Friday, July 28, 2006

Yesterday Lunch

Raining day and night at Perth for these few days. *Sigh*. Have to go to school with an umbrella is very troublesome cause the wind in Perth here is so much stronger that it might blows you million of miles away if your weight is just like one of my friend, Bamboo (you know who you are). :P Just joking. Anyway, to summarise, strong wind in Perth.

Cut the crap. Yesterday after my one and only lecture, I went back home and decided to finish up the pasta and salad which were leftover the night before.

Pasta and salad.

Not much big deal here actually cause the sauce I was using for the pasta is an instant sauce.

Pasta with bolognese sauce.

I added some fresh mushroom and bacon into the sauce which made it tasted so much nicer. I know, it's FATTENING! Can anyone stop me please? :P

Simple salad.

I don't actually know how to make delicious salad. I just got some potato, brocolli and egg and boiled them before I mixed everything with mayonaise. That's my salad. Again, with the carbohydrate of the potato and the fattening mayonaise, I think I will increase my weight to another 10kg soon. Any receipe for 'not so fat' lunch? Please share!

Since I show the photo of the pasta here, I would just post another photo of the pasta which I have cooked some time ago. A simple meal which everyone can give it a try.

'Rojak' receipe of my pasta sauce.

Ok, actually, not really rojak for the receipe of the pasta. It is actually taught by one ex-housemate. The pasta sauce is actually easy to made. Just fried some chopped garlic and onion before you put in some mince beef. Fried until it's almost cooked before you pour in a can of peeled and chopped tomato. Add some salt, red wine (cheap red wine would do) and the most important, basil leave (a kind of spice). That's it! As easy as ABC. ;)


michellewwc said...

Ubi, dont worry, I know my weight haha! First year when I first arrived in Perth.. that year's Winter is the worst I ever experienced. Really almost fly away liu. HAHAHA!

Kok said...

LOL! Now with all the fish and chips, i think you have gained some weight eh? hahaha!

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