Thursday, July 13, 2006

Three More Semesters!

11th of July, I got my exams result. I was so nervous before I got my result. I thought I might failed one of the four units which I have sat. After I clicked the 'Unit Results', sweat started to roll down my head.

"I must pass all the units," I told myself.

It took the page five minutes to load since I was using a 56k connection to view the result.

And *TA DAaaaa*

1 Distinction
3 Credits

Although there is one more subject which I think I can get a better result, I'm still satisfied with my overall result considering I have no fail in any units.

All has been over. New semester yet to come. Three more semester (with the hope of no 'accident'), I will complete my degree.

All the best to me in the coming semester...


michellewwc said...

go go go! keep on going ubi!

Kok said...

Thanks thanks! ;)

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