Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Dull Sunday Afternoon

It's a dull Sunday afternoon. If I'm now back in Miri, I would just follow my parents around. Eating, shopping, 'makan angin' etc. How nice! But here, I can just face the screen of the laptop, exercise my fingers, do some revision of ABC (if you get what I mean). Apart from that, I can only face my books or lecture notes.

I miss the time when I'm with my family. Although sometimes, we do nothing during Sunday afternoon, I still enjoy the time we are together. Maybe it's because, they are the closest persons to me on earth. So, no matter what we do, I'll still treasure the time when we are together.

But the strange thing is, when I'm back in Miri, I miss the time I'm in Perth. The weather is good, the environment is clean and 'the time is slow'.

*Sigh* Anyway, I should enjoy the time when I'm in Perth now. I would then miss Perth when I'm back in Miri. Less than four months and I'll back in Miri again. At the mean time, I'll just have to do well in my studies. Wish me luck, guys! :)

P/s: I'll post up some of the photos which I have taken during the time when my sis was in Perth. Stay tune!

1 comment:

lawcl said...

how come i dont miss adelaide when i am back in miri?
post those photos that are pretty..dont post those ugly up!

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