Friday, October 20, 2006

Post Multicultural Week

After a successful Multicultural Week, the chairman, Su Yen, decided to reward the committee by throwing a BBQ "party" at Kings Park last Saturday.

This is what Australians do during the weekends.

Arrived there at 12p.m., the park was already packed with people.

Family BBQ.

Some of the committee were there when I arrived. They have found a pretty good spot for BBQ.

Some of the food.

After setting up the pit, I was assigned to BBQ all the meat under the HOT sun!

Chicken wings for sale.

There's good and bad to be the one who barbequed the food. The good one is being the first person who can eat the food while the bad one is to stay under the hot, scorching sun.

Photo first, food later.

Photo session begun after someone take over my place as the barbeque-er.


Oh yea, I am not the only one who barbequed all the meat. Danny, Leon and Adrian were helping too.

Everyone enjoys themselves with their own activities.

Chatting, photos session and barbeque-ing are some of the activities.

Too hot lah.

Some of them even jumped down into the pond to cool themselves off. Believe it or not? :P

Heads of each department.

Logistic department.

Appear in every photos certainly not a very good idea. It's very tiring. Look at Adrian! He's YAWNING! Got so tired meh? Haha!

Events Department? (I wonder if I it's correct)

Promotion Department? (I'm not sure about this too)

Full Part of the committee.

Some of the committee were not able to make it for the BBQ. That's the T-shirt designed specially for the Multicultural Week 2006. These shirts are for sale but with different colour, the dark blue. It costed Aud$12 per piece. Anyone interested? Look at the design, you might become Spider Man leh.

Photos of the day...

STOP! Don't move!

April asked everyone not to move so that I can take a "natural" photo of them.

"I want to join them, too!"

Some of them joined in for another "natural" photo.

Banner of Multicultural Week 2006. "Spinning the cultural web of the world".

Is there anymore celebration for the successful Multicultural Week? Cause I want more food! :P

P/s Sorry guys, it'll take some time for me to update my blog this month. I have tons of assignments to finish up within the next one week and I have to prepare my exams which are around the corner. I'll update once I'm free. :)

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