Sunday, October 29, 2006


My current situation...

Photo taken last year...


I am supposed to start studying for my exams which are just one and a half week away. But then, I end up still trying to finish two of my assignments. One due tomorrow (15%) and one due in one week time (5%). The 15% assignment is really giving me headache. It's a group project and non of us in the group knows how to do that. HOW HOW?!

I haven't even started my revision on my exams although this week is supposed to be my study break. I wonder how this semester is going to end up with. I have 4 papers to sit for. And I know nothing about each papers. I have less than 1 week to study everything. I just hope this semester won't be a disaster for me.

Till then... I'll try to update my blog whenever I have my time. Wish me luck, guys! I need all that.


lawcl said...

good luck!i'm sure you can pass thru everything!SEE YOU IN MIRI SOON!!!1 more month to go..and dont forget what you promise me..=P

Kok said...

I hope that too! hehe! yea, less than 1 more month for me. I hope I can go through all these. I won't forget. Don't worry!:)

carr0ts said...

hey, relax! best of luck; you can do it!! then u'll deserve that greeaatt i-so-envy-you-for-that hols!

Kok said...

thanks a lot! I'll try my best :)

l y n n w e i said...

all the best!!

just take it slowly, everything will turn out well!!

dont tension, k!!

Kok said...

thanks a lot! i'll try my best!:)

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