Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shorter Hair

Before I came back to Perth, I, again, went for a haircut. Shorter than the first time I have my hair cut.

Notice any difference?

Should I keep my current hair style? Any advice?


Anonymous said...

ahhh bamboo like ubi in this hairstyle more!

lawcl said...

anything,you look no different! can change the way you exactly the same with the other photo

Kok said...

bamboo: wahlao..seems like u r the only one that like my hairstyle.. no more other people give comment. haha!

lee: smile also got technique one? how how? tell me? haha!

Jane said...

yup yup!! it makes u look smarter! don keep ur hair long again.. not nice!

Kok said...

jane: LOL! I don't wish to keep it long. I have no choice but to keep it long since I won't be cutting my hair for 4 months when I'm in Perth. haha!

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