Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) falls on the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar. For the modern people like us, we normally forget what's behind this festival. We only know there are mooncakes and lanterns on this day.

Mini mooncakes (lotus paste).

Chris bought six mini mooncakes for about Aud$6. He got a whole bunch of friends to go to Kings Park to enjoy the full moon.

Wonderful view at Kings Park.

Kings Park has a clear view of the Perth City. But for yesterday, we preferred to look at the full moon.

Look at the moon...

Chris and I reached Kings Park at 10p.m. and lots of people were already there to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival.

It's so difficult to light up the lantern in a windy night!

We met Chris' friends there. All of us tried to light up the lanterns (specially brought from Singapore) but it's just too tough to do so!

Finally, all light up!

Besides lanterns, we, of course, enjoyed the mooncakes under the bright moon light.

People played lanterns, Chris played with stick.

Not to forget, photos!

" Why are you all holding this 'stuff'?"

There were four Caucasians approached us. They were curious why everyone was carrying the lanterns. So, everyone was trying to explain to them more about the Mid Autumn Festival. We kindly offered them a piece of mooncake and a lantern. They were happy to learn more about the Chinese culture.

Another group of Chris' friends.

This group started with a very funny game called "Pom Chit Chit". Wahlao, this game is just too funny! :P

Explaining how the game works.

It's hard to explain how the game works here. But definitely, it's a very funny game.

That was the first time I celebrated Mid Autumn Festival after 3 years in Perth. This year Mid Autumn Festival going to be unforgetable.


P/s: Look out for my next post on University of Western Australia's Spring Feast. I'm still trying to gather more photos for the post. Stay tuned!


l y n n w e i said... fun!!!
I had exam the next day, so didnt' really celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival~ but had dinner with friends..hehe...


i guess, the moon is round everywhere in the world! coz it's also round here in russia! haha

Kok said...

Oh dear...celebrate the day after that then since the moon will be round for the next few days! haha!

Hm...same moon mah. Of course it's round everywhere in the world la...hahahaha!:P

lawcl said...

my mid-autumn festival for this year is the simplest!went to my friend's house to eat katsu don,and come back home to eat my mooncake!haha..fortunately,i did see round moon here..i bet most of them cant see back in malaysia because of the thick haze!

Kok said...

not too bad lah! at least got katsu don and a big mooncake!:P said...

Hey. Not bad. Who bring the lantern from Singapore?

Kok said...

If I'm not wrong, is my friend's parents from Singapore when they flew here. :)

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