Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Darren!

Couple days ago, it was Darren's birthday. So, Chris and I planned for a dinner with Darren at one of the restaurants at South Perth with Annabelle.

Evening view at South Perth.

When we reached the restaurant, we were shocked to see a long queue, waiting to get their seats. Everyone's stomach was shouting for food, so we decided to head straight to Durty Nelly's, an Irish pub.

Steak night on Wednesdays.

One of the reasons why we have chosen Durty Nelly's is because of the offer on Wednesdays night. Aud$13.90 for their T-Bone Steak.

Yea, "Dirty" Nelly's

Everything is self-serviced here although it's a pub+restaurant.


There were special offer on some of the drinks but we ordered nothing. Chris had to drive, birthday boy had a test to study, Annabelle the only girl and me underage not good at drinking. Those were the reasons why we didn't order any drinks.

The Irish's environment?

Don't be fooled by the photo with all the Caucasians. Actually there were numbers of student or Asians visited this pub. Simply because its half price T-Bone Steak.

That was actually my second time there. The first time, I was there with Chris but I forgot to bring my camera along. So, no photos were taken.

Darren and Annabelle while waiting for the food to be served.

When I asked both of them to post for a photo, they thought I was asking them to let me take a photo of the art on the wall (the photo on top of their heads).


The steak was served after 25 minutes of waiting.

Medium rare T-Bone Steak.

I ordered a serve of medium rare T-Bone Steak which was just right for my taste. The steak was tender and juicy.

It was served with chips and salad as advertised.

HP sauce and Heinz tomato ketchup.

Instead of chilli sauce which is normally available in most of the restaurant, they replace it with HP Sauce. I don't really know how to describe the taste of the sauce. But, it goes right with the steak.


It took us not long to finish the T-Bone Steak because we were just too hungry I guess.

After dinner, we went for bubble tea before the night ended.

Happy Birthday, Darren! =)

5 comments: said...

Why would they choose such a green colour for their board?
It reminded me of ... Quran @_@

Kok said...

Hmm..don't know leh. Maybe that's the national colour of the Irish. :P

lawcl said...

y everytime end with bubble tea?last time ur senior?yan also end with bubble tea after chilli mussels..nothing more to do meh?

Kok said...

Don't tell me we have to go the coffee house for coffee. Expensive lah!

lawcl said...

go for buy 1 free 1 gloria adelaide, the receipt for woolworths always give us buy 1 free 1 gloria jeans coffee..haha..we always go for that

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