked in soy sauce) and slices of mushroom. It's best to eat with slices of chinese sausage, too.

Does my post on food makes you hungry? ;)


lawcl said...

i miss mee sua,laksa from 2020,fried noodle from WZT,nasi lemak from mr pek,fat cat's kang kung and sa puo pai ku(i din't manage to eat that when i was back in miri),dim sum,braised duck!and lot more!!mmm..mouth watering dishes..

Kok said...

lee..don't eat too much la..later too fat! hahaha!

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